Best Gifts for the New Driver


Best Gifts for the New Driver

Have a new driver in your life? Here are some helpful and affordable gifts to celebrate their new achievement!

Wallets & Bags

Clutch wallet that fits a phone

Most teenagers dont carry around wallets, but this one is perfect because it zips so nothing will fall out and theres enough compartments for everything including her phone. It is also a good size and really cute.

Around $30. Great reviews. Comes in lots of colors.

Slim wallets that fit in a front pocket

Here are some slim wallet options that dont have velcro. These should be able to fit into his front pocket.

FurArt Slim Minimalist Wallet w/ Key Loop under $10(lots of colors!)

Herschel Charlie RFID Wallet around $20(several colors and textures)

Minimalist Aluminum Wallet around $20

Backpack Travel Bag

A lot of girls dont carry around purses or bags because they are too big and they dont have enough stuff to put in them. This little backpack is super cute and she can carry it on your back so it isnt in the way. It runs around $25.

Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Water Bottle, Flex Cap

You all know the hype about Hydroflasks and this 21 ounce option is perfect because it is skinny enough to fit in a car cup holder and the colors are super cute. Also, it will encourage your teen to drink water.

Glass Tumbler with Straw, Silicone Protective Sleeve &Bamboo Lid BPA Free

Teens love coffee and also saving the environment, and this cup is the perfect size for a cars cup holder to keep in the car. Its also simple and cute.Under $15 and lots of colors.

Nike Lanyard

This one is simple. Teens need something bigger than just a tiny key chain to carry keys on so they dont get lost. This lanyard is popular and is perfect for carrying everything they need on their key chain.

Theres also a three-pack of Nike lanyards here for less than buying one.

USB Car Charger

You dont want your teens phone to die while their driving or else they cant call you when they get there!

Easy One Touch 4 Dash & Windshield Car Mount Phone Holder

This phone mount encourages kids to stay off their phone while driving. Easy to mount to the windshield or the dash.

Mini Macrame Plant Hangers

This is a super cute and trendy addition to your teens car.

Tile Pro

This Tile Pro is perfect for your teens lanyard so when they lose their keys 196 times a week, they will be able to track them.

Yankee 3 Pack Car Jar Ultimate Hanging Air Fresheners

We all know that teens can sometimes smell not the best, but that doesnt mean that their car has to. These should also smell better than the chemical-smelling air freshener trees.

Outdoor Waterproof Fleece Blanket

A weatherproof blanket is a perfect addition to your teens car because they love doing stuff spontaneously, like having a picnic or driving to watch the sunset, and you dont want them to freeze. Also, if their car breaks down or they need to take a quick nap, this blanket will keep them warm.

2 Pack Car Trash Bags

Do your part to keep your kids car from turning into a giant garbage can with these washable and reusable trash bags.

Car Trunk Organizer

This handy organizer will help keep all of their emergency items organized in the trunk or back of their car.

Emergency Kit

I suppose all cars should have these items. You can purchase a ready-for-you car safety kit or buy the items individually and store them in their trunk organizer:

2 pack safety hammer

25 foot jumper cables

Essential 5-in-1 Car Escape Tool, Life Saving Survival Kit

Ice scrapper + snow brush

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