How to Reuse Your Mason Jars in Useful Ways


Do you have a large number of unused mason jars? And are you confused about what to do with your old stuff? Don’t worry, there are many ways to reuse your old mason jar in useful ways. As well known, mason jars are versatile items that can be used as functional or decorative items. Repurposing mason jars offers a range of benefits. And since mason jars can be used over, you can reuse them for a variety of other purposes. Not only do they add a charming rustic touch to your home, but you are also helping the environment by recycling them. First of all, you can repurpose your mason jars to use as storage. Using them to store spices and other kitchen ingredients will save you money and clutter. You can also reuse them as cosmetic containers by attaching a pump. If you don’t have a vase to display your flowers, you can take your mason jars. The mason jars also can be used as a candle holder. All you have to do is just dressing up the surface of the mason jar with other materials, such as burlap, glitters, lace, crochets, or seasonal items. As a decorative items, you can paint the mason jars with interesting colors and many other ideas you can find. Here are a few ideas on how to reuse your mason jars in useful ways.

How to reuse your mason jars in useful ways1


This jar material is an excellent choice for maximum reuse. When you have creativity that is stylish enough, then turn your old jar into a chandelier that can be used as DIY lighting in your home easily. Make the most of this unique jar idea to save even more of your budget. The more mason jar lighting that is used, the brighter your room will be, you can try it now. Hang this mason jar with an iron that is sturdy enough so that it is not easily damaged when used for a long period of time. DIY mason jar lighting from homesthetics.


Instead of using a glass with a mason jar as a drink container that can be used easily. It’s a good idea before using this mason jar drink you wash it first until it’s clean. Decorate the surface of this mason jar with a variety of stickers and different colors for a funnier and colorful look. It’s not enough to stop here, the lid of the mason jar can also be equipped with a small hole that can be used to apply a straw so that it is easier for you to drink it. This jar can be found in your kitchen without having to buy it again. Mason jar drink from homesthetics.


Do you want the countertop decoration in your kitchen to still look clean and uncluttered? If so, then you can use some old mason jars as storage ideas for cooking utensils such as spatulas, tongs and cake beaters. Repaint this mason jar storage with a variety of different colors to make it appear more colorful and not look shabby. Add a writing sticker on the outside of this jar to make it easier for you when looking for cooking utensils that are used quickly. Place this mason jar utensils holder next to your stove so that it has a more efficient and effective distance when it will be used for cooking. Mason jar utensils holder from homesthetics.


Avoid storing food in the kitchen along with the packaging, you can pour it into a container that you have in your home. Dry food that is in your kitchen should be put in a mason jar so that it is neatly arranged and easier to find when needed because it has a thick transparent glass material so it doesn’t break easily. Usually the dry foods that are put in this mason jar are dry corn, macaroni and spaghetti. Hang this mason jar storage under your kitchen cabinet to save more countertop surface area so you can move more freely. Mason jar dry food storage from homesthetics.


To prevent your handwashing soap from spilling easily, you can use your old mason jar instead of a soap dispenser that you can easily get in your home environment. This soap container is cheaper and is perfect for those of you who want to save on expenses. This DIY mason jar soap dispenser can be placed next to your sink, making it easier for you to wash your hands. To make it requires taking the time to personalize the jar so that it gets the maximum appearance according to your expectations. DIY mason jar soap dispenser from homesthetics.


A good way to make your children more orderly when storing stationery that has been used is to use a mason jar that is perfected with animal ornaments that can be applied to the lid of the jar. This jar storage idea makes it look more attractive. In each of these mason jars you can store pencils, scissors and pens in different containers for better organization. This mason jar stationery storage idea is easier to make according to your expectations, repaint the mason jar lid for a more festive and fun look. Mason jar stationery storage from homesthetics.


Glitter is one of the decorations that can be applied to the outer surface of the mason jar for a more luxurious and different look. After this mason jar is ready to use, then you can use it as an idea for storing makeup brushes so that they are not scattered everywhere and are easy to get back when needed. Make a hole in the lid of this mason jar so it can be used as DIY storage. This glitter accent has a purple color so it looks more colorful and doesn’t get boring easily. With this mason jar, the appearance of your dressing table is neater, comfortable and in accordance with what is expected. Glitter mason jar storage from homesthetics.


Besides being an adorable home decoration, a mason jar filled with several gifts can also be given to someone who is considered special. You can choose a mason jar with a size large enough to make it easier to put some of the gifts that will be given. The outer appearance of this mason jar will be more perfect when you add an interesting writing on paper. Apply this writing on the top of the mason jar by tying it using a patterned rope that has a combination of white and green so that it looks more textured and beautiful. You can try it when you have free time. Mason jar decorations from homesthetics.


Another option to reuse your old mason jar is to use it as a herb pot that can be painted before use. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also add accents of origami paper or crepe paper that is cut to your liking and then applied to the outer surface of the mason jar using a strong adhesive glue. Add an inscription using small black wood to distinguish herbaceous plants according to their type. Place this mason jar pot in the house that is often visited by your guests so that it can be used as decoration. Mason jar herb plant vase from homesthetics.


Choose and use a blue mason jar to make as a room decoration that can be used as a good focal point. It’s a good idea before placing it as a room decoration, you can wrap a lace cloth on the outer surface for a more perfect look. Choose and use lace fabric with white color to provide a beautiful color contrast and can blend in perfectly. This Mason jar has various functions that are very useful for decorating your home, so it is highly recommended that you try it more optimally when you have free time on the weekend. Mason jar decoration with lace from homesthetics.


Do you like beauty masks that are free from chemicals? If so, then you can make your own with environmentally friendly materials and put it in a mason jar to make it safer and avoid dirt. Close the mason jar again after using it. Isn’t it more practical and can be used as home decoration too? Garnish with candy cane and a little greenery for a more perfect look. Besides being able to be used alone too, this mason jar scrub can also be used as a gift for your closest friends. Mason jar scrub from cutediyprojects.


If you are going to reuse the mason jar as a flower vase in the house, then you should cover the outer surface with a yellow cloth for a more attractive appearance. After this vase is as expected, you can place it in any area of the house according to your needs. Try to put it in an area of the room that is often visited by guests and your family so that it can be used as a decoration as well as an ornament that can be exhibited at a low price but still looks attractive. Not only as a flower vase, but this mason jar vase can also be used to apply a series of green plants that grow lengthwise. Mason jar vase with fabric lining from cutediyprojects.


Complete your winter theme this year with a cup of hot chocolate served in a clean mason jar that you have at home. With this hot chocolate, your guests or family who come to the house have a drink that looks different from the others, this hot chocolate is also very suitable for someone who likes sweet taste. When this hot chocolate will be made as a gift, decorate it and cover the outside of the mason jar with snowflake accents and red and white rope. Mason jar hot chocolate is very practical to make and certainly has a very beautiful and thoughtful appearance. Mason jar hot chocolate from cutediyprojects.


Mason jars with a variety of different sizes can double because apart from being a storage idea, they can also be used for beautiful globes mason jars. To make this globes mason jar you can add some green twigs and red berries. This mason jar idea is perfect for those of you who like simple crafts. Usually these crafts are used to welcome Christmas or can also be used as decorations as well as ornaments that can be used for beautiful room exhibitions. You can try it easily with your family on the weekend. DIY globes mason jar from cutediyprojects.


This is not an ordinary photo frame that can be obtained easily. Maybe the costs incurred are only a little, what is needed here is a fairly high creativity. Use your old mason jar for DIY frame ideas that can be changed quickly and easily. If you want several photos that are used as home decorations with different sizes, then you can use a transparent mason jar with a variety of different sizes as well. Use mason jars from small to large. This mason jar photo frame idea can also be used as a gift for your friends. DIY framed photos from cutediyprojects.


Because these mason jars are equipped with tight lids, you can use them to store your favorite rainbow cake. Looks beautiful and can be eaten, this mason jar container will also efficiently maintain and maintain the taste of the cake that is inserted. Look at the appearance of this mason jar from the outside, doesn’t it look more colorful and add creativity to your kitchen at the same time. Add a fork on the outside of this mason jar to make it easier for you to eat the cake in the jar. You can try it for a new look in your kitchen. Rainbow cake container from cutediyprojects.


Reuse a transparent mason jar that is no longer used as a tulip vase that can be placed indoors. Decorate the outside of this DIY vase with white lace for a prettier look. So that this flower can continue to be fresh and blooming, you can fill this mason jar vase with clean water. Choose and use a mason jar with a size high enough to better accommodate your flower stalks. Get this mason jar in your kitchen and home environment easily and without having to buy it. This mason jar decoration idea is perfect for those of you who want to save on expenses. Mason jar tulip vase from apieceofrainbow.


Are you someone who likes a craft? If so, then you can make a decoration as well as an ornament with the main ingredient of a mason jar. Another material needed is folding paper with a variety of different colors to be cut and shaped into a face and fur accent that has a fairly large size. For facial accents, you can use doll eyes to make it look more clear and real. After this mason jar has appeared as expected, then you can put it in the children’s bedroom as a decoration as well as an inexpensive DIY room decoration. DIY crafts from apieceofrainbow.


Secure the needles and buttons of your clothes from children to avoid something that is not wanted. A small glass mason jar can be used for this. You can store buttons in a mason jar and then close them tightly. After that, cover the lid with a small pad that can be used to apply some of your needles so they don’t scatter everywhere. Use more than one mason jar organization according to the buttons and needles you have at home. Mason jar organization from apieceofrainbow.


The final idea of reusing mason jars is to turn them into a home decoration into a snowy mason jar that can be used as decoration in the winter. To beautify this snowy mason jar theme, you can hang pinecones, red berries and a little greenery as additional accents that you can get easily. Add a candle in it for lighting that can be used when your room starts to feel cold and dark. It’s not like this snowy mason jar does a lot more without spending a lot of money. Copy it well and maximally. Snowy mason jar from apieceofrainbow.

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