6 Best Paint Sprayers — Your Painting Process Will Be Quick and Simple!


Using a brush and roller to paint anything can be time-consuming and messy, whether it’s a large surface or some intricate project with lots of nooks and crannies. To speed up the painting process, many people are choosing to use a paint sprayer. These are designed to reduce your painting time, plus can handle every household task, from entire rooms to a few kitchen cabinets to a single piece of furniture.

In this guide, we have chosen six of the best paint sprayer models on the market to review. Our top choice is the Fuji Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System, due to its powerful motor, convertible spray gun, metal turbine case, and a long hose that includes an air control valve. We’ve also reviewed a few other HVLP models and a couple of airless ones, as well as electric paint sprayers and a single rechargeable model, so you have a variety to consider.

There are a few features to consider in a new paint sprayer. The type is one since HVLP, and airless models work better for different projects. The capacity tells you how much paint the canister can hold. You may also want to check the pressure, as this affects the flow. If it uses a hose and cord, the length determines how much room you have to work with. To help clear up these features and a few more, we included a buying guide below our comparison table and in-depth reviews. With all this information, you should have no trouble choosing the best paint sprayer to meet your needs.

Quick Summary
  • "A quality HVLP model that comes with a durable stainless-steel nozzle, a capacious canister, and a long hose for effortless maneuverability."
  • "A great high-end option for those looking for a heavy-duty airless machine to perform large and hard tasks."
  • "A somewhat compact model that is still capable of marvelous results; sprays paint in patterns from 0.5 inches to 12 inches."
  • Best Handheld Paint Sprayer: Scuddles Paint Sprayer
    "A small handheld model that won’t break the bank but will still be your reliable helper for small household painting tasks."
  • Best Rechargeable Paint Sprayer: Graco 17M363
    "If you don’t want the hassle of the cords and hoses, this is a fantastic option since it’s cordless; charges just within 35 minutes."
  • Best Lightweight Paint Sprayer: HomeRight C800971
    "A simple handheld option that comes with 3 tips and can spray the paint in 3 spray patterns."

Top 6 Paint Sprayers Review 2021


Fuji Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray SystemEditor’s Choice

  • Type: HVLP
  • Pressure: 5 PSI
  • Capacity: 1 qt.
  • Hose length: 25 feet
  • Warranty: 2-year limited

More features: stainless steel nozzle and needle; 1,400 watt 2-stage bypass motor

The Semi-Pro 2 HVLP Spray System is part of Fuji’s DIY-Pro Series. It is designed to meet the needs of those who want to do their painting projects themselves, without sacrificing quality in the process. It can also be used by professionals, giving them a powerful paint sprayer to get their jobs done quickly.

The Semi-Pro 2 has a powerful 1400-watt two-stage motor, which is a bit loud but extremely powerful. This is housed in a metal turbine case, which is tough and durable, so it won’t be damaged easily.

The spray gun has a stainless-steel nozzle and needle, as well as a sturdy metal one-quart canister. This spray gun is a bottom feed model, though it can easily be converted to a gravity feed if needed.

Both options come with a 1.3mm air cap set that is perfect for thin to medium materials, though six other cap sets are available for a wide variety of other materials, including latex. There is also a dedicated fan pattern control for wide or narrow sprays. This system also reduces overspray, so you don’t waste as much paint as you work.

Also included with this set is a 25-foot Hi-Flex hose, which features an air control valve to increase or decrease the pressure as needed. It is easy to assemble and disassemble this set, which also speeds up the cleaning time, making this the best paint sprayer for home use.

What makes it special?

  • Air control valve
  • Fan pattern control
  • Gun holder
  • Convertible spray gun

What cons did we find?

  • Loud
  • Pricey

Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19Upgrade Pick

  • Type: airless
  • Pressure: up to 3,000 PSI
  • Capacity: N/A
  • Hose length: 150 feet max.
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

More features: adjustable pressure; connects to garden hose for fast cleanup

Though a large airless sprayer like the Graco Magnum ProX19 may cost a bit more than a smaller handheld model, it is still one of the best paint sprayers for walls, siding, and other big projects. It is easy to use, so is a good option for beginners but also has professional features for use by contractors and remodelers.

This unit has a DC motor that can be used with an extension cord to give you more room to work with. There is a ProX stainless steel piston pump that is reliable enough to last for years, plus has a ProXChange Pump system that’s easy to replace without the need for tools.

To give you complete control over your paint flow, there is adjustable pressure system that can be altered to the type of paint you’re using. The metal spray gun includes a swivel head to make it easy to maneuver, even with a long hose. It also includes a flexible suction tube that you can use to spray right out of a large paint container.

Other handy features include the InstaClean pump filter that keeps debris in the paint from clogging the sprayer and the RAC IV SwitchTip that lets you reverse it when it’s clogged, so you don’t need to stop spraying.

This unit hooks directly to a garden hose for easy cleaning. The compact size and wheeled design makes it easy to move it around.

What are its best features?

  • Adjustable pressure
  • Pump filtration
  • Suction tube
  • Garden hose connection

What could be improved?

  • Expensive
  • Bulky for storage
  • Type: HVLP
  • Pressure: 1.5-2.63 PSI
  • Capacity: 1 qt. / 1.5 qt.
  • Hose length: 20 feet
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

More features: 2 air filters; sprays materials in patterns from 0.5 inches to 12 inches

The best HVLP paint sprayer will take care of all those detailed areas, like your cabinets, tables, chairs, and so much more. The Wagner Spraytech Control Spray Max is one of these models, plus has a decent price, so you won’t have to break your budget to get a decent unit.

The Control Spray Max uses technology that combines high volume with low pressure, atomizing the materials into a super fine mist to give you the smoothest finish possible. It includes a two-stage turbine, which allows you to use a variety of materials in this paint sprayer, too, including stains, poly, primer, latex paints, and almost anything else you need.

This model has a few adjustable settings to help customize your project. There is a variable flow control that lets you switch from a large surface, such as a wall, to a more detailed project, like cabinets, window panes, or trim.

Another handy feature is the adjustable spray nozzle, which has three patterns to choose from, including horizontal, vertical, and round, depending on the viscosity of the materials you’re using.

This unit is lightweight, with a two large air filters to keep dust from ruining the finish, so you always have smooth results. There is a large 20-foot air hose, though it doesn’t lock in place, so can come loose at times. It also comes with a one-quart metal cup and a 1.5-quart plastic cup for larger projects.

What stands out?

  • Three spray patterns
  • Two-stage turbine
  • Variable flow control
  • Easy to clean

What cons did we manage to find?

  • No locking mechanism on hose

Scuddles Paint SprayerBest Handheld Paint Sprayer

  • Type: HVLP
  • Pressure: 1.45-2.9 PSI
  • Capacity: 1 qt.
  • Cord length: 6.6 feet
  • Warranty: 2-year limited

More features: 5 nozzle caps, a cleaning needle, 2 straws, and more included

The Scuddles Paint Sprayer is simple to use, with no assembly needed when you first pull it out of the box. It is a bit heavier than some other models, though it should still be light enough to use for your smaller projects without straining yourself.

This unit includes several accessories to make using it even easier. First, it includes five nozzle caps in different sizes. The 1.8mm and 2.2mm nozzles are best for thinner materials, like varnish or sealer. There are also three 2.6mm nozzles that can be used for latex paint, chalk-type paint, or any other thick paints.

Included with this unit are two straws and a cleaning needle to make this unit easy to clean when the job is done. It also comes with a detachable 1-quart paint container and a handy funnel for filling it up without spilling your expensive paint. A user manual is also included with the paint sprayer, though the directions aren’t very clear, so beginners may need to check out an instructional video to be sure they’re using it correctly.

This unit uses 1,200 watts to give you a powerful spray, with a 6.6-foot power cord to give you room to maneuver it. It uses three spray modes, including horizontal, vertical, and round, so you can adjust it to your materials as needed. The flow control and pressure control are also adjustable, depending on your chosen project and materials.

What do we love it for?

  • Multiple cleaning tools
  • Five spray nozzles
  • High power
  • Low price

What were we disappointed with?

  • A bit heavy
  • Unclear instructions

Graco 17M363Best Rechargeable Paint Sprayer

  • Type: airless
  • Pressure: 500-2,000 PSI
  • Capacity: 32 fl. oz.
  • Cord length: N/A – cordless
  • Warranty: 3-year limited

More features: 35-minute charge time; comes with 2 batteries and charger

For those doing mainly smaller jobs, the best airless paint sprayer needs to be compact and portable. This one from Graco meets these needs, with a cordless design that is easy to take with you wherever you need it.

This handy little unit comes with two standard lithium-ion batteries and a charger, so you don’t need to fuss with power cords as you paint. Each battery allows you to spray up to a gallon of material with every charge, plus has a three-LED fuel gauge system to tell you how much power you have at all times.

There is a Triax Triple Piston Pump, which is reliable, durable, lightweight, and can be quickly replaced on the job using the ProConnect system. The motor speed and hand speed can both be adjusted to give you more control for a more professional finish on every piece you’re painting. There is also precision pressure control that reduces fluctuations in pressure for a more consistent spray.

FlexLiner Paint Bags fit in the 32-ounce canister. These are disposable, with no suction tube needed, so setup and cleanup are quick and easy. An RAC SwitchTip can be reversed to prevent clogs, Only one is included, though there is a wide range of other sizes available which work on all of the Graco Airless Sprayers. A handy storage bag makes it easy to keep all the pieces organized for storage and travel.

What makes it special?

  • Portable
  • Rechargeable
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple tips available

What cons did we find?

  • Expensive
  • Small paint cup

HomeRight C800971Best Lightweight Paint Sprayer

  • Type: HVLP
  • Pressure: 7 PSI
  • Capacity: 39 fl. oz.
  • Cord length: 6 feet
  • Warranty: 2-year limited

More features: comes with 3 tips; 3 spray patterns

The HomeRight Super Finish Max is a lightweight unit that won’t wear out your hand and arm while you use it but still has enough power to get any project done in short order. It also comes with multiple features that make this one of the best home paint sprayer models around.

The setup is easy, making this sprayer a decent option for beginners and experts alike. There are three spray tips, each designed to work well with different materials, so you always have the right one for small jobs like furniture or cabinets, as well as for walls, fences, and other large jobs.

Two air caps are included with this paint sprayer, allowing you to choose between a wide and a fine spray pattern. The material flow control also allows you to customize the flow, depending on the materials you’re using. The three spray patterns are round, vertical, and horizontal, so you can adjust this to your chosen materials.

The container holds up to 39 fluid ounces and includes a lid to keep the contents clean if the container is removed from the unit. A cleaning brush helps make the cleaning process even easier.

The Super Finish Max is powerful, with 450 watts for spraying thicker paints. A built-in access door lets you change out the air filter to keep particles out of the paint for the perfect, smooth finish every time.

Why are we impressed?

  • Three tip options
  • Lightweight
  • Fast setup
  • Multiple spray settings

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Container may leak
  • No viscosity cup included

Things to Consider

Painting can be a long, tedious job that most people don’t enjoy. That’s why choosing to use a paint sprayer for kitchen cabinets, walls, furniture, and everything else is such a great option. These handy tools come in a few different types with a variety of features to get all your painting projects finished in record time. If you’re interested in getting a new paint sprayer for your home or work, check out the following sections to see what these units have to offer.

Why it’s worth getting a paint sprayer

There are several reasons to get a paint sprayer to use for all your home projects. These units can handle all types of paint, stain, or clear finishes in one machine. You can also switch from one material to another with a quick cleaning in between, so you can get a few jobs done in very little time.

Another great thing about paint sprayers is that they can apply even coats to everything you’re working on, even if that piece is uneven or intricately carved. When using a sprayer, the material you’re spraying is atomized into a fine mist, reducing drips. On some surfaces, like cabinets or furniture, a paint brush will leave marks, while a sprayer leaves behind only a mirror-like finish.

There are a few different types of paint sprayers, too, each designed with specific features that are perfect for a variety of home projects. They come with adjustable features, like the flow, pressure, spray pattern, and tips to give you exactly what you need for any of your painting projects.

Features to consider when choosing a paint sprayer

Whether you’re buying your new paint sprayer for furniture, cabinets, walls, or ceilings, there are a few features you should look at. This will tell you whether or not you have the right model for your project and the materials you plan to use with it.

Spray system type

In our reviews, we covered two types of paint sprayers. These are the HVLP and the airless sprayers. Though they have some of the same features, there are a few differences worth noting.

Airless paint sprayers, like the Graco Magnum ProX19, are generally designed for larger jobs, such as painting a fence, house, or barn. This is because these are high-volume tools, going through a large amount of paint in little time, so you can get even those huge jobs done much quicker. They do lack a bit of the refinement that you’d look for in a smaller, more detailed job, though they still do give you a great-looking finish.

The HomeRight C800971 and other HVLP units are the best paint sprayers for cabinets, shelves, or furniture. They give you the refinement that makes those pieces look fantastic, which is why these are the ones used by carpenters or woodworkers who want their work to stand out.

Air pressure

The amount of air pressure a paint sprayer puts out depends on the type of sprayer you’re using. The airless models give you higher pressure, like the 500-2000 PSI offered by the Graco 17M363. This is adjustable, so you can set it to the amount needed for a specific job. The higher the pressure is, the more paint the unit will put out, and the thicker the layers will be.

Since the HVLP models are meant for more detailed work, they offer less air pressure than the airless models. For these units, less air means less paint coming out of the tip for thinner layers and a more detailed finish. This also gives you more control and less overspray, so you waste less paint on those small jobs.

Feed cup capacity

The feed cup capacity tells you how much paint you can use for each session before more needs to be added. The larger the cup, the more paint it can hold, and the less filling you have to do for your projects. If you’re only painting a small item, like a single chair, you may only need to refill a small feet cup once or twice. Of course, for larger projects, like your kitchen cabinets, you may want a larger cup, so you can spend more time using the sprayer and less time filling it.

Hose/power cord length

Though the length of the hose and the power cord may not affect how the paint sprayer runs, it will definitely affect how you use it. A longer hose gives you more room between the unit and the spray gun, so you can climb a ladder with it or work your way around a room without moving the base of the unit.

If you have multiple outlets in your work area, the cord can be plugged in wherever you need it. For the rooms with only one or two outlets, or if you’re working outside and need to run the cord to a garage outlet, a long power cord is a must. The Scuddles Paint Sprayer has a cord of 6.6 feet, giving you a bit of room to stretch it out. If the outlet is too far, you may need to spend a bit of extra money on an extension cord to keep it running.

Nozzles included

The nozzles or spraying tips are some of the most important features included with any paint sprayer. These pieces come in different sizes, each of which is chosen depending on the type of paint sprayer and the materials you’re using. The tips usually have numbers on them that tell you their size, which is translated into inches. For instance, a .10 tip is equal to 1/10 of an inch. Of course, not all tips are numbered this way. Some have numbers like 515, which means that only the last two digits are used to tell the measurement of the opening, while the first number tells you the width of the spray pattern.

The thicker the paint, the wider the tip you’ll need to prevent clogging. Most units come with a few tips to choose from, making it easy to use a variety of materials with one machine. Check out the video below for more understanding of how to use the tips and adjust the pressure:


The weight of the unit you buy is another important feature to look at. The handheld models are quite light, especially the HomeRight C800971, which weights under three pounds without the paint. The lighter it is empty, the lighter it will be after you fill it. This will make it easy to hold and maneuver when working on a project for a few hours.

Of course, just because a unit is heavy, it doesn’t mean you have to carry that weight the whole time. A model like the Graco Magnum ProX19 weighs 38 pounds, but you don’t carry the entire weight. Most of it is in the body of the unit, with only the spray gun in your hand, so be sure to check out how much of a unit’s weight you’ll actually be carrying before you decide on one.


The warranty of the unit tells you how much coverage you have if the paint sprayer isn’t working correctly when you purchase it or starts to break down not long after you start using it. The longer the warranty is, the longer you can test out your paint sprayer to be sure all the pieces and functions are working as they should.

You may also want to check out what is covered by the warranty since not all of them cover the entire unit or have different coverages for specific parts.

Extra features

There are a few extra features to look for in a paint sprayer. One is the housing since some materials are more durable than others. Plastic is common, plus is cheap, so helps keep the price of the sprayer low. Plastic can crack under pressure or from varying temperatures, which is why a metal unit is a better option in terms of durability.

Some units include filters, which keep dirt and debris out of the paint. This is important since this debris can affect the smoothness of the finish. Your unit should also be easy to clean, with removable tips and canisters to make the process even easier. A few spray patterns are a must, giving you wide or fine sprays, depending on what you’re working on. A cordless machine is handy since you can use it anywhere, even if there is no electrical outlet nearby.

Safety tips

Using a paint sprayer isn’t as dangerous as some of your other household tools but you still need to be careful with them. Here are a few tips:

  • Wear protective clothing, like goggles, a face mask, a respirator, and gloves.
  • Remove any items that could trip you as you work.
  • If it has a safety latch, keep it locked when the sprayer is not in use.
  • Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Check the temperature and weather conditions before starting your painting project.
  • Wipe the guards and the tip to prevent paint buildup and clogs.


The HVLP models are better for home use since they are designed for smaller projects, like cabinets and furniture. They can also be used on walls or ceilings if needed, though if painting all the rooms in your home, the HVLP units will take much longer to do them all. For big projects like siding or barns, an airless model is a much better choice since they distribute the paint quickly and in thicker coats.

There are a few ways to protect the areas you don’t want to be painted. Take anything you can out of the room before you begin. Hang a drop cloth over anything too large to move. Use painter’s tape to cover pieces like window frame edges to keep them paint-free. If the item you’re painting can be moved, take it outside to a shady spot, a garage, or anther work area to do your painting.

All of the paint sprayers in our reviews can be used with latex paint since they come with adjustable pressure, flow, and spray patterns, as well as a few extra spray tips to accommodate this type of paint. The exception is the Graco 17M363, which includes one RAC SwitchTip that is not suitable for latex. There are a few other sizes sold for this unit that are suitable for latex, though these must be purchased separately.

Our Verdict

A paint sprayer is a handy tool to have, turning a long, difficult job into an easy one with less mess and cleanup. There are several to choose from but we have a few favorites.

Our top choice is the Fuji Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System, which has a powerful 1400-watt motor, a metal turbine case, a 25-foot Hi-Flex Hose with an air control valve, and is easy to use and clean. It also includes a convertible feed canister, a stainless steel nozzle, and needle, and has multiple tip sizes available.

The Graco Magnum ProX19 is our favorite airless model, due to its adjustable pressure, DC motor, InstaClean pump filter, and reversible tips. It also has a metal spray gun with a swivel head and an extra-long hose. A garden hose connection makes this one of the easiest models to clean.

The Wagner Spraytech Control Spray Max is an HVLP model, with a two-stage turbine, two air filters, an adjustable nozzle for a wide range of spray patterns, and variable flow control. This unit is also lightweight, with two feed canister sizes included.

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