12 Products You Need for a Clean and Organized Home


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New year, new beginning. For many of us, January is a perfect time to embrace a clean slate and change our old ways of doing things. One of my personal new year's resolutions? To keep our home clean and organized.

With everyone at home and all the rooms being used frequently, things can quickly get out of hand. But you don't need to make drastic changes, toss out all your cleaning supplies, or invest in costly storage solutions. Sometimes, small changes to your home keeping routine can have a positive impact. 

Cleaning and Organization Products 2022

What's a simple tip for keeping things clean? I'm an advocate for the use of beautilitarian home goods - products which combine beauty and function. I'm of the belief that if things are already neat and pretty, you are more inclined to keep them looking that way. 

Here's 12 products that have uplifted my surroundings and make keeping a clean and organized house just a bit easier. 

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1. Cotton Terry Tea Towels 

Is there anything more frustrating than a product that doesn't do what it's intended? I can't tell you how many tea towels I've purchased that do a terrible job of actually drying dishes. 

These towels are absorbent, pretty, and wash well. I use them myself and have given them as gifts. They come in a variety of patterns and colours and have coordinating dish cloths so you're sure to find a style that suits your home. Bring cheer to your kitchen and make chores less annoying with this set of tea towels

2. Sliding Basket Organizer

I love this tiered organizer so much, I've bought it twice. I use one in our cottage bathroom to hold the hair dryer, brushes and extra soaps, and the other one keeps the area under our kitchen sink very organized

The shelving itself is sturdy and of a good quality. The drawers slide out easily and assembly was quick and simple.

under sink organization, under the kitchen sink, kitchen cabinet organizer

The two drawers are sufficient for holding, dish cloths, sponges or brushes, and garbage bags while the top is a great place for larger cleaning items.

3. Dish Soap Bottles

Sadly, dirty dishes do not clean themselves. Dish soap needs to be accessible but a little effort keeps it from being an eyesore and cluttering up your kitchen counters. 

These amber glass soap dispensers are a good size and feature an attractive stainless steel pump. They hold slightly more than the size of one Mrs. Meyers hand soap bottle (my favourite soap brand) and should require refilling only occasionally. This particular set also comes with waterproof labels.

You can use them in the kitchen, the bathroom, the laundry room - anywhere you need to store soap or lotion - but I'd keep them out of the shower. Plastic soap pumps would be much safer in that scenario. 

organizing products 2022, kitchen organization, kitchen pantry organization

4. Stoneware Sponge Holder

I looked long and hard for a sponge holder that wasn't made of plastic, clunky, or had to be suction-cupped to the inside of your sink. I find those solutions so unattractive.

This stoneware sponge holder adds homey farmhouse charm to your sink area. It actually says "Sponge" on one side but I've just turned it around for a cleaner look. Though it is a bit pricy ($24 CAD), it has that handmade pottery look that is appealing. The holder itself is weighty and easy to clean and allows your sponge to sit upright and dry out properly.

5. Glass Spice Jars

I spent a ridiculous amount of time finding just the right spice jars. My requirements were numerous: 
  • they had to be made of glass (better for cleaning and durability)
  • they had to be neither too big nor too small
  • they had to be rectangular (I didn't want them rolling around in a drawer)
  • they had to have a flip open shaker cap (many jars make you go the extra step of first removing a cap and then using the shaker)
  • the cap had to be smaller than the width of the jar (my last spice jars had large lids which prevented the jars from sitting tight against one another)
  • BONUS: the lid opening was wide enough to fit my measuring spoons without having to take the lid off
These spice jars are the holy grail of spice jars because they met every single one of my requirements! The jars are well made. The glass is thick and the lids seem of a good quality as well. You can display them standing up or neatly laying side by side.

6. Bakeware Organizer Rack

I never thought I needed one of these until I moved into a house that had one - and then I couldn't live without it! We have one of these at the top of our pantry cabinet. It stores our cutting boards, baking sheets, cooling racks, and trays neatly while keeping things accessible. It's easy to grab things and go, without having a dozen cutting boards fall on you.

The racks are pre-assembled and are made of a durable metal. They feature rubber feet so the rack won't move about as you pull things out.

7. Clear Spice Jar Labels

The label is just as important as the spice jar. This spice jar label set is minimal and straightforward. It comes with 134 of the most commonly used spices and features white bold lettering on a clear backing. I love opening the spice drawer and seeing the jars lined up, in alphabetical order!

The labels fit perfectly on my 4oz spice jars. One word of caution - don't handle the labels too much as they do show fingerprints on the adhesive side.

8. Food Storage Containers

These food storage containers are a good all-around size. I use them to hold cookies and snacks, specialty flour and baking powder, oats, rice, and cereal. They are stackable and have a nice, tight fitting lid.

They also come with reusable labels and a chalkboard marker. The marker can be easily wiped off with water.

organizing products 2022, kitchen organization, kitchen pantry organization

9. Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder

Okay, so you should be cleaning your toilet regularly and you should also be cleaning and disinfecting your toilet brush after you use it... but do we really do that each and every time? I think not, which leads to toilet brushes looking gross and grimy and generally disgusting.

We're not about to change that bad habit anytime soon (seriously, bathroom chores are ones I want to finish as quickly as possible) so a black toilet brush with black bristles that hides the things you'd rather not see at least makes this task slightly more bearable. This set is simple, compact, and does the job. It comes in a pack of two and is affordable enough to replace if needed.

10. Microfibre Dish Cloths

I've bought this set of microfiber cloths twice now and have them all over our house, garage, and cottage. The 12x12" size is perfect for wiping down counters and drying dishes. These are great to use in place of a sponge on delicate dishes and glassware.

With a multi-colour pack, you can also designate cloths for specific uses like wiping or polishing. I also have specific colours in different rooms e.g. blue cloths are for the bathroom and get washed separately too.

11. Non-Skid Turntable / Lazy Susan

Turntable, lazy susan, revolving tray... whatever you call it, this item is one of the hardest working in our kitchen. This lowly, seemingly simple product will seriously transform your kitchen experience. 

We have a medium sized one to hold the oils and sauces we use every day beside the stove. I've just put a smaller one in our baking cabinet to hold the spices and baking goods we need frequently like the salt and pepper vanilla extract. These items usually get lost in the back of the cabinet, but no more! The rubber base grips your bottles nicely to things aren't moving or toppling over.

But don't relegate a turntable just to the kitchen. Use it to store: vitamins, essential oils, hair care products, crayons and art supplies.

12. Wooden Peg Rail

Simple and chic, this wood peg rail can add instant organization wherever you use it. Installation is simple (screws not included). Use it in your kitchen, entryway, mud room, bedroom, laundry room, utility room - the possibilities are endless. The rail comes in white or black, with 3 or 7 hooks.

Are you ready to have a cleaner and more organized 2022? Which of these products do you want to add to your home?

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