30 Things I Used Everyday in 2021


Hi friend!  Happy new year!  Does it feel like it yet?  We still have one more day until the kids go back to school, so I’m not fully in ‘work’ mode yet.

But, I did spend the better part of the weekend taking down the Christmas decor, decluttering, organizing and cleaning.  And that was surely a lot of work!  I have a huge donate pile sitting by my door and the house is feeling quite fresh.

I like a clean space, but still like the place to look warm and inviting, so I’m keeping the winter decor theme going for awhile longer.

I started thinking about my daily routines and habits, which led me down a rabbit trail of things I use every single day.  It’s a pretty big and specific list and I wonder if you have a similar list.


Oh man, if there’s one thing I can’t live without it’s my morning coffee!  I go to bed thinking about having it the next day.  And I always put my favorite coffee creamer in it.  This year, I started adding the Silk Almond Creamer to reduce the amount of Vanilla Caramel and I really like that combo.  I always start my morning with quiet time where I read, write and enjoy this delicious coffee.

And my coffee warmer comes in so handy because it takes me awhile to drink my coffee.  I like to savor it and this warmer keeps your drink warm and turns on automatically when you place your cup on it.  When you lift your cup off, it turns off- so you never have to worry about turning it off after you’re done using it.  I also like the sleek design.  I’m not embarrassed to admit I have three in my home: on my desk, nightstand and side table in the living room.  I also use it in the evening for hot tea or cocoa.

After I’ve had my quiet time, it’s time to fully wake up and wash my face.  I’ve been using the Radiant Cleansing Balm for years and I love how it cleanses my face and the muslin cloth gently exfoliates, leaving your skin baby soft.  It feels like a mini spa treatment everyday.  I’m also religious about using the Vitamin C Treatment Complex and Sunscreen.  These are all on sale now!

Next, I throw on some clothes as I head out the door and take the kids to school.  Since we’re friends, I’m happy to share that these no show undies are the most comfortable pair around and they feel fantastic on.  I like them for everyday and for working out. They have different styles depending on your preference.

Of course, most of us have to wear a bra, and one of my go-to’s is the Natori Pure Luxe T-Shirt Bra.  It gives you support and lift, but isn’t push up.  The cups are smooth so disappear completely under t-shirts, but there’s a bit of lace on the comfortable shoulder straps, giving that pretty vibe.

Or, if I’m working at home, or relaxing in the evening, I often opt for this soft bra.  I like it so much that I have three of them.  I sized down to a Small (I’m 34D) and remove the cups.

When it’s time to get myself ready, even if I’m not doing doing a full face of makeup, I always wear mascara.  It makes me feel more awake and alive.  First, I curl my lashes with a lash curler, then I apply lash primer, and finally mascara.

I don’t fix my hair every single day, but I do rely heavily on these no bend hair clips to tame my cowlicks.

When I’m home, I prefer to wear something on my feet to protect them from the hard bamboo floors, and also so I don’t step on any crumbs.  My slipper of choice for all types of weather are these memory foam memory foam slippers. They’re ultra comfortable as well as durable.

I always prepare my water bottle in the morning so that I can ensure I stay hydrated throughout the day.  Filling up a water bottle in the morning reminds me to actually drink it.  When I have iced coffee, I use this glass water bottle.


When I sit down to work, I couldn’t live without my monthly blog blanner.  I use it as my content calendar to plan out my blog posts and collaborations.  I refer to it everyday and keep the past year’s versions so I can look back at those too.

Another MUST HAVE that I use daily is a password keeper.  I’m in so many sites at a time and can never remember what the different logins are, so this has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion.

I’m a bit of a pen snob and discovered the Sarasa pens this year and now they’re my fave!  They’re a mix between a fine tip marker and a pen and I use them for everything.

My desk mat not only protects my desk, it provides a smooth surface for writing, resting my arms while typing and keeps everything looking tidy.

You’ll never find me far from my favorite drugstore hand lotion.  I keep it in my desk drawer, nightstand, kitchen drawer and purse.  With all the handwashing I do, I like to moisturize my hands immediately after.  This lotion restores moisture to your hands, but doesn’t leave then sticky.

Y’all know I like to meal prep and I’m constantly reheating food in the microwave.  The microwave plate cover is so genius at protecting your microwave from all those icky food platters.

After my day is done and I’ve washed my face, I typically use this makeup remover to get rid of every last excess of mascara.  And I love the way my lips feel when I apply this lip balm.

I’m ready to take out my contacts, and wear these clear eyeglasses from Warby Parker.  As for readers, these are my favorite pair.

Throughout the house, we also have these drink coasters. I like them because they are nice and big and actually catch any condensation that might accumulate.

When I clean my kitchen at the end of the day, or do dishes throughout the day, I have to wear rubber gloves.  My water gets really hot and I don’t like how it feels to do dishes without them, plus it protects my hands and nails.  This pair is the kind I’ve ordered and reordered.  They’re sturdy and last and I like the pale aqua color.

I use microfiber cloths daily to clean my kitchen too.  They’re perfect for our marble counters, and I also wipe down my fridge, trash can and other appliances with them.

Speaking of trash cans, I’m legit crazy for this stainless steel trash can I splurged on this year.  My previous trash can was a half circle shape, so not very big, and it had a huge dent in it for the last 11 years.   The other thing is, it didn’t work very well.  Every now and then the top would misalign and it wouldn’t open.

I don’t know why it took me so long to replace it, but I’m SO happy with the new one.  It’s huge (hold 14.4 gallons), rectangle shape, and you step on it to open the lid.  Plus, the way it’s designed, you don’t see the can liner because it’s hidden inside!

And, it’s super easy to change the bag- there’s even a liner holder inside the trash can#genius!  I buy the replacement bags on Amazon because they’re less expensive.

Ahh, finally time to slip into bed and you know I’m gonna tell you I love my soft bed sheets.  I’ve used these everyday for the last few years and they’ve held up great!  They’re also on the beds in my kids’ rooms and the guest room.

Last but not least, I use my Airpods Pro everyday.  Whether I’m working out and listening to music, talking on the phone hands free, or listening to a podcast while cleaning, these things are amazing!  And the noice cancelling feature is heavenly.  I especially love that feature if I’m working on my computer in a coffee shop!

I’d love to hear if the things on my list are similar to yours.  Or is there something different?  Let me know in the comments!

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