New Woodpeckers Ultra Shear Parting Tool for Woodturning


Woodpeckers Ultra Shear Parting Tool in action

Parting tools are used in woodturning to separate or part finished work from base stock being held in a lathe chuck. Or, it might be used in other ways, such as to part a lid from a box.

Woodpeckers Ultra Shear parting tool uses a custom replaceable carbide insert to make narrow grooves that waste less material when parting.

The nano-grain carbide insert comes pre-ground with sharp edges and is replaceable by using a simple tool, so you can concentrate on turning rather than sharpening.

The insert is 0.0825 wide and the tool itself is 1/16 wide, slightly narrower than the insert, which means only the insert ever touches the wood.

The tool and insert use a special geometry to keep the insert seated in the tool. What this means is that the insert wont come out unless you use the tool to remove it.

Woodpeckers Ultra Shear Parting Tool insert closeup

There are two different types of carbide inserts available: a fluted insert that cuts on the edges first for really clean entry cuts, or a square insert for creating flat bottoms.

Woodpeckers Ultra Shear Parting Tool Square Carbide Insert

The thin blade of the tool is taller to make it stiffer, preventing it from bending or twisting when you are making the cut.

Woodpeckers Ultra Shear Parting Tool

The Ultra Shear parting tool comes with the fluted insert and the insert tool for $80. You can purchase a replacement fluted insert or a square insert for $20.

Price: $80 (tool) $20 (replacement insert)

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In their promo video, Woodpeckers claims that:

Theres a dimple in the holder that grips the insert firmly. It wont pop out in use like others on the market.

I wonder what others they are talking about

Easy Wood Tools Mid-Size Parting Tool
Easy Wood Tools Mid-Size Parting Tool Closeup

This Easy Wood Tool mid-size parting tool has been around for a while and it uses a grooves and pressure from the tool blade to keep the insert in place, but there is no dimple so the insert could theoretically side out the front.

Its $108-120 for the tool and the inserts are $15-20 each depending on the retailer.

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I havent used this tool, but Im honestly wondering how the insert could come out in use unless you accidentally twisted the tool. The more pressure you apply, the better the insert is held in place.

Still, Woodpeckers new parting tool looks like it might work as advertised, and its less expensive than other carbide insert parting tools already on the market (which isnt usually how it goes with Woodpeckers).

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