7 Best Group Gift Ideas When You’re on a Budget


Here are the best and cheapest group gift ideas!

holding Starbucks gift card to put in cup filled with candy

As great as giving can be, buying gifts for a whole group of people (especially all at one time) and staying on a budget can be a struggle. Hip2Save reader, Michelle, was experiencing this challenge last year:

“I need to find something to give the women in my church group. There are 119 women to buy for and I’m hoping to stay around $1 for each person. Any suggestions? Have you seen any great deals on anything that might work?

woman with her gift closet

When working within a tight budget, I like to combine small items into mini packages to increase the gift’s value while still keeping costs low. Having the gifts be the same, lets you purchase in bulk to take advantage of quantity discounts, making that $1 per person goal much more attainable.

You can also keep your eye out year-round to score some awesome once-a-year deals.
Read on for group gift ideas that cost roughly a dollar or just a couple of dollars each to help make group gift giving (especially around the holidays) easy on the mind and easy on the wallet!

Here are 7 budget-friendly group gift ideas –

1. A notebook and pen set Group Gift Idea

happiness journal

Paper journal lined pocket notebooks, 24-pack $12.99


Kraft Paper notebook journals, 24-pack $23.99

Gel pens, 120-pack $20.99

Gifting idea as low as 76¢ with one notebook + one gel pen.

This noteworthy set is perfect for keeping a daily journal, jotting notes, or doodling. Both notebook sets offer a wide variety of designs and colors so each recipient’s gift is unique! Add an extra personal touch and write a friendly note on the first page for them to see each time they open their journal!

2. Candy-filled faux Frappuccino Group Gift Idea

Starbucks DIY Gift Cup

Starbucks cold beverage cups, 50-pack $29.99 (regularly $29.99)

Non-branded plastic cups with dome lids, 100-pack $28.99 (regularly $35.99)

Christmas Green White Straws, 50-pack $6.99 

Candies: Hershey’s KissesRolos, Werther’s Originals, or Reese’s $3.69-$5.89 

Gifting idea as low as $1.16 with one Starbucks cup, one lid, one straw + a few candies.

Find me someone who won’t say “OMG how BRILLIANT!” about these chocolate-filled Starbucks cups… I’ll wait. 😉 This super clever packaging uses clear beverage cups, gold-foiled candies, a little white tissue paper, and a green straw. Feel free to conceal a surprise inside (like a gift card) or give it as is.

3. Winter Survival Kit Group Gift Idea 

gifts for groups — winter survival kit with tissues and hand lotion

Nature’s Bees cocoa butter lip balm, 24-pack $19.98

Lip Naturals Lip Balm, 120-pack $58.81 (regularly $69.99)

Jergen’s travel-sized hand lotion, 24-pack $15.99 (regularly $23.99)

Kleenex Tissue travel packs, 3-pack 99¢ 

Gifting idea as low as $1.81 with one lip balm, one hand lotion, and one tissue travel pack.

Cold weather means crisp, dry air—but it can leave your skin feeling dry and lips dehydrated. Soothe chapped winter skin and lips with a buttery lip balm, mini hand lotion, and a pocket-size pack of tissues to make a complete winter kit.

4. At-home pedicure kit Group Gift Idea 

pedicure christmas gift from Dollar Tree

Emery boards, 144-pack $11.25

Foam toe separators, 24-pack $5.99 (regularly $9.95)

Shany nail polish, 24-pack $29.99

LA Colors nail polish $1 each 

Gifting idea as low as $2.02 with one emery board, one foam toe separator, and one nail polish.

Give the gift of an at-home pedicure with an emery board, toe separators, and, of course, nail polish. 💅 You can even grab Lina’s FREE “For Your Mistle TOES” gift tag to complete the whole set.

5. Custom ornaments Group Gift Idea 

rae dunn inspired ornaments

White ornaments, 18-pack $9.86 (regularly $10.86)

Black vinyl, 6-feet $6.53

Decorative ribbon, 10 yards $12.99 

Gifting idea as low as 95¢ per ornament.

Make a Rae Dunn-inspired ornament with holiday buzzwords or personalize it with your recipient’s name! Lina’s DIY is easy, fun, and totally frugal, but if you don’t own a Cricut machine, you can purchase similar decals on Etsy!

Make this DIY year-round by swapping out the ornaments and holiday words for a ring dish with their monogram or try fun words like “bling”, “love”, or “his” and “hers” if it’s for a couple.

6. Votive candles Group Gift Idea 

Red holiday candle holder from Dollar Tree buying small gifts for group

Mercury glass candle holder $1 each 

Black & gold stand candle holder $1 each

Iridescent candle holder $1 each 

Battery-operated tea lights, 100-pack $37.99 

Gifting idea as low as $1.38 with one candle holder and 1 battery-operated tea light.

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes giving candles as a gift can seem a little generic, but pair them with a glass candle holder and ribbon for a dazzling gift! ✨

Go with a battery-operated tea light for a zero mess candle and you’ve got a gift that appears much more expensive than a dollar and some change! You’ll probably want to keep a few for yourself to add to your own holiday decor.

7. Self-care Set Group Gift Idea

sheet mask set buying small gifts for group

Dermal sheet mask set, 26-pack $15.99 

Stash Chamomile tea, 100-pack $20.94 (regularly $21.99)

Gifting idea as low as $2.08 with two face masks and four tea bags.

Help your recipient melt away the stress of busy holiday plans with a relaxing sheet face mask and some chamomile tea. You could even go the extra mile and DIY an essential oil mister, great for spritzing a pillow before laying your head down.

hand holding bottle of anjou eucalyptus essential oil

To make the essential oil mister:

    1. Unscrew the spray top from a glass bottle.
    2. Add 10 drops of essential oil to the bottle — I love eucalyptus around wintertime!
    3. Add a few drops of vodka… strange, I know, but it helps blend the oil and makes the scent last longer!
    4. Fill the rest of the way with water, leaving a little room at the top.
    5. Securely screw on the spray top and gently shake to blend the oil.
    6. To add even more of a personal touch, label the bottle with the kraft paper tags to identify the essential oil scent!

Write a little note with some great usage ideas, like an air or fabric freshener! Feel free to switch up the scents with soothing lavender or invigorating peppermint. When it comes to buying small gifts for groups, this idea is creative and sure to be appreciated.

starbucks cup as gift wrap buying small gifts for group

Gift giving to a large group doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

Buying small gifts for groups can always make the value seem much more than what you actually spent! With just a small budget and these clever group gift ideas, you can bring some Christmas cheer to just about anyone, no matter how many people you need to buy for.

Need more gift ideas? Head this way!


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