LATTI Pots and Pans Cabinet Organizer and Kitchen Storage Rack – 8 Shelf Metal Cookware Holder with Adjustable Dividers – Organization for Frying Pan, Pot Lid, Cast Iron Skillet, Baking Dish


Enjoy versatile options for kitchen storage and organization with this 3-in-1 Pot and Pan Organizer from Latti. Intuitively designed for quick, tool-free setup in minutes, this adjustable organizer rack brings convenience, rhyme and reason to chaotic cupboards and cluttered cookware cabinets.


3-in-1 Organizer Rack
Adjustable Shelf Height
Heavy Duty Iron
Black Paint Resists Corrosion
No Tools Needed
Assembles in Minutes

We’ve all been there. Hunched and crouched, desperately digging through a dark cabinet to find a needle in a haystack – er – the right lid for your pan. They might as well be the same thing, right? We’re happy to announce that those days are over now. Don’t spend one more second in the dark, searching for yet another long-lost lid.

The Latti kitchen organizer is modular, adjustable and endlessly reconfigurable so you can fit up to 8 pots, pans, skillets, baking dishes, cookie sheets, griddles and even crock pots, pressure cookers and Dutch ovens!


Choose from one of three configurations based on your personal needs and space limitations:

1) Vertical on Both Sides
2) Vertical on One Side
3) Horizontal on One Side


With well-spaced metal shelves, you won’t risk scratching and damaging expensive pots and pans due to stacking and cramming them into a small space. Keep your lids clearly matched and stored where they belong.


1 x Main Frame
1 x Short Support
1 x Higher Support
6 x M-Type Dividers

Make life in the kitchen easier with the convenience and accessibility of the Latti 3-in-1 Pot and Pan Organizer.

Product Features

  • 3-IN-1 POT AND PAN ORGANIZER – Bring convenient organization and high-capacity storage to kitchens and pantries with this 3-in-1 pot and pan organizer rack. It can be used in three space-saving configurations: dual-sided, single-sided and upright rack.
  • HOLDS UP TO 8 POTS AND PANS – The rack lets you de-clutter and display pots and pans for easy visibility and accessibility. Heavy duty iron construction supports larger pots and smaller pans. Store frying pans, cast iron skillets, griddles, baking dishes and more.
  • FULLY HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE – This premium kitchen organizer is designed to be fully adjustable for any size pot or pan in your collection. Includes a main frame, six M-type dividers, one short support shelf and one high support shelf to stabilize the base.
  • EASY TOOL-FREE ASSEMBLY – Engineered for easy tool-free assembly in just minutes. It takes longer to dig through cupboards for matching lids and pots than it does to set up this 3-in-1 rack. Focus on making amazing meals instead of struggling to find the right pan!
  • KEEP YOUR KITCHEN ORGANIZED – Maximize your limited space and keep even the most cluttered cabinets, cupboards and countertops clear and organized. A U-shaped groove is perfect for safely storing lids along with the pots and pans they belong to.

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