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A washing machine is one of the most essential appliances you can get for your home, allowing you to keep your clothing fresh and clean without making costly trips to a laundromat. There are plenty of premium models with bells and whistles like WiFi and smart technology, but sometimes, all you want is a good, reliable machine that has advanced features to ensure a sufficient, and customized clean. The Insignia 2.7 cubic foot high-efficiency compact front load washer fits the bill, and is affordable, to boot.

Design of the Insignia high-efficiency compact front load washer

side profile of the Insignia washer

Finished in traditional white, the Insignia compact front load washer, model number NS-FWM27W1, is the perfect replacement machine if you’re looking to upgrade from your old or broken machine, or the machine that came in your new home. Measuring 59.51 x 84.98 x 54.49cm in width, height, and depth, respectively (23.43 x 33.46 x 23.03 inches) it comes with everything you need to get set up, including a water hose, transport hose, plugs, hose holder, and user guide.

Door open on the Insignia washer

As noted in the name, it’s a front load design, which means you have to bend down or over to add and remove clothing, which is not a bad thing for able-bodied individuals. The interior is an ample 2.7 cubic feet in size, which is more than enough to accommodate a large family. When purchasing a dryer, there’s a matching option, or opt for any model that’s about twice the drum size. The washer is stackable as well, though you’ll need an optional kit if you want to set it up this way with a companion dryer.

Insignia washer top panel

The washer is easy to operate with the LED screen and knob cycle selector for choosing the perfect cycle for the clothing or linens you have inside (more on this later).

The cleaning power of this high-efficiency compact front load washer

The Insignia front load washer has an impressive 16 wash cycles, including an Express Cycle and a 20-minute Quick Wash for times when you’re in a hurry. Having just been introduced to this feature in my new washing machine, I can attest to how much it comes in handy. I have, on more than one occasion, forgotten to wash my son’s softball or Taekwondo uniform and was able to toss them in with a few other odds and ends for a quick wash right before the game or class. I also used this feature to wash my son’s face masks for summer camp so I could use gentle detergent and let them air dry overnight – no hand washing needed!

Inside drum of the Insignia washer

There are five temperature levels and five speed options. The buttons let you select wash cycle as well as temperature and even soil level; there’s also a delay function so you can set the machine to start during off-peak hours if your local electricity company has these reduced fee times. With noise reduction, however, you don’t need to worry about the machine being loud and keeping everyone awake at night, which might be a particular concern for those who do laundry in the evenings and the machine is upstairs.

The machine has a max spin speed of 1,300 rpm, which ensures that water is sufficiently removed from clothing to help reduce drying time. For busy families that do multiple loads every week, as well as if you have delicates you like to hang to dry (I do this for my workout clothes and cotton shirts), this is a lifesaver.

Automatic water level controls come in handy, only filling the machine with the amount of water necessary for a particular load, so you won’t have to wait for more water than needed when you’re just doing a small load. An insert heater also ensures you get water that will be hot enough for even the heaviest soils and the brightest whites.

There aren’t any smart features, but while these are handy to have, they shouldn’t be deal-breakers. As someone with a smart washer and dryer who still hasn’t connected them to Wi-Fi, I find that while I will do it eventually, I’m not missing out terribly by not having this feature either.

Other features worth noting about the Insignia washer

Insignia washer with the door open

I love that this machine has an auto lock lid so it won’t open when the motor is on, nor until the temperature goes below 140°F and the water level is under the bottom of the seal to avoid any unfortunate mishaps. It also has a child lock, which is a feature parents of toddlers and curious young children will appreciate.

You won’t need any additional accessories to set this up, and Best Buy offers both delivery and a concierge call from an Appliance Delivery Specialist within 24 hours of purchase to help you through the process and appointment and discuss options for installation and/or recycling of your old appliance if desired.

Anyone who is energy conscious, both for environmental and cost reasons, will like that this machine does indeed meet Energy Star certification, which means it will save on energy usage and is eco-friendly.

Should you get the Insignia high efficiency compact front load washer?

Insignia washer angled left

First, of course, check the dimensions based on your space and how you want to set it up (stacked or not) including relative to the dryer you’ll be using with this one (as with any set, it makes sense to opt for the matching dryer model) to make sure it will fit. Assuming it does fit in your space, this compact washer is a great option with a capacity large enough to handle the washing needs of large families, and those who do frequent loads for kids, babies, or fitness gear.

Of those who have previously purchased this washer from Best Buy, they rate it 4.1 stars with 89% recommending it to others. They advise to simply make sure nothing is caught in the door before closing and running a cycle and love the numerous cycles so there’s a customized wash for just about any load. It gets high marks for quality, value, and ease of use.

Bottom line: if you’re looking for a basic washer that can get the job done and don’t care about the fancy bells and whistles like Wi-Fi connectivity, this is a washing machine worth considering. It has more than a dozen wash cycles so you can ensure you get the best clean possible for each load, and the Quick Wash cycle combined with the reduced drying time thanks to the powerful spin speed will be a dream for busy families or individuals. The fact that it’s Energy Star certified is icing on the cake.

Check out the Insignia 2.7 cubic foot high efficiency compact front load washer at Best Buy Online.

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