Sourdough Starter Kit


Vendor: Kikkerland
Type: Kitchen
Price: 25.00

A great sourdough needs a great starter. And a great starter needs the perfect place to grow. The great people at Kikkerland have come up with a kit containing all the essential elements needed to help you make and nurture the perfect starter. From the prefectly shaped 1 litre jar, to breathable cover, quick release lid and growth measure, All elements of this kit have been carefully designed to make the process of creating your very own sourdough starter a much less stressful affair (starter not included!)

What's it made of?
1 litre glass jar, breathable cotton jar hat, plastic growth gauge and wooden spoon

How does it come?
Comes in a 14 x 19 x 14cm cardboard box, with 1 x 1 litre glass jar, 1 x wooden spoon, 1 cotton breathable hat, 1 x name tag, 1 x growth gauge with spoon holder. Starter not included

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