Caraway Cookware Really Is Worth the Hype—And Not Just Because It’s Ridiculously Easy To Clean


Surely by now you’ve seen Caraway cookware splashed across your Instagram feed, reviewed in top cooking magazines, or even in the cabinets of a friend’s kitchen. Caraway cookware is everywhere, and the reviews are in: Everyone is raving about it.

If you’re somehow not familiar with the DTC-cooking brand, it’s famous for its quality design, easy clean-up, and of course, its counter-ready aesthetics. Unlike traditional nonstick cookware that use polytetrafluoroethylene (aka Teflon), Caraway uses a mineral-based nontoxic coating that doesn’t seep into your food. According to Caraway’s website, the pots and pans release 60 percent less CO2 than other non-stick models, thanks to cleaner, nontoxic ingredients.

But the real star of the show is how easy it it is clean. Scroll through the 17,000 reviews on Caraway’s site and you’ll find happy customer after happy customer, all gushing over how easy the stuff is to wash.

Caraway, Non-Toxic Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Set — $395.00

Buy each piece separately or save yourself the trouble and buy the bundle, complete with a lid holder and individual dish racks.

After testing the entire set personally, I’d say it’s worth the hype. I’m not, by any means, a professional chef or cookware snob. But I do like to cook, and I don’t like to do dishes. Caraway is the cookware set that allows me the best of both worlds.

Find my Caraway cookware set review below, with an in-depth breakdown of all four pieces and why they really are worth the hype.

An honest review of everything in the Caraway Cookware Set

Caraway, Saute Pan & Lid — $135

Okay, this pan is just so freakin’ good. It’s by far my favorite piece in the whole cookware set, mostly because I can use it for everything. Literally, everything—from searing scallops and juicy tuna steaks, to steaming veggies and slow-stirring delicious risottos, the pan can handle it all.

It’s the largest in the set, measuring out at 11.8-inches in diameter, or enough to hold 4.8 quarts of food. Space aside, what’s most impressive is how well it cleans. The internet is right—it washes so easily. Even the toughest most stuck-on grease slides off in seconds. Fun fact: the set was delivered while I was on vacation with my boyfriend’s family and for weeks all we could talk about was how easily the pan cleaned up, even after sitting greasy and sticky overnight. There’s no soaking necessary and it’s dishwasher safe, so just pop it in the dishwasher and watch it come out squeaky clean every time.

If you don’t buy the whole set, at least buy this pan. I promise, it won’t leave your stovetop. 

Caraway Fry Pan — $95

Since I received the gray set, I was worried that it would eventually leave ugly, black char marks over use. All of my other nonstick pans have gotten charred and burnt over time, and the grey is such a light color, I was sure this would be no different. So, when my boyfriend accidentally left the burner on for an hour with our brand new pan on it (*face palm*) I was convinced it was a goner.

To our surprise, the thing came out completely unscathed. We rinsed it under water and washed it off with some dish soap and the damn thing looked like it just came out of the box. That’s when I knew Caraway’s stuff was really serious. Now, grant it, this was just one time—will the frying pan show char marks after months and months of use? Hard to say. But it is a hardy little dish and, if you’re one to cook with a lot of heat (or occasionally forget to turn the burner off…) this frying pan might be the pan for you.

Caraway Dutch Oven & Lid — $125

This is my second favorite piece in the Caraway cookware set because it proves you don’t need to break the bank with an expensive French brand.

At 6.5-quarts, it’s roomy enough to hold hardy stews, layered casseroles, homemade loaves of bread, dreamy desserts—whatever it is you want to whip-up, the Caraway Dutch oven has got you covered. I’ve used Dutch ovens in the past that don’t allow for the best consistency—things will end up undercooked or get mushy fast if the lids left on too long. I’ve also used Dutch ovens that are just so freakin’ heavy. Like, impossible to lift, especially come serving time.

Happy to report that this is not that Dutch oven. Cooking wise, it’s reliable, cooking or steaming food evenly from dish to dish. It’s also lighter than other Dutch ovens I’ve used. Now, it is just over 6 pounds, so it’s not exactly light as a feather when it’s filled with food. But compared to other cast iron models that leave you feeling like you just left the gym? It’s considerably lighter.

Caraway Sauce Pan & Lid — $105

Last but definitely not least is the saucepan. Now, as someone who loves soups, sauces, and all-things messy, I know how hard it is to keep a saucepan clean. Once again, this pan did not disappoint.

Like everything else in the set, it’s coated with that nontoxic coating that makes clean-up magical. Whether you’re heating up tomato soup, simmering a creamy Alfredo sauce, or making mac and cheese, the thing doesn’t stay dirty. Unless you really leave something to sit for days at a time (no judgement!), there’s no soaking involved. Give it a rinse after you or pop it in the dishwasher for the next go-round.

Confirmed by review: Caraway cookware is that good

Believe the hype. Caraway cookware set is worth every penny. I’ve seared with it, sautéed with it, roasted with it, baked with it, braised with it, cleaned it, and even tried to burn it to a crisp, and it has yet to let me down. For less than $400, it’s high-quality cookware that is ridiculously easy to clean. With Caraway, you’ll never mind doing a dish again, and you definitely won’t mind whipping them up either.

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