The Best Gifts Under $50: 50 Presents For Every Type of Man on Your List


Once upon a time, buying dad a Christmas gift meant letting mom pick out something nice and signing your name on the tag or, better yet, just having her do it. You were a kid, and it was easy for everyone except mom who had to pick up extra gifts from the kids.

Well, now youre the dad. And that same scenario, whether you realize it or not, is currently playing itself out behind the scenes in your house. Every time you tell your spouse or kids Im fine with nothing when they ask what you want for Christmas, you arent helping. So stop. Take a look at this list of holiday gifts, each of which costs $50 or less, and pick a couple of favorites. Its that simple. We guarantee youll find something youll enjoy.

A big handled growler that keeps cold beverages cold, hot, or carbonated for days at a time.

Whether its coffee, cola, or craft brew, this large-handled growler will keep 32 ounces of cold beverages cold (for 45 hours), hot beverages hot (for 25 hours), and carbonated beverages carbonated (its vacuum sealed lid holds 60psi).

Each one of these candles have a custom scent specific to all 50 states

Give him a taste of home with one of these nostalgic candles, which have a 60-80 hour burn time and feature a custom scent specific to every one of the 50 states and its regions. The Southern California candle, for instance, features, among others, the relaxing notes of lemon, orange, sea breeze. Unsurprisingly, theres no smell of fog or the sweaty masses at Venice Beach, but you cant get everything right.

This smart plug makes any plugged-in device compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Home Kit

Maybe its the lamp on his bedside table. Maybe its the coffee maker. But chances are theres something plugged in that he would love to turn on or off with his voice. With this plug, thats a reality. It makes anything plugged into it into an compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Apples Home Kit.

Casio's throwback digital watch is perfect for anyone who wants an old-school piece of wrist wear

Is he a proud geek? A hipster? A nostalgic? In any case, this old-school digital watch will treat hum well. It features a stopwatch, countdown timer, world time indicator, five alarms, and water resistance to 330 feet. And, yeah, you bet your ass it has an LED glow button.

Lightweight, warm, and breathable, this fleece is a wear-every-day piece hell love.

Time to replace the ratty three-quarter zip he always wears. This fleece has aYKK coil 1/2 zip front opening with a gusset for added comfort and protection from the elements. It fits snugly and, yes, can be worn year-round.

No smoke. No smell. Just a portable fire that can be started anywhere.

This portable campfire has three to five hours of burn time and can be set up anywhere, from the backyard to the beach. Its made of soy wax, so theres no clingy smoke smell and very little worry of ash.

This 10-foot, reinforced charge cord is the phone accessory he doesn't know he needs.

Extra slack is a life saver, which is why everyone needs a really long and durable charging cable one that wont fray and become useless when rolled over by an office chair or become unplugged because it wont reach the bed at night. This reinforced lightning cable from Anker is 10-feet long and strong enough to survive every manner of abuse.


For those days when he doesnt have time to shower, the Badlands pastegives him texture and makes sure he looks put together. It also smells great.

This rechargeable candle lighter is a much-needed replacement for those wasteful butane models

Instead of butane, a potentially messy, deplete-able fuel, this long-necked lighter is powered by a battery thatll give you more than 300 ignitions on a single charge. To recharge it, all you have to do is plug it into a USB using the included cable.

A big ass bucket for hauling cold beers or a batch of the day's catch.

Listen, chances are hell have a use for a big, badass bucket. For brining meat. Or hauling a haul of freshly caught fish. Or throwing a bunch of ice and beer together and drinking on a boat when hes not successfully catching fish.

Think of this as a McMuffinator: A countertop appliance meant for breakfast sandwich perfection.

Could he easily slap a few English muffins in the toaster, some eggs and Canadian bacon on a griddle and construct himself a gooey breakfast sandwich? Sure. But this countertop appliance basically a McMuffinator does it with style and in less than five minutes.

This popcorn maker does what it does and does it well.

This popcorn maker does what a good popcorn maker should cook kernels until they bloom into soft-crunch movie treats. But it also does it without spitting half the popped corn onto your counter instead of the bowl: the funneled lid guides them where they need to be.

Why make standard spherical cubes when you can make those that resemble the Death Star?

Its science: Spheres of ice melt more slowly than cubes (its a surface area thing). Kind of also science: said spheres make cocktails 100 percent more fun when theyre crafted into the shape of the Emperors mightiest weapon.

It's a dinosaur taco holder. What else is there to know?

Legend has it the Tacosaurus once had defensive plates much like a Stegosaurus, but it was ahead of its era and figured it would be better suited to have a slot for two tacos. It still had those tiny arms though.

Warm and durable, these gloves will keep hands toasty when temperatures drop as far as -20

These simple black gloves use a patented Heatlok system to trap air and keep hands warm in temperatures as low as negative 20 degrees. Theyre comfortable and well-cushioned, yet still provide fingers with enough mobility to get to work.

Stylish. Warm. Comfortable. What else do you need from a winter beanie? Nothing. That's what.

This hat, so simple yet so perfect, combines waffle-knit and 3M Thinsulate lining to keep his noggin warm, no matter how gnarly the weather is.

A solid cologne perfect for anyone on the go who always wants to smell great.

This solid cologne is understated and minimalist,with notes of bergamot, jasmine, Japanese grapefruit and a dash of peppermint.

This goes on as a cream, dries to a smooth powder, and keeps your balls dry, cool, and totally comfortable.

Want to keep the family jewels shining? Gift this. Both talc-free and aluminum-free, this lotion-powder works by really amping up drying ingredients, includingoats, tapioca, and corn starch. Its got a mild tingle factor. Yeah, it feels good.

The first in a new line of Nerf blasters with the most advanced darts the brand has ever seen.

The Ultra One is the first blaster to use Nerfs brand-new Nerf Ultra darts, the farthest flying Nerf darts ever.The new design features an innovative flight tip, lightweight foam construction, and aerofin technology, basically a grooved surface that decreases wind resistance. All of this adds up to a Nerf dart that can hit targets an astonishing 120 feet away

This light casts images of Death Stars, Droids, and more images from a galaxy far, far away on the ceiling.

Yeah, this is technically a night light. But who says it cant also be a rad desk to liven up even the drabbest of offices? It projects images of droids, death stars, and other relics from a galaxy far, far away onto the ceiling in bright, gridded-out colors.

Baby Yoda! Baby Yoda! Baby Yoda! On the most dope T-shirt ever.

Porgs? Psssh. The cutest little guy in a galaxy far, far away is now Baby Yoda. His beautiful muppety visage is immortalized on this very rad t-shirt anyone will be psyched to receive.

A Dopp Kit perfect for the man who prefers his stuff to have a rugged simplicity.

This single zippered pouch made of ballistic fabric and featuring a waterproof interior is ideal for anyone searching for a durable Dopp Kit that contains spills and takes up very little space. Its available in seven colors and has a padded bottom to keep it upright on the bathroom counter.

A lightly scented beard wash that conditions and cleans up even the most burly of beards.

Good beards deserve a good wash. This Pepperment-scented wash does the job, thanks to ingredients like olive oil and jojoba oil to keep everything clean, shiny, and smelling good.

Any nonfiction lover should enjoy this new account of Native American history.

Looking for a big winter read? Consider this nonfiction masterpiece, which was a finalist for the National Book Award. It tells the history of Native American peoples from the 1890 massacre at Wounded Knee, a time thats often seen as the end of the Native American story, to the present. Its a staggering, important work.

A tall, well-weighted glass perfect for sipping from at the end of a long day or the beginning of a good one.

A big, half-liter glass is great for showcasing the titular wheat beers thick, creamy head. But, beer snobbery aside, we think this is the ideal beer drinking glass. Theres also something about this glasss heft that makes guzzling one in the back yard all the more fun.

A pocket-sized multi-tool that packs a wallop.

With a blade specifically designed to slice open annoying and stubborn clamshell packaging, The Dime is already a worthy investment. Its small and light construction, plus array of top notch features including actual spring-loaded scissors make this butterfly-opening all-in-one a no brainer for anyone looking to combine form, function, durability and quality craftsmanship.

The Clear Creek hiking backpack is one of the lighter day packs out there, tipping the scales at 19-ounces when empty..

This 18-liter pack can hold a fairly staggering amount of gear. It hasa front panel bungee attachment, side panel zippered stash pocket, ridged EVA back panel, removable one-inch waist belt, tool attachments, dual side panel mesh pockets, internal hydration sleeve, and sternum strap.

A shockingly affordable gym bag that's big on space and high-end features.

While it only costs $22, this bag has all of the features of much pricier options, including a shoe compartment and plenty of internal storage. It also has an inner lining made from a water-resistant PVC coating that will ensure that your gear stays dry in even the worst weather. The 30L compartment easily fits everything you need for a workout.

Slim enough to slip into a back pocket or briefcase, this portable charger packs a 20,100 mAh battery, which can refuel a dead iPhone seven times.

A dead battery is a dead end. Ankers patented PowerIQ tech ensures devices charge rapidly (up to 2.1 amps) and, thanks to the included cords, its able to charge everything from standard USB-fed devices to Macbooks and smartphones.

Because who wouldn't want to have a pair of matches that can still be lit even after they've been drowned in water?

Doomsday prepper or not, its always good to have some survival supplies on hand. These survival come in a moisture-tight container, are both water- and windproof, and will relight even after being submerged.

These Japanese incense sticks are sweet smelling and long lasting.

If hes an incense man, pick up a pack of these Japanese sticks, which burn for about 20 minutes and release the sweet, relaxing aroma of aloeswood in a space. Far from the punch-you-in-the-face patchouli-scented sticks found in Phish-postered dorm rooms, the fragrance is clean, exotic, and relaxing.

Slippers and socks have never looked so good together.

Hell never take off thesepull-on slipper socks featuring a ribbed wool upper and leather midsole with double-needle stitching.

Sore muscles don't stand a chance against this foam roller.

With this strategically studded massager, he can relieve stress, roll out his muscles (be sure to focus on those IT bands, fellas), and work on his flexibility while watching Netflix.

Hell never leave home without this roll-up case, which has threemesh pockets for a USB, SD card, SIM card or other small items, two mesh zipper compartments for his phone, mouse, power bank, two leather compartments to store passports, plus of course, Velcro for the chargers.

This classic leather cream can resuscitate even the most scuffed up shoes.

Wrens Leather Cream Classic, available in a variety of colors, is an easy upgrade for those beat-to-hell boots and even helps prolong their life.

A trimmer ideal not just for shaping a beard, but for any spot on the body that needs attention.

The multigroomer has 18 different attachments that tackle everything from nose hair to trimming more sensitive spots. It keeps beard stubble in check and the battery will run for five hours on a single charge.

A pittmaster-approved spice rub that adds flavor to anything it touches.

Whether hes cooking chicken, beef, pork, fish, eggs or anything else pretty much, this rub perfected by The Killer Hogs Championship BBQ Teamover years of sweat-drenched barbecue work will imbue it with a sweet spice that will elevate the flavor.

A cookbook for anyone who wants to riff on the favorites and up their game.

A James Beard Award winning chef, Paul Kahon knows good grub. He also knows how to entertain. This book features low-stress, big flavor recipes that are inventive, easily customizable and meant to feed a group of hungry mouths.

SpongeBob Playmate Cooler

Who says a hard-sided cooler cant have a little personality? Featuring SpongeBobs mischievous and oh so porous face on the side, this limited-edition number from Igloo is loaded with character. The 16-quart capacity means theres plenty of space for all his burger fixings whether hes making crabby patties or standard smash burgers.

Buy Now $50

Avocado Huggers

Chances are you know an avocado addict who leaves their fridge a barren wasteland of browned halves of the fruit (yes, its a fruit). These sheathes (Why they didnt call these Avocondoms well never know) are made from BPA-free silicone and feature a domed pit-defender. Theyll keep the leftover halves fresher for longer.

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James Brand Holcombe

Is he rocking a standard keyring? Upgrade him to this unobtrusive, cleverly designed tool. It features a spring-loaded wire gate to easily add or remove keys as well as a flat head screw driver and a scraper.

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Michtners Unblended American Whiskey

This whiskey is aged in whiskey-soaked (used barrels) rather than new-charred oak, a requirement to meet the definition of bourbon. Thats why its known as Unblended American Whiskey. But a rose by any other name, you know? Its a rich, luscious whiskey with intense notes of butterscotch, vanilla, dried fruit, and a hint of mint.

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Davek Mini Umbrella

Does he still use that drug store umbrella that has loose spokes and turns inside out in even the slightest breeze? Replace it with this classic and much, much more durable option. It measures less than seven inches when closed and expands to a 36-inch long rain-defender with a 38-inch canopy and a fiberglass-reinforced frame. Available in 10 colors.

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Combining horseshoes, bocce, and bowling, this family-friendly game is equal parts luck, skill, and competitive fun. The Rollors thick, wooden, discs will help your kids embrace coordination, dexterity, and precise movement, while the overall feel of the game will give you one more thing to be the best at. Designed by Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran, Matt Butler, Rollors is great to bust out when you need a break from cornhole.

Buy Now $50

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