Clever Pantry Storage Ideas You’ll Want to Try


Smart pantry storage ideas that help you organize your whole pantry. Clever pantry organization ideas that will make the most of your space.

pantry storage ideas to try

Looking for pantry storage ideas?

There are so many creative pantry storage solutions on the market today.

A lot of the new pantry organization products solve specific food storage problems, or they’re designed to help you maximize your space. 

Check out some of the storage solutions below, and find new ways to organize your pantry area.

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Pantry Storage Ideas 

pantry storage

  1. Stackable Can Racks | If you buy canned soups, beans, vegetables, etc, try these stackable racks. They are great to put your canned goods in to keep them in one spot and easy to grab. 
  2. Behind The Door Cabidor | Need a little extra space? Here is a great way to maximize every inch of your pantry. If you can fit this into your pantry, or kitchen, give it a go. 
  3. Metal Baskets | Here is a 2 tier metal basket that is great for you to use to store spices, snacks, and other items that are small and you want to keep contained. 
  4. Airtight Containers | Place pasta, oats, cereal, sugar, flour, and more in these airtight containers. A great way to get rid of boxes and bags, and ensure your food doesn’t go stale. 
  5. Plastic Storage Bins | Here is one that is great to have. They are clear so items you place in these bins you can see right through. Great for tossing in snacks, packets of say gravy or taco seasoning, and more. pantry essentials
  6. Lazy Susan | If you are using an area that is tight, here is a great item. Lazy Susans have been around forever and with a little spin you can really maximize a small space. 
  7. Over the Door Holder | If you store cutting boards, pans, or other items in your pantry utilize an over the door hanger. These are great to really give yourself a bit more space if you are working with a small area. 
  8. Beverage Dispenser | Here is a great way to store your pop instead of using the cardboard boxes they come in. It free’s up space and allows for an easy grab and enjoy drink. 
  9. Bamboo Storage Bins | A bamboo bin is great for storing fresh produce, and more. You can easily wipe it out if you need to clean it up, then dry it off with a towel. 
  10. Lid Container | Nothing is worse than losing all your storage container lids. Here is a great way to store your lids in an organized way. Plus it takes up minimal space. 

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More Pantry Organization Ideas

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clever pantry storage ideas you'll want to try

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