A Special Baptism Gift


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Recently my son had a friend who chose to get baptized. In our church children can choose to get baptized starting at 8 years old. I was wondering what would be a good gift to get him that an 8 year old buy would like but also be a reminder of what a special event his baptism was and what it will mean for the rest of his life. 
In our beliefs after you're baptized your sins are all washed away and you are made to be clean and whole again. And then after you are baptized the gift of the Holy Ghost is conferred upon you to be with you always. If you'd like to read more about how we view baptism and the Gift of the Holy Ghost you can check it here.
In searching around the internet for a gift I saw this quote from Elder James E. Faust 
The gift of the Holy Ghost is available as a sure guide, as the voice of conscience, and as a moral compass. The guiding compass is personal to each of us. It is unerring. It is unfailing.
And it made me think a compass would be a great gift for an 8 year old along with this quote. So I went to Etsy and lo and behold I'm not the only one with this thought because there are other compass baptism gifts. Here's some I liked!
But ultimately I decided I wanted a more antique looking compass that was more like a pocket watch style. So I bought this brass compass from Ilgar Leather. It comes with a chain and a leather holder for the compass. You can get the compass engraved which would have been a great option with this quote, but I had already made these circle labels with the quote in it that can be printed as stickers too!
I think it turned out great and the recipient was very happy with it. It turned out the quote when I cut it out fit perfectly in the lid of the compass. I also printed a bigger one that fits in the pouch with the compass as well.
I have created a pdf of the quote that you can print and give for your baptism gifts to those you love who choose to be baptized. Just click below to download it. There are 16 on the page so perfect to save for other baptisms in the future.
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