How to Reuse Tin Cans in Ease


Do you have a ton of tin cans in your home? Don’t be in a hurry to throw it away. Even though tin cans don’t look aesthetic but with a touch of creativity, these items can complement your home decor. You can reuse it for something more interesting and useful. Tin cans are very versatile and can be used for many things. There are many ideas for using tin cans easily. You can reuse tin cans in ease by dressing them up. There are many ideas online for how to decorate tin cans, but most of them involve a few simple steps. First, you can paint the tin cans and use them to store your favorite items. Besides being used for storage, tin cans can also be used as flower vases. You can add trinkets to the surface of the tin can to make it more attractive. If you don’t have a unique lantern idea yet, you can take some tin cans and create them to become a luminary lantern. Sometimes thinking out of the box is needed to create beautiful creations. Reuse your tin can as a lampshade, wine rack, wreath, wind chime or candle holder. Actually, there are many more ways to reuse tin cans. The important is how you update it and dress it up as beautiful and attractive as possible. Below are some ideas on how to reuse tin cans more functional and aesthetic. Have a nice to try.

How to reuse tin cans in ease1

Some of the tin cans in your home can be used for decorating your home. Look at this colorful canned wind chime that looks beautiful, you can try it yourself without having to buy it. Complete the look with colorful beads that are applied to a white string of thread. Hang these beads together with a spoon and fork to make them stronger when exposed to the wind. Apply these wind chimes outdoors or rather on your porch decoration. Colorful canned wind chimes from diyncrafts.


Paint and redesign your old cans to make DIY drums for your kids. This drum toy is very safe for children so it is highly recommended to try it. The tutorial is very easy, you just apply the drum material on the top surface and bottom surface of the can using a rope that is quite sturdy. Don’t forget to use three different patterns on each of these cans for a more fun and varied look. The white pom-poms that are placed right in front of this DIY drum give a more beautiful and soft look when they are used as home decorations. You can try to make this drum toy to save expenses. DIY drum cans from experthometips.


If you have a small budget when buying a luxury wine rack, then you should make your own with materials you have in your home. Cans are one of the materials that you can use properly and optimally. Now you can also arrange the cans according to your wishes. Cut these cans to one size to make them easier to put together into a cheap and on-budget DIY wine rack. Before being put together, you can repaint for a cleaner look and become a visual attraction that is placed in your kitchen decor. DIY wine rack from experthometips.


So that the countertop decoration in your kitchen looks neater and less messy, then you can make a storage container for cutlery such as forks and spoons. Currently you can make this storage with cans that are quite sturdy and can accommodate more spoons to be stored. Do a repaint on this storage can to minimize rust and easily porous. The last idea you can do is add a writing label to make it easier for other guests or families when they will take this cutlery. Cutlery storage from diyncrafts.


Cover the outside of the can with several different patterns of fabric. With this, the can is ready to be used as a home decoration in any style, including modern or minimalist decorations. For the size of the can that is quite high, you can use it as a vase of white flowers that are blooming. Look at this vase, doesn’t it look more beautiful and adorable? The touch of gold on this decoration can makes it look more luxurious and colorful. The touch of pink fabric gives a feminine impression that is suitable for application in your daughter’s bedroom. Canned vase with fabric lining from diyncrafts.


So that your cans are more useful and do not become waste in your home. Then you can reuse it to organize some of your stationery neatly and orderly. Currently you can use each can for one stationery storage only, do not mix pencils and pens to make it more efficient. Furthermore, for a sweet final look, you can repaint this can with a combination of white and gold to make it more attractive. The gold color itself gives a shiny impression when exposed to the reflection of the sun or the lights around it. Use cans of different sizes to make it look more varied. Stationery organization cans from diyncrafts.


So that your plastic bags are not scattered everywhere, you can use used cans as storage containers that can be easily found around your house. For a cleaner and more attractive appearance of the can, you can repaint it with white. Don’t forget to add the words bags so that everyone in your house knows the contents of this can. Add a lid on top of the can to make it easier for you when taking the crackle bag that will be used. Try these easy and inexpensive can storage ideas. Bags tin can storage from theorganisedhousewife.


You need a cheap and easy to make children’s toy? What you can try is to use your used cans as bowling toys that can be used outdoors or in your backyard garden. You can use a plastic ball as a combination of this game to make it safer for your child because there are no sharp objects at all. So that bowling cans don’t look boring, you can first paint them with bright colors like blue, yellow, orange, purple and pink. Arrange these cans vertically to make it easier for your child to play. Colorful tin can bowling from theorganisedhousewife.


Candle tins are a great idea to perfect your home decor. The appearance of this canned candle will look more beautiful and elegant if it is covered with floral paper that can be applied using adhesive glue. This flower candle holder is a room decoration idea as well as a lighting idea that can provide a dramatic light into the room. The light source produced from this candle provides a warm feel that is suitable for use when the temperature in the room feels cold. Apply this candle holder in the same area along with the other storage cans. Tin canned floral candles from theorganisedhousewife.


At night, of course, your garden decoration requires dramatic lighting. Pour this lighting into the use of used tin lanterns that can be patterned according to your choice and taste. Currently you can punch holes in the can using nails so that it becomes the area for the light to come out of the lamp that is applied in it. Choose and use yellow lighting for a warmer environment. Don’t forget to add an arch as a holder so you can move it to any area so your hands don’t feel hot. Tin can lanterns from homesthetics.


If you are going to use old cans to wrap gifts for your friends, then it’s a good idea to wash them first so they are cleaner and shiny. What you can do is wrap this can with patterned paper that can be attached using a fairly strong adhesive glue. Use gift wrap with the appropriate theme, for example, when you are going to give this gift at Christmas, you can also use a matching theme. This can is one of the DIY packaging that is full of high creativity, you can design it according to your taste. Tin can gifts from homesthetics.


In order for your kitchen decoration to be more neat and orderly, you can use your old rusty can as an organizational pantry that can be placed on a floating shelf neatly and orderly. The existence of these pantry cans gives a more comfortable appearance. There’s no need to repaint this part of the can for a vintage look that never goes out of style. Use more of these cans for more storage ideas too. Apply this floating shelf on the empty wall so that it can be used better, you can try it now. Pantry organization with cans from homesthetics.


Used cans here can be used for more than one function, for example, you can use them as photo frames as well as flower vases that can be used as beautiful home decorations. Before you apply the photo on this can, you can coat the outer surface with white lace. You can apply and choose white flowers that are blooming so they look prettier and can also be used as a good gift idea. Use this tin flower vase more than one so that it can be made as a pretty beautiful room statement. Flower vase and photo frame from homesthetics.


Another option for using your used tin can is to reuse them as lampshade designs. Let these cans live up to the original for an industrial feel that never goes out of style. This lampshade is usually placed on your work table to provide sufficient lighting according to your needs. In addition, the advantage of this table lamp is that the lighting can be adjusted. Avoid touching this part of the can when the light has been on for a long time so you don’t get hurt or burn your hands. Tin can lampshade from homesthetics.


Do you have enough tin cans? If you have it, you can reuse it as a DIY wreath design that can be applied indoors or outdoors. Before this can is made as a wreath, you can paint it and give it a little painting for a more beautiful and attention-grabbing look. Painting ladybugs may look cute to apply to your can. Choose and use red and white paint to make it look more bold and can be used as a focal point for decoration that can be enjoyed by anyone who sees it. Hang this wreath on the wooden fence using the nails that have been installed. DIY tin canned wreath from homesthetics.

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