20 Easy DIY Crafts That You Can Make Using Dollar Store Items


Nobody can really say that they’re completely done decorating their home because this is a giant work in progress and there are always new ideas and new projects that can be done. The possibilities are obviously endless and there are lot of ideas that are very simple and very inexpensive to implement. That’s exactly what we’re focusing on today with this awesome list of DIY dollar store ideas and we think you’re really going to enjoy checking them out.

Everyone has some Mason jars in their homes at one point or another. Once you’ve emptied out the contents, you’re left with a perfectly good and repurposable item. You can transform the jar into a lovely vase with only the cost of some spray paint. This is the part where you can be really creative. You can use painter’s tape to create all sorts of interesting patterns and designs and make each jar look extra special. Check out ourhomemadeeasy if you need more details.

Empty tins can also be repurposed and there are tons of cool ideas to choose from. One project that stands out was featured on justalittlecreativity and shows how you can easily transform a popcorn tin into a galvanized metal planter. The trick here is to use craft paint in gray, white and black to give the tin that sort of weathered look, the patina that’s usually associated with galvanized metal surfaces.

A lot of other household items can be repurposed, even things like pot lids. For instance you can turn a pot lid into a lovely tray and all you need to do is attach some little feet so the tray is slightly elevated and there’s enough space underneath for the handle to stick out. In the project featured on salvagedliving these feet are actually repurposed wooden doll heads. If you can’t find any then look for something else that would work.

This reverse canvas project from risshomedesign is also inexpensive and quite fun and easy to do, especially if you want to add some decorations to the walls in your home. There are obviously infinite possibilities when it comes to the actual design so take some time to write down a few different ideas and then pick the best one.

Using items from the dollar store you can make lovely decorations for yourself and your friends and relatives, like this wood block calendar that we found on musthavemom. The supplies needed here include a Jenga game ( /tumbling tower), big foam dice, some wood stain, a glue gun and white chalk paint. There are various different techniques that you can use to add all the letters and numbers so pick the one that makes most sense for you.

Something else that you can make using dollar store items is a storage bin with a stylish, industrial-style look. That can all be achieved using only a black wire basket, some jute twine and a glue gun. All you need to do is wrap twine around the handle and add dabs of glue as you go to keep the twine nice and tight and to prevent it from sliding along the handle. You can find a more detailed description of the process on northcountrynest if you’re interested.

This tiered tray is also made from simple items that have been repurposed and combined into a single ingenious project. The list of supplies that have been used here is quite unusual and you can find it on craftylifemom but as with every DIY project there’s room for interpretation. You can adjust the design and structure based on the supplies that are available to you.

This is one of the easiest DIY projects ever. All you need is some rope (you can use any type of rope you prefer), a hot glue gun and a sheet of cork. What you’ll get is a set of beautiful rope coasters which are super easy to customize. Although there’s no need to seal these coasters once they’re done, you can do so if you want to add an extra layer of protection. Everything you need to know about this project can be found on diyncrafts.

An old cutting board may not seem like a very useful item but there are actually plenty of interesting ways in which it can be repurposed. For example, you could make a little station for things like shopping lists, notes, pictures and whatever else you can think of and the cutting board can be surface that everything is attached to. You can add different things to your cutting board and decorate and customize it however you see fit so that it matches your kitchen’s decor. Check out diyncrafts for more details and ideas.

Not everything you make has to be useful and functional. Some things are simply decorative and that’s also great because these little things have the ability to make your home look more inviting and can help you express your own style and ideas. If you have some leftover yarn somewhere you can use together with some cardboard, red paper and glue to make cute heart-shaped decorations that you can hang around the house or use to make a Valentine’s Day garland. You can find the instructions on diys.

Tote bags are really great because they’re reusable and they’re very practical and versatile. So next time you find out that has a nice shape and size, take it home and give it a quick makeover so it matches your style. A simple and plain tote bag is a blank canvas that you can paint on so go ahead and make a paper template so you can start customizing it. This heart design is really easy to make and pretty self-explanatory but if you need additional details you can find them on diys.

This hanging rope shelf is super easy and also very inexpensive to make, provided you have the necessary tools for the job. You need a drill, some rope, heavy-duty scissors, clamps and 2 rectangular pieces of plywood. You can also use paint to customize the shelves and to make them match the surrounding decor. You should also think of where and how you’re going to hang the shelf once it’s done.

A charging dock would be a nice addition to your desk or your nightstand but it’s probably not something that you want to spend a lot of money on. Luckily, you can make one yourself for close to nothing. You can use things like a wooden box (or some other repurposable container) and a piece of cork sheet to make a charging station for your devices that’s not just useful but also nice to look at.

Something else that you could do when you’re bored at home or you have some free time on your hands is give your toss pillows a little makeovers. This pom-pom pillow looks really cute and as you can probably tell it’s not exactly difficult to make something very similar. You can have this pillow done while you’re watching a movie and all it takes is a pom-pom garland and a needle and thread.

If you have a drill with various different bits that you can use, this DIY gilded pencil holder shouldn’t pose any problems. It’s basically just a block of wood with a bunch of holes of different sizes in it. Once the holes are in place, all that’s left to do is sand down all the edges and give the block a smooth surface, then apply a few coats of spray paint all over it. You could also use wood stain if you prefer it.

This hexagonal tray could also be a very nice addition to a desk, a table or a countertop and you can use it to group up and store various small items such as your keys, jewelry, phone and so on. You can make the tray yourself from scratch out of plywood and you can paint it in any color you like. It could also be fun to use painter’s tape to create an interesting geometric pattern using different paint colors.

You can also make this lovely paint-dipped rope basket from scratch and it could serve as a cute little storage container or a decoration for your home. all you need is some rope, a hot glue gun, some painter’s tape and spray paint. Start from the bottom and first make the bottom section of the basket by wrapping the rope around itself in order to make a flat circular pattern, then continue by lifting the edges of the circle just slightly higher and the basket will start to take shape.

A simple tree branch can potentially be used in a bunch of interesting ways. For example, you could make a branch jewelry holder by simply cleaning and spray painting the branch and then securing it onto a wall or some other flat surface. You can use it as a stand for your necklaces and bracelets. With that in mind, look for fallen trees and cool-looking branches next time to go camping.

Turning a tree stump into a side table is one of the easiest things ever, especially if you decide to leave the bark on for added texture and character. You can put casters on your tree stump table so it’s easier to move it around when you’re cleaning or if you ever want to put it somewhere else. It would look lovely both inside the house as well as out on a patio or a porch.

On the same note, if you find yourself having to off a section of the tree stump when you’re making your new side table, keep the leftover pieces because you can use to make these lovely half log bookends. They can be as think or as thin as you want them to be and you can customize then using paint in whatever colors you prefer.

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