Laura Prepon wants to make cooking less stressful with her new HSN cookware line


Laura Prepon wants to make cooking less stressful with her new HSN cookware line— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

You may know her as one of the stars of That '70s Show or Orange is the New Black, but apart from acting, Laura Prepon has another main passion: cooking. The actress, wife, and mother of two has made a name for herself in the culinary world thanks to her Youtube channel, which has amassed over 200,000 subscribers and led to a best-selling cookbook, and now, a line of cookware dubbed "PrepOn Kitchen," available exclusively at HSN.

Designed with efficiency and versatility in mind, the 8-piece collection features an assortment of cooking tools to help you cut back on time spent in the kitchen, in order to spend more time breaking bread with loved ones. When describing her main goal in creating the line, Prepon states, “I really have been dreaming about this line for many years. I love making homemade meals for my family and friends, but I also want to be present. I want to be there to enjoy it. All of my products are solution-based, geared toward making a cooking session easier and more fun. That’s the crux of my brand.”

She explains that growing up, her mom cooked tons of incredible meals, but was often too busy in the kitchen to sit down and savor the foods she made. Even as a young girl, Prepon thought, There’s got to be a better way. Now, as a busy mom and businesswoman, she finds that preparing meals in advance helps her juggle a jam-packed schedule. For her, this cookware's all about making cooking fun, easy, and enjoyable.

The collection, which launched on May 7, includes a prep board along with compostable bags, a 4-piece silicone cooking utensil set, a 12-inch frypan (with a lid!), an 8-inch Santoku knife, six silicone food lids, a chopper for finely dicing ingredients, and a set of four nesting food prep bowls. Most of the pieces come in Rosemary (green), although a few of the products are also available in either a Cornflower (blue) or Tomato (red). We haven't tested any products from the line yet, but for a full breakdown of the colorful lineup of kitchen tools, read on.

1. The prep board

Prep board
Credit: / Isabelle Kagan

No more running to the garbage to dump your food scraps.

Prepon describes her prep board as the "centerpiece" of her collection, which she created to solve one of the most annoying parts of meal prepping: the food scraps. “I came up with this because whenever I would prep meals, my cutting board would be overflowing with food scraps. By the end I'd have a tiny piece of real estate I’m trying to chop on... so I wanted something to make my meal prepping way more efficient," she explains.

The prep board is equipped with a unique stainless-steel handle and comes with 20 compostable bags, which attach onto the edge of the board. With a swipe of your knife, all the vegetable shavings go straight into the bag, keeping your workstation clean as you go. It also features non-slip feet to keep the board secure when chopping.

Get the PrepOn Kitchen Prep Board with Prep Bags from HSN for $34.95

2. The food prep bags

Compost bags
Credit: / Isabelle Kagan

These bags are compost-friendly.

Alongside the prep board, these compostable bags will help you keep your chopping area neat and tidy—and when attached to the board, make for super easy cleanup. Their PBAT resin material is BPI-certified 100% biodegradable and compostable, so they can go straight into your compost bin or garbage when you're finished prepping your ingredients. According to Prepon, the bags were made this way so that "depending on your lifestyle, if you compost or if you don’t, you can feel good about throwing this into your garbage or compost bin with your food scraps.”

Get the PrepOn Kitchen 100-count Food Prep Bags from HSN for $19.95

3. The Santoku knife

Credit: / Isabelle Kagan

This Santoku will stand out in your knife block.

Constructed from an ultra-durable German stainless steel, this 8-inch Santoku knife is destined to become one of your go-to tools in the kitchen. It features a wide blade to handle all sorts of fresh produce, a riveted handle for a controlled grip, and a Granton edge to help prevent food from sticking to the blade.

“I love the thickness of the Santoku blade, because you can scrape up everything you've chopped in one motion and dump it into a pan," says Prepon, adding that she "wanted the knife to feel current and modern but also have a beautiful aesthetic,” which she achieves with an all-over floral etching.

Get the PrepOn Kitchen 8" German Steel Santoku Knife from HSN for $29.95

4. The silicone food prep lids

Credit: / Isabelle Kagan

Never let that halved piece of fruit go to waste.

How many times have you used a piece of fruit, citrus, or onion, and watched sadly as the other half went to waste? It's time to put a stop to that. These ingenious silicone food lids serve as a more environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic wrap, forming an airtight seal around your leftovers to keep them fresh until the next time you use them. Prepon also recommends using them on "opened cans or ramekins," or even as little snack dishes for your kids, adding, "They're super versatile.” Available in a set of six ranging from XS to XXL, these sustainable lids may change the leftovers game.

Get the PrepOn Kitchen 6-piece Silicone Food Prep Lids from HSN for $19.95

5. The carbon steel frypan

Credit: / Isabelle Kagan

Say hello to carbon steel.

Never heard of “blue carbon steel”? It's actually a more lightweight alternative to cast iron, and is treated with a process known as “blue ironing," which helps prevent rust. While it does require seasoning, it's also meant to take on similar properties to nonstick pans, including quick-heating and cooking speed. "This pan does take a little bit of extra care—but it’s awesome for cooking steaks, golden brown chicken breasts, cornbread, fried rice, and paellas" reveals Prepon. She suggests seasoning it with canola oil.

Get the PrepOn Kitchen 12" Carbon Steel Frypan for $49.95

6. The prep and chop

Credit: HSN

Chopping veggies has never looked this easy.

"The secret to successful cooking is preparation," swears Prepon. And if there's one device in the collection that will make meal prep a breeze, it's the Prep and Chop. This handy tool comes with three interchangeable stainless steel blades for all your slicing and dicing needs, which attach to the top of an oven-friendly glass container (up to 750º F). Included is a silicone non-slip mat to prevent your container from sliding—and which can be used as a trivet after baking.

Get the PrepOn Kitchen Prep and Chop for $26.95

7. The 4-piece silicone tool set

Credit: / Isabelle Kagan

Upgrade your kitchen tools with this lovely set.

Spatulas and cooking spoons are total workhorses when cooking, so it's best to invest in a set that's durably crafted. This 4-piece assortment includes a turner, spoon, spatula, and fork, all made out of all dishwasher-safe silicone. They're bound to last much longer—and be easier to clean—than, say, wooden utensils, plus, they'll add a nice pop of color to your utensil holder.

Get the PrepOn Kitchen 4-piece Silicone Tool Set for $24.95

8. The 4-piece nesting food prep bowls


These nesting bowls are multi-use.

Nesting bowls are a must-have for any kitchen, but this isn't just your standard set. Thoughtfully designed with a pour spout, colander, and vented storage lid, these bowls are up to a variety of tasks, from rinsing veggies to pouring batter. Like everything else in the PrepOn line, "It’s all about streamlining the cooking process," says Prepon.

Get the PrepOn Kitchen 4-piece Nesting Food Prep Bowls with Colander for $34.96

Shop the PrepOn Kitchen Collection at HSN

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