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Why fiddle with a manual can openers when electric can openers exist? (The endless cranking is strenuous on hands and wrists, yielding lackluster results, and jagged edges.) These hands-free automatic devices take the work out of unsealing your canned goods. Whether you're looking to open a can of broth for your chicken soup or add diced tomatoes to your salsa, these speedy devices take the struggle out of food prep. To add this essential item to your kitchen counter, we've selected the best options available.

Streamlined must-have

Cuisinart deluxe electric can opener

Staff Pick

Don't rifle through your junk drawer to find your manual can opener. Instead, put this electric model on your countertop to assist with your can needs. This easy design secures cans and slices through the metal top with a single push. The magnetic holder even separates lids for easy removal. The can opener is activated by a lever, the power cut blade, and a motor system combining to slice tough metal. Choose from several available color options to snag this cooking assistant.

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Proctor Silex electric automatic can opener

No can will stand in the way of your next dish with this easy-to-use opener. You'll easily open everything from beans to olives, with its simple lever-activated design. With one effortless push, the blades automatically cut cans open. When the can is done making its rounds, the can opener automatically shuts off. Sometimes cooking can be messy, so if this machine has a little food residue, it's not a problem. The cutting lever is removable for easy cleanup. Aside from opening cans, this handy little machine also features a knife sharpener.

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Multiple colors

AmazonBasics electric can opener

Yes, you can open cans with this petite electric opener by AmazonBasics. This stylish design automatically opens any standard-size can with ease. It has a strong stainless steel blade that seamlessly slices without resistance and a magnetic holder to retain removed lids. This can opener also features other conveniences like an automatic stop and a secure non-slip base.

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BALYWOOD touch and go can opener

Looking for an automatic can opener with a smaller footprint? This low-profile battery-operated design offers the same results as a traditional electric can opener without the need for counter space. It latches on to nearly every size can, and with one button push, slices away the lid. The handy built-in magnet also retains the removed lid. This can opener has a compact, oblong design that stores neatly in a drawer, leaving space on your counters for other things.

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Jars too

Hamilton Beach Open Ease automatic jar opener

Don't neglect your jars either! Cans aren't the only goods that are difficult to open, jars need a little extra work, too. There's nothing worse than trying to get into jar pickles or sauce when you're hungry, and the lid won't give. You can remove the stress of strong seals with this automatic, battery-operated jar opener. It simply grips and frees lids with a simple button push. This must-have gadget also stores easily; simply stash it wherever you have room.

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Can do

Give your hands a rest; alleviate meal prep stress and strain with an electric can opener. Who needs all that cranking with a manual model anyway? Electric can openers automatically slice away lids with just one push. It doesn't get easier. That's why our staff pick is the Cuisinart deluxe electric can opener. This device secures your cans and slices through with one easy lever press. The sharp power cut blade and the motor system does all the work, removing the lid as the can rotates. For convenience, the magnetic holder retains the separated lid.

If you don't want another countertop appliance, but you want the ease of an automatic opener, BALYWOOD touch and go can opener is a great choice. This battery-powered device has all the benefits of a countertop option with a smaller profile. Its compact design sweeps across any can, slicing away lids with its one-push design. It also features a handy lid-keeping magnet to make removal streamlined and easy. When all cans are open, this design stows easily in a drawer or cupboard.

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