Dewalt Customizable ToughCase with Impact Bit Refill Packs


Dewalt ToughCase with FlexTorq Screwdriver Bit Set

Dewalt recently launched new customizable ToughCase accessory case options.

I recently posted about Milwaukee Tool’s all-new Packout-compatible accessory cases, which will include the option to buy empty cases and insertable screwdriver bit rails.

Dewalt’s approach is taking a different approach.

Dewalt ToughCase in Black Open and Empty

Let me rephrase the opening statement, as almost all modern Dewalt ToughCases are customizable. For the first time, you can now buy an empty small-size Dewalt ToughCase, in black with a clear lid.

Before now, only the medium ToughCase ($7 at Amazon) has been sold by itself with only adjustable dividers.

This ToughCase looks to fit the same insertable rails that are included in the brand’s existing screwdriver bit assortments.

Dewalt ToughCase Build Your Own Screwdriver Bit Set Assortments

However, it doesn’t look like empty rails are available at this time.

At the time of this posting, there are 4 different “build your own” FlexTorq impact-rated screwdriver bit set options.

Each option comes with a different assortment of bits, ranging from 19 to 31 pieces. Three of the loadout options come with 3 or 4 bit rails, and one comes with a bit box and bit holder.

If the ToughCase is identical to the clear-lid yellow ToughCase that comes with different bit assortments, it should be able to fit two sets of the custom bit loadout options.

It’s good to have more options!

Price: ~$7 for the ToughCase, ~$14 to $20 for the “build your own” refill packs


Personally, I buy bit sets and swap rails and components around. While building out my own ToughCase might be convenient, I find it’s cost-effectiveness enough for me to buy off-the-shelf assortments that I then customize to my needs or wants.

What I mean is this – I can buy a Dewalt Maxfit 30pc bit set right now, with 3x wider-spaced power bit rails and 2x insert bit rails for $9.97 at Home Depot as part of their holiday deals.

I can remove the bits I am less likely to use (such as slotted), and replace them with refills from bulk packs.

Bosch launched a customizable bit case system a few years ago, and I have yet to buy a single product from that line. What I did do, however, was purchase bit sets that included the same products, and I customized them just a little bit to suit my preferences.

Is anyone piecing together their own Bosch bit set? Why, when it’s more economical to start with a 40pc bit set in a custom case for $15 at Lowe’s for the holidays? On Amazon, empty cases start at $5.39, a small bit box is $3.29, a row of 8 insert bits is $7.69, a bit holder is $4.99, and at this point the 40pc set is already the better approach.

Milwaukee – I believe – is the first power tool accessory brand to launch empty boxes and empty bit rail inserts. It will be interesting to see how that goes.

If Dewalt also starts selling empty bit rails, that would definitely increase the appeal. I want to be able to take bulk packs of Phillips #2, Torx T20, T25, and T30 bits, and load them into an empty ToughCase equipped with empty rails.

Each Lowe’s store near me has a couple of dozen Dewalt 30pc ToughGrip bit sets still in stock at $9.98 each, and the Home Depot stores near me all many dozens and even hundreds of Dewalt MaxFit bit sets still in stock at $9.97 each (also available with free shipping).

Right now, buying and parting out bit assortments is still the most economical way to do this, regardless of brand.

That said, I’m still glad to see Dewalt give this a try, even if only with one size of empty ToughCase and a couple of refill options.

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