Dewalt ToughSystem 2.0 Tool Bag – First Look



I came across preorder listings for the new Dewalt ToughSystem 2.0 jobsite tool bag, model DWST08350.

As with other Dewalt ToughSystem storage products, the tool bag will stack and lock onto the tops of ToughSystem or ToughSystem 2.0 tool boxes and accessories.

From the specs, the tool bag measures 22″ long x 15″ wide x 13-1/8″ tall.

On the outside of the tool bag, there are tool pockets, daisy chain webbing loops, metal D-rings (for a shoulder strap and accessories), and what looks to be a tape measure belt clip mount.

There are main handles, and what look to be side-grabbable handles as well, such as for pulling the bag off a shelf. It seems the grab-handles can double as a level holder.


The side and front panels open deeply to reveal more storage pockets.


There’s a lot going on here. There’s a zippered compartment in the top lid, with what looks to be a reinforced clear window panel to help you remember what you’ve got in there.


There are more tool pockets on the inside, including what looks to be a cordless drill/driver pocket. You also of course get a large main storage space.


There are bungee cords and a button lock on the top, for cinching down tools or equipment.

Key Features & Specs

  • ToughSystem-compatible
  • 1680D fabric construction
  • Bottom is waterproof to 1.5″
  • 77 lbs total load capacity
  • Over 50 pockets
  • All-around accessibility
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Daisy chain
  • Level holder

Price: $110
ETA: TBA, Available for Preorder


Milwaukee’s Packout tool storage system has had tool tote bags from the start, and they later added covered tool bags in 15″ and 20″ sizes.

It looks like Dewalt took their time and made something completely different.

The new Dewalt ToughSystem tool bag looks almost like a construction jobsite-friendly Veto Pro Pac bag.

It’s hard to fairly judge tool storage products from images alone, but I find myself quite optimistic and impressed with the direction Dewalt went in here.

There is an abundance of storage options here, with all of the pockets, pouches, loops, rings, straps, handles, and zippered compartments well-thought-out.

This looks to be a tool bag you don’t necessarily need to use with other ToughSystem tool boxes or accessories.

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