Shopping for a Fitness Fanatic? Here Are 20 of the Best Fitness Gift Ideas for Him, for Her, and for You


Theres never been an easier time to get in shape. Whether its through workout classes, mobile apps, wearables, or just getting out there and running, there are so many ways to stay fit. That also means that theres never been a better time to shop for the fitness fanatic in your life. With so much variety, it can be tough to choose the perfect gift, but dont worry were here to help.

Weve rounded up 12 of the best fitness-related gifts on the market. With quality construction and great reviews, theres bound to be something that makes the perfect gift for every active person on your list. Below, our top picks for the best fitness gifts for him, her, or anyone.

1.Fitbit Inspire HR Fitness Tracker

More accurate and dare we say, stylish than theyve ever been, fitness trackers are a great investment for anyone looking to get more insight into not only their day-to-day activities, but also their workouts, too. Fitbit continues to set the bar for mid-level fitness trackers, and their Inspire HR tracker has plenty of new features to get excited about. With an improved battery life (up to five days on a single charge), full 24/7 heart rate monitoring, automatic sleep tracking, and water resistance up to 50 meters, itll cover just about every workout imaginable with accurate, real-time data. A fitness lovers dream, its likely to inspire them (pun, unfortunately, intended) to push it to the limit.

fitbit hr inspire

Courtesy of Amazon

Buy: FitBit Inspire HR $68.99

2. State Bags Franklin Duffle

When it comes to gym duffle bags, sometimes less is more. Stripping out all the excess and focusing on the essentials is often the best approach. States Franklin Duffle bag is has clean lines but doesnt skimp on the features you actually need. A durable canvas outer can handle the rough and tumble of a commute, the interior has plenty of room for your workout clothes, and the bottom has a dedicated shoe compartment to keep them separate from everything else. Sleek, simple, and not fussy, itll be your recipients new best friend.

State Bags Franklin Duffle

Courtesy of State Bags

3. Gaiam Sol Yoga Mat

The most important part of buying a yoga mat is trying to find something that can not only withstand repeated, constant use, but something thats also got enough cushion and comfort to keep someone supported throughout the entirety of their practice. Thats where this mat, from Gaiam, comes in handy. Addressing both of those concerns, the Sol Dry-Grip mat has a thickness of 5mm to provide hands and feet plenty of support and grip where its needed. Additionally, if the mat is being used for hot yoga, the top layer of the mat actively helps to wick away moisture and actually gets a bit of stickiness to it once it starts to heat up. All in all, its a mat that will help deepen and expand a yoga practice so they can focus on what really mattersmindfulness during practice.

Gaiam Sol Yoga Mat

Courtesy of Amazon

Buy: Gaiam Sol Yoga Mat $52.49

4. Under Armour Tr96 Training Sneaker

More often than not, the key to getting into and sticking with an exercise plan is to make sure theres some variety. Not only is it the spice of life, but it keeps things interesting and engaging, which is key to building out or building on an existing workout plan. With this in mind, its key to find a shoe that can keep that same energy, supporting someone in a variety of different activities. Under Armours Tr96 sneaker is the answer to this lingering dilemma. The Tr96 has a mesh upper and overlays to help support any kind of sideways movement, the midsole has both support and flexibility when needed, and its all bound together in a lightweight package that wont feel like moving in concrete. Essentially a beefed-up training sneaker, this shoe will be a dependable and reliable partner for any routine.

under armour tr96 sneaker

Courtesy of Amazon

Buy: Under Armour Tr96 Sneaker $64.29

5. Vitamix E310 Blender

For any protein smoothy enthusiast, a Vitamix blender is like the Rolls Royce of blenders. A professional-grade blender, no amount of chunky powder or thick ice will be left standing when subjected to the machines 10-speed blending power, allowing users to refine their choices as they see fit. Plus, it self-cleans, saving a lot of time and hassle.

Vitamix E310 Blender

Courtesy of Amazon

Buy: Vitamix E310 Blender $262.40

6. On Running Hoodie

On Runnings shoes are some of the most beloved running shoes around, so it tracks that theyd make an exercise hoodie thats worthy of that acclaim. Swiss engineering makes this hoodie fully adaptable to whatever the weather may require throughout a run. Too hot? Open up the back vents for a little bit more of a breeze. Fingers too cold? Thumbholes let you slip on and off gloves as needed without the sleeves jostling around. Made from a blend of lyocell, elastane, and polyester, it will keep a runner warm while helping to regulate their body temperature. A versatile piece thats just as great to slip on after a workout as it to wear on a weekend coffee run, you may have just found their next favorite hoodie. Because everyone loves a good hoodie, this is one of our best fitness gifts for 2019.

on running hoodie

Courtesy of On Running

7. TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller

We all have that one friend that has a tendency to push it a little too hard at the gym or in a workout class and then complain about being sore after. A good foam roller, like this one from TriggerPoint, can help that friend to relieve the stress and pressure exerted on their body during a workout, while also serving as a great assistant for home workout routines as well. Certified to be both durable for extended use and comfortable enough to relieve tension, its a must-own for any fitness fanatic you may know (including, potentially, yourself).

triggerpoint grid foam roller

Courtesy of Amazon

Buy: TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller with Free Online Instructional Videos, Original (13-inch), Orange TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller

8. Hyperice Hypervolt Plus Percussion Massager

If a foam roller still doesnt manage to bring tension and relief to someones aching and sore muscles, the Hypervolt by Hyperice is the next step in pain relief. Essentially percussion massaging, the Hypervolt is lightweight, making it easy to maneuver around your body to relieve pressure wherever it may linger. Furthermore, a set of swappable heads makes for a customized experience thats easy to tailor to an individuals needs. Trusted by all kinds of sports professionals from Tennis player Naomi Osaka to Giants running back Saquon Barkley, its professional-grade relief right in the comfort of home.

Hyperice Hypervolt Plus

Courtesy of Hyperice

9. Tribe Smartphone Fitness Armband

With the rise of Bluetooth headphones, theres no reason why the exercise experience should include having to physically hold a phone in any capacity. A great armband, like this one from Tribe, is a practical solution for those that still want to keep their phone nearby but dont want to have it interfere with their workout. The clear, touch-enabled plastic still allows phone access without removing unless absolutely needed. Theres also a cord holder to keep from getting tangled up and a key holder for a house key to kept safe and secure during exercise. The adjustable and comfortable armband wont irritate the skin while youre active either. In short: its the perfect companion for a device thats most likely already an extension of ones self.

tribe iphone armband

Courtesy of Amazon

Buy: Tribe Smartphone Armband $7.50

10. Balega Hidden Comfort Athletic Socks

We all know about the importance of good footwear during any physical activity, but that extends to more than just your actual shoes, but socks too. A poor pair of socks can, at best, cause discomfort, but at their worst, someone could be facing painful blisters. This technical sock from Balega is a significant upgrade from standard athletic socks. By building the sock out of moisture-wicking fabric, feet will stay dry and comfortable. Meanwhile, added elastine keeps the foot glued to the interior to prevent any slipping that may occur from a misplaced step during a run. But should they misstep, the added cushioning will help soften the impact. All together, it creates a perfect partner to keep feet happy throughout every stage of a workout. As a stocking stuffer fitness gift, this is a simple fitness gift idea for any runner.

balega athletic socks

Courtesy of Amazon

Buy: Balega Hidden Comfort Athletic Socks $12.00

11. Tangram Smart Jump Rope

Jumping rope isnt just for those aspiring to be the next Rocky Balboa or Adonis Creed, as its a fantastic cardio workout that will drastically improve footwork and eye-hand coordination. And while jump ropes have been around forever, theyve gotten, well, smarter. With its connected mobile app, this version from Tangram is made for our data-driven world; capable of giving users a whole series of information around a workout including: jump count, calories burned, and workout times. Fully adjustable, its a great gift for fitness buffs who are looking to add some variety to their existing routines, while still ensuring that all the information theyd get from their smart devices is accurately measured and recorded.

tangram smart jump rope

Courtesy of Amazon

Buy: Tangram Smart Jump Rope $39.95

12. Hydro Flash Water Bottle

While high-end water bottles are a dime a dozen these days, Hydro Flask bottles are easy to recommend to those looking for a bottle that can keep up with their fitness routine. Its the little details here that matter most: the wide mouth lid can be swapped in or out with a variety of different options (depending on personal preference) and the double-walled, vacuum-insulated bottle keeps liquids cold for a shocking 24 hours. We think the most handy feature is the powder coat, which helps to keep a solid grip on the bottle, even when hands are sweaty. Theyll never want to use another water bottle ever again.

hydro flask water bottle

Courtesy of Amazon

Buy: Hydro Flask Water Bottle $44.95

13. Jabra Elite True Wireless Earbuds

Jabras Elite earbuds have long been the gold standard for running earbuds and are a personal favorite of ours. With a snug and secure fit, theres no need to worry about them falling out during the course of physical activity, as theyll stay totally in place while moving about in the gym or outside. Furthermore, theyre comfortable as heck which means someone might find themselves keeping them in long after their exercise is done; which is fine, because theyve got a long-lasting battery life (up to five hours of continuous use). Should the earbuds need a charge though, their charging case provides an hour and a half of listening time off of a 15-minute charge. Comfortable, durable and capable, the Jabra Elite are always ready for a good workout.

jabra elite active earbuds review

Courtesy of Amazon

Buy: Jabra Elite True Wireless Earbuds $139.99

14. Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner Dog Leash

If youve ever tried to run alongside a dog, then you know its easier in your head than it is out on the trail. Holding a leash while running loses its novelty after a mile or two, leaving most runners to wish for a more elegant solution. Which is why this leash from Stunt Puppy has become such a beloved product. The adjustable belt actually wraps around the waist of a runner and extends out from there to clip on as a leash for your dog, letting the runner go hands-free to focus on just running. Should the runner need to bring their pup in closer for whatever reason, there is a loop near the clip that does just that. The runner and dog lover in your life will never know what running was like before this excellent and practical gift.

Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner Dog Leash

Courtesy of Amazon

Buy: Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner Dog Leash

15. Lock Laces Replacement Elastic Shoe Laces

While exercise shoes are made and crafted to handle the wear and tear of constant use, sometimes the laces on those shoes arent. Regardless of whether the fitness buff in your life actively needs new laces or not, theyll become quickly obsessed with Lock Laces. The elastic, no tie laces help transform any shoe into a secure slip-on, eliminating the need to tie them, while also providing the strength and comfort of normal laces. Totally customizable and easy to install; theyre a no-brainer for any active person. Another perfect stocking stuffer, this is one of the best under-the-radar fitness gifts for the year.

Lock Laces Replacement Elastic Shoe Laces

Courtesy of Amazon

Buy: Lock Laces Replacement Elastic Shoe Laces $7.99

16. Nike Fury Exercise Headband

A good moisture-wicking headband is both practical and fashionable, helping to keep hair and sweat off ones face. Snap up one in the color of your loved ones choice and theyll thank you next time they get their sweat on, we promise.

Nike Fury Exercise Headband

Courtesy of Amazon

Buy: Nike Fury Exercise Headband $10.98

17. SPIbelt Running Belt

If using an armband isnt someones style or theyd like to have access to a number of essentials at any given time this running belt from the aptly named SPIbelt has more than enough room for all sorts of goodies. Designed so that the pack itself wont bounce around during exercise, its discreet as to not draw attention to itself, while also being waterproof and lightweight.

SPIbelt Running Belt

Courtesy of Amazon

Buy: SPIbelt Running Belt $25.99

18. Lululemon Metal Vent Breathe Tank

Lululemon makes some of the best athletic gear around, full stop, so anything you gift is bound to be a winner. However, it helps to have a favorite. We like this vent tech muscle tank top for a variety of reasons: Theres less material to get in the way during a workout (it can be a hassle to adjust the sleeves of a t-shirt during a run if they arent draping your shoulders correctly), theres strategically-placed mesh in high sweat areas to help keep cool and theres built-in odor resistance to combat stink. In short: its bound to work as hard as whomever you gift it to.

Lululemon Metal Vent Breathe Tank

Courtesy of lululemon

19. Gravocore Home Gym Set

The Gravocore Home Gym set is an excellent gift for a frequent traveler that doesnt want to miss out on getting reps in on the road. Included in the setup is a series of pulley-led resistance bands that link up to a door attachment. Once installed, which takes about a minute, your giftee will have all the tools theyll need to get in some good strength and resistance training. And at under 7 pounds, itll fit in alongside their travel gear nicely, doing anything but weighing them down.

Gravocore Home Gym Set

Courtesy of Amazon

Buy: Gravocore Home Gym Set $299.95

20. InsightTimer Meditation App

If someone you know has already nailed their physical health but is in search of a good option to further sharpen their mental health, a dedicated meditation app is a great solution to help that person get in touch even further with themselves. InsightTimer has tons of guided meditations (seriously they boast over 30,000 titles) that can be synced for offline use, as well as exclusive premium meditations. And with new courses each week, your giftee will have more than enough sessions at their fingertips to help them relax and find a sense of inner peace.

InsightTimer Meditation App

Courtesy of Insight Timer

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