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Hi friends!  I’m coming to you from Florida today!  We all arrived safely, but the weather is rainy, rainy, rainy!  But, at least we’re all here together.  Hopefully the weather clears up soon and we’ll be enjoying the beach and sunshine soon!  We went to the grocery store when we got here and now we’re fully stocked and ready to roll.

Did you score any good deals on Amazon Prime Day yesterday?  I shared the top fashion finds with you HERE, the best beauty finds HERE and today it’s all about home decor, organization, and more!

I shared these deals on Stories yesterday, but in case you missed it:

eBags Packing Cubes – packed these up for Florida!  I got Jordan and James in one bag each for a week!

Makeup Brushes – can’t believe the price on this set of 14!

Insulated Double Walled Glass Mugs (I enjoy my morning coffee in these.  They keep your drink hot, but are cool to the touch)

Cuisinart Knife Set – this popular set of knives has been restocked and they’re on sale!

Microfiber Cloths – in daily use at my house.  I clean so many things with these, including my marble countertops

Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker – this cute coffee maker is so cute, it almost makes me want one and I already have two!

Sonic Ice Maker – if you like Sonic ice, you’ll love this baby.  It’s an investment, but rarely goes on sale!

Stasher Reusable Storage Bags – you’ll never want to use plastic again after trying these.  And you can clean them in the dishwasher.

Kindle Paperwhite – I’m eyeing this for myself!

GoWise Air Fryer – this is the brand air fryer I have and use it often!

Softest Bedsheets – Yay! So happy these are included in Prime Day!

Pizza Wheel Cutter – been using this to cut not only pizza, but pancakes and more.  It slices like butter and has a protective, retractable blade cover

Apple Air Pods Pro – one of the things I feel like I can’t live without now and the noise cancelling feature is SO GOOD!  I wear mine for workouts, while I’m cleaning and listening to a video or podcast, and while talking on the phone so I can be truly hands free.

Hair Clippers – trimmed James’ hair with these right before we left for Florida.  The color coding makes it so easy to find the right setting.

Hair Cutting Scissors – If you’ve ever tried to cut hair with something other than professional shears, you know how hard it is.  I can cut Jordan’s hair so much straighter and easier with these sharp scissors.

Baby Foot Peel – it’s back!  The foot peel that makes your feet shed like a rattlesnake is back and on sale!  Remember when it sold out during Covid and you couldn’t find it anywhere?!

Magnifying Mirror with Light – I scored this mirror on Prime Day last year and I’m happy to see it’s back on sale again.  I love that it has two magnification sides (10x!), plus it lights up with a touch of a button and gets brighter by turning it.  And, there’s no cord!  It uses batteries and I haven’t had to change mine yet!

No Bend Hair Clips – Look out cowlicks, there’s a new barrette in town! These little clips are seamless and won’t crease or bend your hair.  I use them to tame my cowlicks, but you can also use them to train your hair to swoop at your bang by placing them where you want your hair to bend. They’re also great for clipping your hair out of your face while applying makeup.


And now onto the highest rated/most loved Amazon home items.  I’m not surprised – I have most of them myself!

Amazon Prime Day Most Loved Items

123456 78 910

Pillows • We have these cooling gel pillows on our beds and sleep so soundly on them. They come in a pack of 2, and are great whether you sleep on your side like me, or on your stomach like Brian.  Who sleeps on their back??  Well, even if you do, they’re great for that too.  121,785 | 4.5 star reviews

Drawer Organizer • These drawer organizers are life savers! I use them in my drawers to keep the intimates organized and easy to find.  I also have them in James’ drawers.  37,412 | 4.5 star reviews

Amazon Drawer Organizers

Throw Blanket • One of my more recent finds on Amazon, this throw is so cozy that we brought it to Florida! It’s not as thick as the Barefoot Dreams throw, so it didn’t take up as much room, but it’s so soft!  89,504 | 4.5 star reviews

Softest Sheets • Speaking of soft, these sheets remain my most requested link to date!  Well, that and my strapless bra;). I think that means we really want to be comfortable!  Everyone raves about these sheets, they’re super soft and inexpensive! 230,545 | 4.5 star reviews

Master Bedroom bedding ideas

Brewmate Can Cooler • If you’re a White Claw drinker then this insulated can cooler is for you! The slim design fits those smaller cans perfectly for a cool sip every time! 39,264 | 4.5 star reviews

Fabric Shaver •  This little gadget not only keeps my sweaters free of fuzzies, it also shaves pills off of my pillow covers or sofas.  68,962 | 4.5 star reviews

Throw Pillow Covers • These velvety soft pillow covers come in every shade you and hold up well.  I have them in the pink and pale blue and they coordinate well with other patterned pillows.  48,754 | 4.5 star reviews 

Throw Pillow Inserts •  I use these affordable inserts and like to one size larger than the pillow cover to make sure they’re nice and fluffy!  They come in a pack of 2. 74,557 | 4.5 star reviews 

Pizza Cutter • Not just for pizza! I use mine to cut everything from pancakes to sandwiches for the kiddos.  It has a retractable blade guard to protect your hand and it’s non-slip and easy to hold.  24,152 | 4.5 star reviews

pizza cutter


I know y’all like seeing the decor and organization things like I do, so I went room by room in my house to share my Amazon household faves with you.


Minimal Spice LabelsSpice Jars with Bamboo Lid

I’m smitten with how my newly organized spice drawer looks!  And it didn’t take that long to achieve!  The labels and jars are both from Amazon and the wooden drawer organizer is HERE.  Someone recommended I alphabetize them, but I haven’t gotten around to that.

kitchen decor

Similar Marble Lazy SusanFaux SucculentsButter CrockKnife Set

This is the setup to the right of my stove.  My olive oil, salt and pepper, butter and knifes are all within easy reach.

Knife Set

I’ve been so happy with this white knife set that I donated all of my other knives! This set has everything I need, plus scissors and a knife sharpener.

I love decorating with this 3-tier stand. You can decorate for every season with it.  It also makes a super cute hot cocoa station in the winter.

3-Tier Galvanized Stand

3-Tier Stand • Coffee Mugs

 Kitchen Tools • Measuring Spoons & Cups • Mixing Bowls • Food Containers • Toaster • Ice Cream Scoop • Glasses • Towels • Ombre Bowls • Mitts

Gimme all the pink!


Pantry Storage Organization

Rug • Glass Jars w Wooden Lids • Font Labels • Chalk Labels • OXO Containers • Glass Jar • Cork Shelf Liner • Glass Jars • Woven Baskets • Expand-A-Shelf

Thanks mostly to Amazon containers, I’ve managed to keep our pantry tidy and organized!

I find these round jars really handy and want to get more!
Pantry Organization

1 Cereal Container | 2 Glass Jars | 3 Font Labels | 4 Chalk Labels | 5 OXO Containers | 6 Glass Jar | 7 Cork Shelf Liner | 8 Grip Shelf Liner | 9 Glass Jars


Glass Vase • Similar Floral Filler • Cloche • Goblets

You might have seen my recent home decor post where I shared this glimpse of our dining room.  The cloches look like Pottery Barn, but they’re from Amazon!


Vase • Table • Chairs • Plates • Buffalo Check Napkins • Washable Placemats • Faux Peony Bouquet

The breakfast room decor is all from Amazon too.  These placemats are perfect if you have kids because they wipe clean easily.

Mug • Diffuser • Tray • Reading Glasses

To help me relax at night, I like to drink hot tea.  I usually prepare it while I’m cleaning the kitchen and then it’s a little ‘reward’ after the it’s all clean.

It’s also nice to prepare your room for sleep or just keep it nice smelling, so a diffuser does that.

Faux Tulips

I’ve had these faux tulips for years and they are the BEST, most realistic I’ve seen!

Similar Lamp • Faux Books

These books have real pages and they’re blank inside, so you could write in them or let the kids color on the pages!


I’ve been keeping my vanity all neat and organized with acrylic organizers and I love how it looks.  I can get ready in a flash, but I have minimized my tools and makeup collection since this photo was taken.

Four Drawers • Nail Polish Holder • Clear Cubes • Lipstick Holder • Rose Gold Containers • Multi Purpose Holder • Rotating Storage • Drawer Organizer • Compact Organizer • Clear Canisters • Makeup Organizer • Heat Safe Storage

Drawer Organizer

Clear Dividers  – perfect for storing clutches and keeping them upright

Acrylic Sunglass Organizer

I keep one of these acrylic organizers in my trunk and one in my closet so my glasses stay safe and sound.  I love that I can easily see them instead of keeping them in individual cases.


Shower Curtain • Rings • Memory Foam Bath Mat

That shower/bath mat is in both James’ bathroom and my own.  It’s super plush and feels great to step out of the shower onto.  It’s nonskid and helps dry your feet before you step onto the bare floor.


I love using this desk mat.  It’s nice and large (comes in different sizes) and sturdy.  I feel like my desk stays neater and it’s easier to write on with the mat there.

Desk Pad • Acrylic Stapler & Tape Dispenser • Office Labels • Drawer Organizer • Desk Organizer Set • Erasable Pens • Labeler • Macaroon Erasers • Scissors • Rubber Band Ball • Storage Boxes • Rolling Cart

Large Storage Bins • Small Storage Boxes • Wall Vase • Faux Succulents

Clear Drawer Organizer • Drawer/Shelf Liner • Gold Scissors • Small Gold Scissors • Macaroon Erasers • Rubber Band Ball

Acrylic Drawer Organizers


Mini Foldable Treadmill

This mini treadmill is perfect for me because it’s lightweight enough for me to move and it folds up to fit underneath a table.  It would be great if you lived in a small space.  I also like how it has a place to put my iPad so I can watch videos while I walk.


Dress • Bracelets • Earrings • Buffalo Check Rug • Hello Mat • Floral Wreath • Black Planters

I’ve spruced up my patio and back porch and we use both all the time.  Most nights after dinner, Jordan and I go outside and often a neighbor friend will come over and play.  We do this until it’s time to go in for bath.

This electric bug zapper (handheld) and the plug-in one have saved me from many a mosquito bite!

Similar Wood Bench • Side Table • Geometric Pots with Faux Succulents • Potted Faux Eucalyptus & Rosemary •  Tassel Pillows • Square Stripe Pillows

Bistro Chairs

Insulated Tumbler


I’m including some holiday decor because sometimes it’s on Amazon Prime sale too!

Pre Lit Christmas Tree

Christmas Home Tour

Puff Sleeve Tee • Jeans • Slippers • Christmas Tree • Similar Train

Fall decor front porch

Similar Wreaths • Checkered Mat • Happy Fall Mat

The planters come in a two pack and you could choose between 20 or 26 inch, I have the 26 inch here. They are made from durable recyclable plastic and natural stone powder, but the great thing is the planter is lightweight so you can move it easily. It’s also a weather resistant and has four raised drainage holes at the bottom.


kitchen organization microfiber towels

Microfiber Cloths

kitchen organization

Magic ErasersSteel “Soap”

I’ve also come to rely heavily on Magic Erasers.  They clean so well- have gotten so many scuffs off of the wall, even places I thought would need touch-up paint!  The steel “soap” will eliminate any cooking odors from your hands, like onion or garlic.  Just rub your hands with it under water and the smell vanishes!

Dyson Stick Vacuum

Dyson Stick Vacuum


Steam Mop

I’d love to hear what deals you are scoring!

Have a fantastic day friends! 

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