30 Desk Shelves For Organizing Every Type of Workstation in 2021


Working from home is more common than ever thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, but whether you’re in the office, at home or in a dorm room, you should never underestimate the benefits of organization and efficiency. A tidier workspace is a simple way to organize your work and improve productivity. And while we’re big fans of unique and fun office supplies, at a minimum you’re going to need some basic desk shelves to keep everything in its proper place. The best desk shelves provide a stylish and practical way to avoid clutter. You can really find options for every type of desk and office.

To be a functional space, your desk and office need to hold a lot of things, including a computer, notebooks, writing utensils, files and all other desktop essentials. Furthermore, if you’re working with limited desk space, you might be wondering how to fit it all in, which is why we’ve gathered some of the best desk shelves for organizing your space.

As well as one of the best desk shelves, these are some other office tools that can be useful when creating a more work-friendly and efficient desk space. They include:

  • Cable Organizers
  • Phone Holders
  • Mouse Mats
  • Pen Pots
  • Lockable Drawers
  • Keyboard Shelves
  • Monitor Stands

Many of the desk shelf sets we’ve found also incorporate several of these accessories. In fact, the best desk shelves are a highly useful addition to any office space and vary in design, sitting on top of desks, underneath them or even attaching to the nearby wall.

What’s the Difference Between a Desk Shelf and Desk Organizer?

Truth be told, both a desk shelf and a desk organizer have the same ultimate goal – to tidy up your workspace. But, they do so in different ways. A desk organizer can have any number of compartments, drawers or shelves, whereas a desk shelf must have at least a few horizontal shelves for storing papers, binders or notebooks. Of course, you can still place a ton of other stationery on a desk shelf as well. Use the space for anything else you deem fit. You’ll notice that in the list below, the line between a desk shelf and a desk organizer is quite blurry.

Keep reading to find 30 of the best desk shelves available online to improve your workspace organization and tidiness. With one of these desk shelves on your desk, you’ll be able to make the most of a small surface, thereby improving efficiency and productivity with a clearer mind, ready for work.


1. SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer


With upright compartments, letter trays and a three compartment drawer, the SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer has everything you could need to get your desk in order. The whole shelf is made from an attractive metal mesh, which is available in either white or black. Plus, each different part of the organizer is made for dealing with all of your office essentials. There’s space for letters and documents in the top, pads and loose paper in the middle and sticky notes, pins, calculators and other stationery items in the drawers.

desk shelves mesh organizer

Buy: SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer $28.87


2. Mind Reader Stackable Letter Trays


One set of the Mind Reader Stackable Letter Trays includes two individual pieces. These trays are capable of stacking one on top of the other, meaning it’s possible to order more packs to increase your tower size and give yourself more organizational space. Both trays included in the pack are completely identical, so there’s no need to worry about which one is one the top or the bottom. These letter trays are a smart answer to all that scattered paperwork.

mind reader stackable letter tray

Buy: Mind Reader Stackable Letter Trays $10.79


3. DG4u Mesh Desk Organizer


If you need a place to organize your pens, pencils and other stationery items, look no further than this mesh desk organizer from DG4u. It’s one of the best desk shelves for organizing a wide variety of items including larger, thicker paper like stationary or business cards.

It’s equipped with five different compartments as well as one drawer for keeping everything from stationary and post-its to pens and paperclips organized. With the help of this intuitive desk accessory you’ll be able to stay more productive and less cluttered easily. It’s made of high-quality metal and has four soft sponges on the bottom of the container to protect the surface of your desk.

Mesh Desk Organizer, desk shelves

Buy: DG4u Mesh Desk Organizer $17.99


4. Elevation Lab Under Desk Storage Shelf


Not all desk shelves sit on top of your desk, as the Elevation Lab Under Desk Storage Shelf shows. This is one of the best desk shelves for keeping things organized underneath your work surface, and using up space efficiently. This under-desk storage shelf declutters your top desk space by offering additional storage space underneath. It can be mounted in a matter of seconds using the included 3M VHB adhesive pads. The large compartment is just the right size for storing excess papers or for use as a handy shelf to hold electronics out of the way as they charge. It’s constructed from premium, reinforced fiber for durability and comes with a screw-mounting kit and a cord clip for cable organization.

best desk shelves elevation lab under

Buy: Elevation Lab Under Desk Storage Shelf $24.95


5. Olive Desktop Organizer


The Olive Desktop Organizer features a three-level staggered shelf design which allows users to maximize the corner space available on a desk. The versatile yet attractive natural-wood look of the organizer means it’s ideal for use in a variety of rooms, including offices, bedrooms and kitchens. Each of the supports in the design sports a non-slip foot to prevent movement. Furthermore, you can choose a model which includes built-in hooks if you want a place to store keys and other hangable items.

best desk shelves olive desktop organizer

Buy: Olive Desktop Organizer $27.99


6. Mind Reader Swivel Top File Organizer


The Mind Reader Swivel Top File Organizer sports a smart design which makes sharing your monitor or laptop screen with colleagues particularly easy. The organizer’s top level is mounted on a rotating joint to enable 360-degree spinning. Additionally, it incorporates two tiers of shelves which are ideal for storing papers, forms or even envelopes to give easy-to-grab access.

desk shelves mind reader

Buy: Mind Reader Swivel Top File Organizer $27.99


7. Safco Products Onyx Mesh Hanging Organizer


If you want all your loose documents, binders and folders off your desk, consider adding the Safco Products Onyx Mesh Hanging Organizer to your setup. It’s one of the best desk shelves for using the space underneath your desk effectively. This sleek, under-desk organizer hangs from your desk and offers a range of different arrangements depending on your needs. You can choose between vertical and horizontal orientations as well as a differing number of slots, too. The mesh-metal construction gives the organizer a sturdy and durable feel which will allow it to last for years.

best desk shelves safco under

Buy: Safco Products Onyx Mesh Hanging Organizer $28.86


8. Jerry & Maggie Desktop Organizer


The Jerry & Maggie Desktop Organizer is made of natural wood, has a flat surface and sturdy construction. It’s one of the best desk shelves for storing, organizing and cleaning up your desktop and workstation with this lightweight storage shelf. This shelf is perfect for organizing office supplies, documents, books and plants. This stylish yet functional shelf will make you realize how spacious your desk really is, and give you extra space to get the important work done.

Desktop Organizer dorm room amazon

Buy: Jerry & Maggie Adjustable Desktop Organizer $22.99 (orig. $29.99) 23% OFF


9. PAG Wood Desktop Bookshelf


The PAG Wood Desktop Bookshelf is one of the best desk shelves for a range of different items. It’s an ideal desk addition for anyone looking to combine books and documents with decorative items, like plants and souvenirs. The design includes five individual shelves and comes in either white or black. As well as desk tops, this highly portable and versatile addition can be mounted on shelves and countertops.

best desk shelves pag wood desktop

Buy: PAG Wood Desktop Bookshelf


10. PAG Desktop Bookshelf


The PAG Desktop Bookshelf is a quick and easy addition to any workspace. It features four different storage shelves and comes in either a white or black Melamine finish. The flat-packed bookshelf is easily constructed and wear-resistant, durable, formaldehyde-free and recyclable. In addition to desks, this handy space-expanding device can also be placed on larger bookshelves, tables and countertops.

With the variety of shelf sizes and dark finish, your desk items will gain a new, more elevated look alongside better organization. The high-quality construction will also hold up for years to come, and give you easy access to the things you need as soon as you need them.

desk shelves pag shelf

Buy: PAG Desktop Bookshelf $25.99 (orig. $34.99) 26% OFF


11. MyGift Expandable Desktop Bookshelf


Active book worm? Then you know how difficult it can be to find extra storage space for your beloved volumes before, during and after you’re read them. An organizational option is this expandable desktop bookshelf by MyGift that is ideal for storing your favorite books and magazines. This tabletop bookshelf is great for sitting on your desk or anywhere extra storage is needed due to its adjustable width. Contemporary in style, this piece will fit perfectly in whatever room or space you choose to put it.

desktop bookshelf amazon

Buy: MyGift Expandable Wood Desktop Bookshelf $36.99 (orig. $39.99) 8% OFF


12. FITUEYES Wood Printer Stand With Storage


Got a printer but hate the desk space it wastes? Try adding this FITUEYES Wood Printer Stand With Storage to your desktop setup to give your printer a place to live and add additional storage shelves at the same time. It’s one of the best desk shelves for holding up a printer and creating space for extra paper and photo stationery underneath. The stand is available with either a large open shelf at the bottom or a functioning drawer. On top of the lower level are two handy spaces, which are ideal for storing office essentials and important notes. The stand also sports soft feet on the underside to prevent any scratches and scuffs.

desk shelves wood printer stand

Buy: FITUEYES Wood Printer Stand $39.99


13. MyGift Adjustable Wood Desktop Organizer


For those who prefer a slightly more modern home decor style, this adjustable, rustic desktop storage shelf by MyGift is a great way to keep organized. Made of natural wood, it features two separate pieces that could be pushed close together to create a small shelf rack or pulled further apart to create a longer shelf. Suitable for any office or kitchen area, this organizer also makes for a great place to store any excess grooming products that you might need close at hand.

Desk organizer shelf amazon

Buy: MyGift Adjustable Wood Organizer $37.99 (orig. $42.99) 12% OFF


14. Millwood Pines Adjustable Desktop Bookshelves


The Millwood Pines Adjustable Desktop Bookshelves are made up of two individual pieces which can be arranged in two different ways, depending on your requirements. The first option is to use them perpendicular to one another, creating a handy corner unit. The other option is to place them in a line together, this produces a longer, more traditional style of desk shelf. Either way, you will end up with plenty of space for storing office essentials and even some space for displaying small, attractive decor pieces, like a plant or sculpture.

desk shelves millwood pines

Buy: Millwood Pines Adjustable Desktop Bookshelves $49.99


15. 17 Stories Natoli Desk Organizer


This double-tiered 17 Stories Natoli Desk Organizer is a great option for housing large hardware, such as printers, scanners or fax machines. The stylish design includes height-adjustable feet to protect your desktop from unwanted scratches and marks. It’s also stackable, so purchasing another organizer to place on top gives you two additional shelves to fill out if you’re still tight on storage space. Furthermore, the shelves are all waterproof, meaning accidental coffee spills are no problem.

desk shelves 17 stories

Buy: 17 Stories Natoli Desk Organizer $71.99


16. Coideal 3 Tier Bamboo Desk Organizer


This 3-tier bamboo desk organizer is made of 100% natural material and natural bamboo that will both organize your useful items and improve your health. It’s a healthy wood with a natural finish that blends in and complements any decor, and is an efficient use of space on your work surface. It’s got a functional design of four different compartments across three different tiers, and requires no assembly to get going. The top surface can accommodate your most urgently used items and the drawers are perfect for smaller tools and gadgets.

Coideal bamboo desk organizer, best desk organizer, best desk shelves

Buy: Coideal 3 Tier Bamboo Desk Organizer $45.99


17. Tribesigns Bamboo Desktop Bookshelf


The Tribesigns Bamboo Desktop Bookshelf is a substantial and versatile addition to your desk space. The smart design features a mid section which can be bent to 90 degrees to let it be used as a corner unit when required. The unit also features several shelves for displaying and storing your books and notes as well as two drawers for storing other office essentials. The bookshelf is constructed from natural bamboo, making it an eco-friendly option that will keep you organized.

desk shelves tribesigns bamboo

Buy: Tribesigns Bamboo Desktop Bookshelf $45.99


18. Symple Stuff Pleasant Avenue Wood Desk Supplies Organizer


Get serious about your WFH organization with the Symple Stuff Pleasant Avenue Wood Desk Supplies Organizer. It has slots and spaces for filing documents, sorting letters and storing your binders. The organizer features six compartments in total, all of which vary in size and shape to ensure all your stationery storage needs are met. Additionally, this desk piece’s all-black color makes it a viable addition to any interior decor color scheme.

best desk shelves symple stuff

Buy: Symple Stuff Pleasant Avenue Wood Desk Supplies Organizer $48.99


19. Inbox Zero Catrinna Desk Organizer


The Inbox Zero Catrinna Desk Organizer is vaguely reminiscent of the roll-top desks of yore, which is one of the reasons it sits on our list of the best desk shelves. Who can resist that curved style? This unit boasts five shelves as well as a resting place for your phone or tablet on the top. It’s also available in four different colors, so there’s sure to be one that fits in with your existing desk.

best desk shelves inbox zero

Buy: Inbox Zero Catrinna Desk Organizer $48.99


20. Union Rustic Heberling Desktop Drawer Organizer


If your interior decor style mixes modern industrial with farmhouse chic, the Union Rustic Heberling Desktop Drawer Organizer is the best desk shelf for you. This three-drawer organizer boasts wooden shelves with metal, cagey drawers. Store away your papers, office supplies or other odds and ends. While this shelf is slightly larger than others at 11 by 14 inches, it does look stylish on most desks. And, it could even work as an organizer in other rooms, like the kitchen or the bathroom.

best desk shelves union rustic heberling

Buy: Union Rustic Heberling Desktop Drawer Organizer $55.99


21. Quetzal Studio Desktop Bookshelf


Students and book lovers alike will love the Quetzal Studio Desktop Bookshelf. This handmade shelf is 15 inches across, meaning it can hold 10 or so books. Alternatively, it also works as a vinyl record holder. It fits in well with the mid-century modern style, and it can even be engraved on one end with a message of your choice. While this does make this shelf a great gift, be warned that this book holder takes up a larger amount of space than most desk organizers.

best desk shelves quetzal studio

Buy: Quetzal Studio Desktop Bookshelf $59.99


22. Ufine Two-Tier Monitor Stand


If you have a desktop computer, you know that a monitor can take up a lot of space. For a clutter-free desk, it’s essential to move that monitor up off the tabletop, giving you storage space underneath. To do so, you’ll need the help of a stand, like the Ufine Two-Tier Monitor Stand. This two-tier organizer has space for your monitor as well as three extra shelves off to the side. It’s strong enough to hold up a large monitor and big enough to hold plenty of books, magazines, writing utensils and other important work materials. It’s got a dark-wash finish that’s pleasing to the eye as well as complementary of decorative color schemes. 

desk shelves monitor stand

Buy: Ufine Two-Tier Monitor Stand $39.99 (orig. $59.99) 33% OFF


23. Bigso Box of Sweden Oskar Document Box


If you don’t like the look of traditional desk shelves, consider the Bigso Box of Sweden Oskar Document Boxes. These linen-covered boxes stack one on top of each other, allowing you to organize your files and stationery out of sight. Plus, the leather handles make them easy to move around. They’re just bigger than a normal piece of paper and even come with a metal label holder so you can easily identify the contents. This pack comes with three boxes, but individual items are also available.

best desk shelves bigso box of sweden

Buy: Bigso Box of Sweden Oskar Document Box $72.00


24. Twelve South Curve Riser Monitor Stand


The modern appearance of the Twelve South Curve Riser Monitor Stand makes it a welcome addition to any stylish work environment. It has a metallic finish and flowing details, reminiscent of post-modern office decor. The flat top surface is well suited for use as either an ergonomic monitor stand or for raising a printer from the desktop. In addition, the single shelf is ideal for storing your stationery or printer paper.

best desk shelves curve riser twelve south

Buy: Twelve South Curve Riser Monitor Stand $79.99


25. Hanging Storage Cubby by UPLIFT Desk


Designed to accompany UPLIFT’s adjustable height desks, we actually love this hanging storage cubby for any and all desks. The fact that it’s 17 inches high, means it can hold notebooks and binders in the upright position, and the top and bottom are padded to prevent scratches. The top of the cubby is also open, allowing you to feed through any charging cables you’d like to keep off your desk. Plus, this shelving unit is available in three powdered metal colors.

best desk shelves hanging storage uplift

Buy: Hanging Storage Cubby by UPLIFT Desk $99.00


26. Lipper International File Organizer


This sustainable bamboo wood desk organizer is not only a great storage piece, but it’s also pleasing to the eye. The organizer is ideal for any office space that needs some clearing, and it comes with four adjustable shelves to fit whatever you need it for. With space for storing files or books, this organizer keeps everything contained and right where you need it. Plus, the nine-by-twelve-inch footprint is barely bigger than a piece of paper.

best desk shelves lipper international

Buy: Lipper International File Organizer $100.00


27. Wall Shelfmate Wall Shelves Collection


So, this isn’t really a desk shelf, but we wanted to give you an alternative option, just in case you’re more interested in keeping items off your desk than on it. The Wall Shelfmate Wall Shelves Collection can be hung on the wall above your desk to hold any decorations or office supplies you need to keep out of the way. We love the modern metal-on-wood design and the neat right angles that seem to put our minds at ease for higher productivity rates.

wall shelfmate wood metal wall shelves

Buy: Wall Shelfmate Wall Shelves Collection $110.00


28. Rubbermaid Slot Organizer


The Rubbermaid Slot Organizer includes 12 handy slots of various sizes, making it ideal for sorting mail or storing postal supplies. It’s also easy to customize the six-shelf arrangement to accommodate larger items, like pen pots or weighing scales, and suit your exact requirements. Additionally, the organizer’s top platform can be used to store larger items, like a printer or scanner.

desk shelves rubbermaid

Buy: Rubbermaid Slot Organizer $110.06


29. Deflecto Rotating Carousel Organizer


Forget traditional shelving units and get one that’s fun to play with. The Deflecto Rotating Carousel Organizer is the lazy-susan of desk spaces. It has nine clear canisters, each with a locking lid, to hold all the bits and bobs you need on a daily basis, from paper clips to rubber bands. Plus, the 360-degree rotation allows you to easily find whichever canister you’re looking for. This one is particularly great for kids’ desks.

deflecto rotating carousel organizer

Buy: Deflecto Rotating Carousel Organizer $117.00


30. Red Barrel Studio Raliyah Desk Organizer


The Red Barrel Studio Raliyah Desk Organizer lets you transform your flat desk surface into a highly organized, multi-level workspace. The design includes two sealed drawers, which can be slotted into any of the eight cubby holes depending on your preference. You’ll also find a handy, pull-out shelf that can be used for holding your phone or tablet at a reading-level angle for greater convenience.

red barrel studio desk shelves

Buy: Red Barrel Studio Raliyah Desk Organizer $206.99


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