26 Ways to Instantly Upgrade Your Bathroom for Less Than $100


Revamping your washroom is as easy as clicking "add to cart."

When it comes to sprucing up a blah bathroom, the first thing you might turn to is a bucket of paint or wallpaper. But if you’re a renter looking for something less permanent—or just not the DIY type—there are plenty of on-trend, affordable ways to add style to your space. Elevate your bathroom in a snap with some of our favorite wall hooks, shower filters, bath mats, and more, all for less than $100.

HAY Aquarelle Shower Curtain

HAY is a Danish design company established in 2002 by Mette and Rolf Hay, who were driven by a desire to create straightforward, functional and beautiful products for modern daily living. Drawing from the best of architecture and fashion, HAY designers specialize in technology, innovation and color. Crafted in waterproof polyester with sturdy metal grommets, the vibrant Aquarelle Shower Curtain (2019) features a gradient pattern that adds a subtle touch of color to your daily routine. Includes metal rings. Machine washable. Made in China.

Tosaryu Hinoki Bath Mat

Change the look of your ordinary bathroom to a spa-like setting by adding this hinoki bath mat by Tosaryu. After enjoying a long shower or bath, enjoy the natural wood feeling you get by standing on it. The surface is molded to prevent any slipping as well as promote drainage and evaporation.

Schoolhouse Please Wash Hands Sign

Based on designs commonly found in the restrooms of schools and offices in previous eras, the Wash Hands Sign has an undeniable institutional charm. Great for businesses or displayed as a playful accent in a home bathroom. Stamped aluminum with black letters painted on a white background. Made in Portland.

NewMade LA Toilet Paper Holder

Add an industrial-chic touch to your bathroom decor with a clean-line toilet paper holder crafted from smooth sheet metal with a powder-coated finish.

SIN Uni Wall Hook

Just hanging out. From a small Brooklyn studio, this coil-built (fancy potter speak for ‘rolled clay’) wall hook is the perfect place for towels to rest—but it’s tough enough to hold up to 5 lbs so use your imagination and hand it up in hallways, kitchens, or rooms as you (and your outerwear) see fit.

Yamazaki Home Tower Leaning Ladder Rack - Steel

Easily transform any wall into artful decoration using your own favorite accessories. Prop this catch-all ladder against a living room wall as a canvas for throw blankets and linens, or in the bedroom for clothes, hats, scarves, and more. You’ll find endless uses for this slim, space-saving rack. Better yet, you’ll thank yourself for creating easy, clutter-slaying routines for keeping clothes off the floor.

Quiet Town Prescott Cotton Bath Rug

This cotton Kilim rug is handwoven with flat-weave construction in a pattern inspired by the vast, flat-topped mountain range of the same name in Arizona.

Braun BC06 Wall Clock

Perfect for any room in your home, this analog wall clock features easily readable high-contrast markers and indexes and precise quartz movement.

Open Spaces Nesting Trays - Set of 3

Turn any surface into an attractive display and create the habit of giving everything a home.

Hello Klean Shower Filter

Does the water in your shower leave your hair greasy and unpleasant? Hello Klean's Shower Filter removes over 90% of the chlorine in your water and turns it into non-toxic chloride so that you can enjoy silky soft and healthy hair.

Umbra Aquala Bathtub Caddy

Bath caddy crafted from sustainable bamboo with metal arms that extend to fit across any size tub. Bamboo body naturally resists mildew and comes equipped with a place to put soap, a wine glass, razor, loofah and fold-up book stand for hands-free reading. Compacts down so it's easy to store and take with you everywhere for the ultimate vacation relaxation.

Coyuchi Mosaic Canyon Organic Bath Rug

Woven by hand from organic cotton, our accent rug’s pattern is defined by pebbled texture and nature-inspired color. Its soft, absorbent pile is perfect beside the tub and equally welcome in front of a door or beside the bed— anywhere you want a cozy, cushioned layer between bare feet and hard floors.

Blomus SONO Bathroom Toilet Brush

Every bathroom deserves a classy toilet brush. Blomus’s SONO Bathroom Toilet Brush is a functional and pleasing design that will subtly enhance a bathroom. Features a round designed base with a long silver handle. Made from silky smooth ceramic, composite and silicone materials that makes it easy to clean.

Muji Polypropylene Bath Stool

Dimension: 30.5x22.5x23cm

Soft Services Soap Home Drying Dish and Splash Cover

Engineered to extend the life of Buffing Bars and other solid soaps from erosion-causing bathroom environments, the Soap Home not only elevates bars from standing water, but the aluminum cover protects against errant shower spray. If you’re looking to reduce the amount of plastic and waste in your routine, embrace the bar! This item pairs with our Buffing Bar.

AquaBliss Multi-Stage Shower Filter

Revitalize, rejuvenate, and refresh your natural beauty with the AquaBliss high output water shower filter, nicknamed the "beauty filter" for how it effectively reduces the chlorine, dirt, scale, and odors linked to dry, itchy skin, eczema, pustules, and acne—so your skin, hair, and nails grow stronger and glow.

Schoolhouse Oak + Leather Tissue Holder

Bring Nordic craftsmanship into your bath with the Oak + Leather Tissue Holder. Its minimal profile (which is barely wider than one roll of bath tissue) is perfect for small bathrooms. The wood and vegetable-tanned leather construction is a unique departure from typical bath accessories, complementing a variety of fixture finishes. Changing rolls is easy with the simple post-and-hole clasp design.

Baggu Hand Towel Set of 2

Everyone talks about hand washing, but no one talks about hand drying, do they?

Yamazaki Home Tosca Wire Basket - Steel + Wood

​With a strong white steel frame and smooth wooden handles, this is a laundry bin that doesn't need to be kept out of sight. Holds plenty of clothes and is easy to carry from room to room. Light and sturdy.

Umbra Barrel Shower Caddy

A unique shower to compliment your contemporary style. Made of mildew resistant bamboo and aluminum this caddy provides efficient storage. The design includes built-in functionality for all your shower essentials. The unique universal mounting hook does not require any tools, which allows for easy set-up.

Zone Grid Tile Shower Curtain

Love those lines. You could remodel your bathroom the next time you want to give it a lil’ makeover...or you could reach for one of these Danish-designed shower curtains. They come in a slew of versatile hues, and each one’s sporting a tile-like grid pattern all over (how very modern). These gems are made from water-resistant, machine-washable polyester—just what you need to curb splashes and mildew.

Simplehuman Liquid Sensor Pump

This sensor pump is an efficient way to wash your hands with no germs or smudges left behind. The clog-proof tubing ensures a precise and consistent flow, and the silicone valve prevents messy drips. To control the amount of soap desired, you can position your hand up close to the sensor for a little soap and farther away for more.

Avocado Wooden Bath Tray

Bath time should be easy. Our Wooden Bath Tray keeps all your essentials at hand. And it's crafted with 100% American Beech wood in our FSC® C156318 Los Angeles woodshop. Pairs with our natural and elegant Wooden Towel Ladder, Wooden Towel Rack, and Wooden Bath Mats.

Alessi Merdolino Toilet Brush

The Alessi Merdolino Toilet Brush was designed in 1993 by Stefano Giovannoni to turn the typically off-limits toilet brush into a fun and strangely inviting potted plant. The long stem of the shrub makes for a convenient handle, with a round lid just above the brush to keep it hidden when it's back in the pot/holder.

Yamazaki Home Plate Toilet Paper Stocker - Steel

Keep extra toilet paper close at hand but out of sight with this sleek holder. A sloped interior automatically dispenses the next roll as each one is used. The slim design tucks easily into tight spaces, and has a recessed top for stowing small items.

Schoolhouse Maxwell Towel Ring

Sleek and refined, the solid brass Maxwell Bath Collection highlights clean lines and modern utility.

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