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Shop this image: No. 1 Kids Dinner Set // No. 2 Large Mixing Bowl and Colander // No. 3 Composter // No. 4 Mini Kitchen Tools Set // No. 5 Ceramic Mug // No. 6 Measuring Spoons // No. 7 Striped Kitchen Towels // No. 8 Pink Marble Salt and Pepper Holder // No. 9 7-Piece Nesting Bowls // No. 10 Large Nonstick Skillet // No. 11 Blush Linen Napkin Set // No. 12 Pink Marble + Wood Serving Spoons // No. 13 Patio to Table Planter Tool Set // No. 14 Juicer // No. 15 Kids’ Home Baking Set // No. 16 Be Your Own Barista Kit // No. 17 Dinosaur Kingdom Cupcake Kit // No. 18 Sushi Sidewalk Chalk // No. 19 Store & Go Container // No. 20 Measuring Cup Set // No. 21 Signature Ruffle Pie Dish // No. 22 Slice Solutions Brownie Pan

Ahh you guys!! Thank you thank you for all of your support around Olive Lane. It makes me so happy to see your orders, to picture these pieces in your home, to see your kids eating on our plates and just bringing joy into your home and your kitchen with the items we are carrying. As a mom, I’ve learned just how special the kitchen is in a home. It’s the heartbeat, it’s where we start and end our days, it’s where we gather and chat and celebrate. I started to realize the value and love that oozes from our kitchen and wanted that feeling to be transported to all of your homes.

Over the years, recipes have been one of my most requested content topics on HAF. I don’t necessarily create my own recipes, but I enjoy cooking for my family and have found my own sense of joy and my own little sanctuary in the kitchen. As a parent, we have a duty to teach our kids to have a healthy relationship with food. To encourage them to be adventurous, to introduce healthy options, to taste and try and figure out their likes and dislikes. Olive Lane was created with the idea that cooking as a family should be fun. It should be a celebration on a random Tuesday, getting messy to eat the cake, surrounding yourself with pretty things that get you excited to entertain. It’s my kitchen on the internet where you can pony up to my island with a glass of wine and cook dinner with me. It’s a place for you to get inspired to cook for your kids, to rediscover that excitement for filling their bellies with love.

I am so proud of the products we are selling (and so many amazing brands to come – eek!!) and thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites on the site right now!

Kids Dinner Set has been our top seller so far! I love how clean and beautiful the ‘storm’ color looks on a table. Modern, sleek, sophisticated and it makes your food POP.

Large Mixing Bowl and Colander. I don’t know how I ever lived without this simple combination. Perfect for washing lettuce, mixing up a pasta dish, draining steamed veggies, washing fruit and so much more. I reach for this combo many times a day and it comes in two sizes!

Mini Kitchen Tools Set. Every family needs this in their kitchen! The cutest mini tool set for your kiddos to help in the kitchen! I ordered this for my boys, too!

Measuring Spoons – measuring utensils that actually store well!! These are sleek and can easily fit in your drawer.

7-Piece Nesting Bowls ARE AMAZING. The quality of these bowls is out of this world plus they come with every single size you could possibly dream of needing. Made of biodegradable bamboo fiber and super durable. Comes in 2 colorways!

Pink Marble Salt and Pepper Holder. I just ordered this for my own kitchen and it makes me so happy! The marble colors are so gorgeous. It is the perfect centerpiece to our stove but would look elegant on a table setting.

Be Your Own Barista Kit. The perfect gift for coffee lovers everywhere. I already plan to give this to my siblings for Christmas. The most delicious pour over coffee from the comfort of your home + comes with the prettiest kettle and ceramic mug. Fellow coffee snobs rejoice!

Slice Solutions Brownie Pan. A brownie pan where every square has those crispy edges with the gooey center. Need I say more?

Large Nonstick Skillet. Abbio is a brand that I’m so proud to carry! Their pans are AMAZING and even better, an amazing price point. You can get their entire set, which is 5 essential pots + pans, for $355. STEAL OF A DEAL.

Signature Ruffle Pie Dish. The ruffle bakeware from Coton Colors has been a TOP SELLER. The ruffle loaf pan is perfect for banana bread, meatloaf, pumpkin bread and more. The ruffle casserole dish is perfect for lasagna, enchiladas, chicken pot pie and so much more. The ruffle pie dish is a must have in anyone’s kitchen. The prettiest centerpieces for any table.

Twee Chalk. Beautiful chalk shaped like food – could there be anything cuter?

Store & Go Container. The best containers for busy families on the go! The silicone lid is spill free and mess free and THE BEST. This comes in 2 sizes and we use for snacks and refrigerator storage, too.

So much more you guys!! What are you adding to your kitchen?

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