The Emotional Support Water Bottles Our Editors Can’t Live Without


Say it with me: Hot girls have emotional support water bottles. The idea of having your go-to reusable water bottle attached to your hip at all times started a while back on TikTok but has maintained its status as one of the most popular wellness trends for quite some time. Think of it as a security blanket or a symbol of consistent self-care—sounds like a lot of pressure to put on a Hydro Flask, I know. But how could you not form an attachment to something that’s with you day in and day out? That’s seen you through your triumphs and tribulations? That keeps you healthy and hydrated no matter what? Exactly. 

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Your emotional support water bottle needs to be reliable, high-quality, and of course, cute. So we asked some of our editors to share their go-to bottles that have accompanied them through all-staff Zoom calls, lunch-hour walks, endless article writing, and every moment in between. (That includes not one, not two, but THREE editors who express their love for the famous Owala water bottle—point taken.) Here are the top picks they deem their ride-or-dies:


The Water Bottles Our Editors Swear By


FreeSip Water Bottle

I used to work as a nurse in an emergency department (the best of times, the worst of times), and all of my nurse friends had this Owala Freesip water bottle at their workstations. In the hospital setting, we hated exposed straws because germs, but this one allowed the luxury of a straw without it being out in the open, making hydrating more convenient (and sanitary) than ever. With that plus a no-spill lid and a handle that lets me take it all over town, this is the one water bottle I return to time and time again.

– Ashley, Brand Partnerships Manager


Rambler Water Bottle

I need my water at the coldest possible temperature, and this Yeti water bottle is the answer to all my problems! After going through numerous options, I was sold after the first night. I am known to add a generous amount of ice cubes to my water before bed, and eight hours later, they’re always still there.

– Aryana, Graphic Designer

Simple Modern

Insulated Tumbler

When I was on a mission to increase how much water I was drinking every day, this Simple Modern tumbler made all the difference. I can’t explain the reasoning, but drinking out of a straw is just more fun, and I found myself just drinking so much more water throughout my day. I also think it is the perfect size: big enough that I don’t have to fill it up all day, but also small enough that it’s easy to throw in a bag or cup holder. The fact that it also keeps your beverage cold all day long is a huge plus for me because I love that I can have ice-cold water if I’m at the pool or beach. Its sleek design is also one of my favorite things about it because yes, I do prefer a chic water bottle.

– Keely, Social Media Editor


FreeSip Water Bottle

As a gallon-a-day girl, I’ve been passionate about my water receptacle for years. I have all the trendy ones, but my Owala water bottle is the one I can never shut up about. Literally everyone in my life now has an Owala because of me, and it’s because you’ve never had such a perfect sip of water in your life. It’s a perfect mouthful that’s indescribable until you try it. Plus, it’s super easy to pack in my bag and take on-the-go, and the lock ensures it’s never spilled on me.

– Maddie, Fashion Editor

Hydro Flask

Wide Mouth Bottle

I do not mess around when it comes to water bottles. It’s an investment that I like to try and keep for years. This Hydro Flask has lasted me over two years and is still going strong. I have it in the pineapple color and I get so many compliments on how cute it is. But beyond looks, the quality cannot be beat in my opinion. It keeps my water cold for days… yes, days. Not to mention I live in a relatively warm climate, so cold water is important to me. I would argue that I am so attached to my water bottle that I get stressed out when it isn’t appropriate to bring it with me places.

– Kirra, Senior Graphic Designer


Starry Night Bottle

In my search for an absolutely massive water bottle that keeps my water cold and is not absolutely heinous to look at, I landed on this 64-ounce bottle from POPFLEX. I love that I can fill it once for the day and carry it around the house with me, making sure I’m drinking enough water without having to refill a smaller cup every hour. I’ve become so attached to it that if I were to lose it (there have been some close calls), I would immediately repurchase it.

– Garri, Senior Managing Editor

Simple Modern

Thermos Water Bottle

I take my hydration seriously and quite literally take a water bottle with me wherever I go. So when I was on the hunt for a new one, I knew it had to be able to go from my car to my tote bag to my desk at work with ease. This fits the bill perfectly and comes in tons of gorgeous colors, too. I have the 22 oz. size, which fits easily into any cupholders and has a sleek look that I love. But what really sold me was that the straw lid is totally leakproof when closed, so I can throw it into a bag when I’m on the go and never have to worry about it spilling everywhere.

– Jessica Friedhoff, Lifestyle Editor


Motivational Water Bottle

I’ve been through a lot of bottles in my day because drinking as much water as possible is a huge priority for me (duh), so I want to make the experience as optimal as possible. So first priority is I absolutely need a straw. Sorry, but it does make everything better. I sip on it consistently throughout the day without even thinking about it. Next, I love that this water bottle is big enough that I don’t have to refill as often (especially important when sitting at my desk and I don’t want to get up to refill, or chugging water during a hot yoga class), but it doesn’t feel like you’re carrying around one of those obnoxious water tanks (some water bottles are so huge they should be called tanks, you know?). Finally, this has the perfect wideness to add ice, lemon, etc., a silicone sleeve to help with grip and protect the glass, and a leak-proof lid. Oh, and it is chic AF (I like the color Amber—it’s like a sophisticated neutral). So if you can’t tell already, I’m pretty obsessed.

– Josie, Wellness Editor


FreeSip Water Bottle

It was only a matter of time before I was converted to an Owala girly (I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner). As the queen of spilling everything and anything I come into contact with, the locking no-spill lid was a game-changer for me. And—I don’t know if this is just me—but water seems to taste… fresher out of this bottle compared to the others I’ve tried. The fun colors available also make it so worth it. There’s something so satisfying and fun about the straw on mine being hot pink instead of clear—it’s like a fun surprise for me every time I go to wash it.

– Bella, Fashion Editorial Assistant


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