19 Best Travel Accessories You Need for Your Next Trip in 2023


Do 2023 travel plans have you gearing up for your next adventure? Here are some of the must-have travel accessories for your trip!

silicone bottles near suitcase

Adventure in style with top-rated travel accessories.

It’s packing time for your latest destination! When in doubt, you can always check Amazon and Target’s travel sections; however, we’re here to make packing as easy and seamless as possible with our latest recommendations. These travel products are highly rated, practical, and can be conveniently used year after year!

Bon, voyage, Hip2Savers! ✈️

Check out these 19 travel accessories you should score:

1. Travel Neck Pillow


Dot&Dot Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow $24.99
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Final cost $23.74!

When it comes to flights over three hours, neck pillows are arguably a necessity! This highly-rated option is so unique since it provides customized flexibility catering to whichever areas of your body need extra support. Its versatile uses are convenient for your neck, head, back, and other areas.

2. Mini Travel Umbrella


We all know the unpleasant struggles of traveling with an umbrella. Erase the stress with this mini umbrella from Yoobure! It comes with a super compact case that you can easily take on the go. The umbrella is lightweight yet durable and definitely worth the small price tag.

Hip Tip: Stash this mini umbrella in your car’s glove compartment when you’re not traveling as an emergency umbrella if you run into rainy weather!

3. GoToob Bottles


GoToob travel bottles are top-of-the-line when it comes to storing toiletries! Each bottle is made of sturdy FDA silicone and is made in the USA! There’s a lifetime warranty, and the bottles are leak-proof.

“If you have a trip coming up, you need these travel bottles! They’re the best reusable travel bottles, like, ever! I used to have these years ago but lost them, so I got more of them before I fly. The 1.7oz size is TSA-approved. I picked them because they have an innovative, no-drip lid that also locks, so you won’t experience any leaks. It can also be clipped onto your bags, and the silicone is so durable! The opening is super wide so it’s also easy to clean them out.” – Sara, H2S

4. Clear Toiletry Bag


These clear, spacious toiletry bags are made of thick eco-friendly material that will comfortably store your makeup and toiletries! It’s a pack of two, so organization is easier than ever. Plus, it’s a breeze for TSA to check!

5. TecQach Travel Pill Organizer 


TecQach 8-Compartment Travel Pill Box 3-Count $9.99 (regularly $17.99)
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Final cost $8.99!

This three-pack of pill organizers is perfect to get all medications, first aid, and vitamins all in one place! It’s made of hard cereal shell fiber, durable, and spacious yet compact.

“This pill organizer was SO handy when traveling. It’s super sturdy and I like that each one has 8 compartments. I kept one in my purse (I put in Dramamine, pimple patches, Midol, allergy pills, etc – even bandaids)! I traveled with the group and was immediately labeled the “mom friend” 😂. It came in handy EVERY. DAY! Now I always carry it with me!” – Madison, H2S

6. Silk Sleep Mask


Silk Sleep Mask 2-Pack
Only $9.99 (regularly $18.98)!

Keep the brightness out with these ultra-soft sleeping masks! Two come per pack, and reviews rave about how soft the masks are. I personally love this mask, and I vow to only wear them on the weekends because they’re that cozy. 😴

7. No Boundaries Weekender Black

putting a black weekender bag on luggage

Collin has this weekender, and she loves the quality and how much fits! It features a quilted allover print, a variety of pockets, and a luggage passthrough that allows you to slide and attach your weekender onto any trolley.

8. Magnesium Supplements


If you didn’t know, magnesium contains tons of benefits! These include stress-reducing, bowel regulation, prevention of migraines, and other helpful advantages. They even help with avoiding dehydration.

When traveling, this supplement can become a lifesaver, and this brand is my favorite! If you don’t like swallowing pills, try magnesium powder.

9. Packing Cubes


The key to a neat suitcase is travel organizers! This steal comes with eight accessories that organize different items, including cosmetics, underwear, shoes, laundry, and more. These cubes are versatile and compatible with most luggage.

10. Inflatable Travel Pillow


This may look unconventional, but, if you’re prone to resting on tray tables, consider grabbing one of these testing pillows. Simply unfold the device and place it on the tray table. Cross your arms in each loop and rest your head comfortably for a quick nap!

11. Large Travel Backpack


Trying to ditch a carry-on? This backpack is for you! With this backpack, you can probably do more than carry-on luggage! It counts as a personal item, fitting under the seat in front of you, and has a ton of space.

Thanks to this backpack, I have completely ditched carry-on fees, and I probably fit more in this backpack than in my own suitcase.

12. Compression Socks


On long flights, blood clots are a serious concern if you don’t move around for a long period of time. Luckily, compression socks help prevent this fear! Plus, this Physix pair has over 52,000 5-star reviews!

13. USB Portable Charger


Miady 10000mAh Dual USB Portable Charger 2-Pack
Only $19.99 (regularly $27.99)!

Avoid the panic of a dying phone and bring a portable charger with you! This option comes with a pack of two, each having two ports; this means you can charge up to four devices! Just make sure to charge your portable charger prior to takeoff. 😆

14. Vacuum Storage Bags


Vacuum Storage Bags
Only $19.99 (regularly $32)!

If packing cubes aren’t your thing, these air-tight vacuum storage bags are the next best thing! This option has over 17,000 reviews, with people loving how durable and convenient the material is for letting air in and out.

15. Portable Water Bottle


Takeya Water Bottle 18 oz.
Only $17.99 (regularly $27.99)!

I always think it’s a good idea to bring an empty water bottle when traveling because you’ll get multiple uses out of it; plus, you’ll save money since you’re not buying a plastic water bottle!

This 5-star option from Takeya has a leak-proof lid and vacuum insulation, keeping your beverage icy for hours. It also has guaranteed zero flavor transfer, meaning you can drink anything in this water bottle and don’t have to worry about unwanted lingering flavors.

16. Menstrual Cups


Lena Menstrual Cup
Only $24.90!

Many people prefer menstrual cups while traveling as you don’t have to worry about the hassle of changing tampons or pads. With a menstrual cup, you can wear it for 12 continuous hours, and it’s reusable by rewashing. Plus, with no waste, it’s better for the environment!

Over 20,000 reviewers agree that Lena is a top choice for menstrual cups. They are hypoallergenic and sustainably made in the USA, free of BPA, dioxins, and latex!

Hip Tip: See why my Hip teammate Sara loves the Flex cup!

17. iFly Carry-On Luggage


iFLY luggage is hard-sided and comes in a variety of colors! You can choose between solid colors or fun ombre suitcases. Its four-wheel movement makes it easy to quickly walk through an airport! Above is the one Collin owns, but iFLY has carry-on luggage that starts at just $41!

18. Passport Holder


Protect your passport with an adorable cover holder that keeps your passport safe and stylish! A passport holder may seem like something you don’t necessarily need; however, this option comes with credit card holders, making it a two-in-one wallet and passport holder! When it comes to traveling abroad, this is a lifesaver.

19. Jewelry Organizer


Jewelry is one of the peskiest items to travel with because it’s so easy to get tangled! This organizer is extremely convenient, having five compartments with tangle-free storage.

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