I can’t take the credit for this one as my 9 year old made it in school last year, but it’s just too good not to have on Science Sparks

I love that it’s more than just a circuit. One of my daughters made a long torch and the other a head torch. Both are made using a simple circuit with a paperclip switch.
What you need to make a DIY torch with a switch
Pringles tube and lid

Card cut into a cone shape with foil over the top

Small bulb


Battery holder with wires attached

1 more wire


2 split pins

Double sided tape
Carefully make two small holes in the side of the Pringles tube. These are for the split pins to go through and will form the switch.

Make sure you have a wire attached to each end of the battery holder and use double sided tape to attach the battery holder to the inside bottom or side of the Pringles tube.

Push the the end of one wire from the battery holder through one hole and secure with a split pin.

Take the spare wire and push one end of this through the second hole and secure with the second split pin.

The two wire ends left need to be attached to the bulb.

You should have a complete circuit apart from the gap between the split pins.

Place the paperclip over the split pin ends to check the bulb lights when the circuit is complete.

If it doesn’t work check for loose wires and try again.

Carefully make a hole through the centre of the card and foil cone and push the bulb through.

Cut the cone down to size so it fits tightly inside the top of the tube.

Place the Pringles lid on top to cover the bulb.
Small DIY torch
Carefully twist one end of the paperclip around the top split pin. You should be able to turn the bulb on and off by twisting the paperclip so it touches the second pin.

Decorate as you wish.

If you use a long Pringles tube make a door in the middle to attach your circuit.
DIY Torch made using a simple circuit
To make a head torch attach an elastic band around the Pringles tube.
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