The Friday Bulletin February 7, 2020


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tiny spells friday bulletin

Tiny Spells is a daily self-care email that contains three small suggestions for improving your day. Joan Westenberg sends out three simple things you can do for yourself to make your day and your self -care better. The suggestions could be to take stretch breaks, drink lots of water, or make the doctors appointment youve been putting off. Somehow, coming from someone I dont know makes them more appealing!

My daughter gave me a KeepCup for Christmas and I love it. It is a go-cup designed to replace disposable cups. It is made from reusable durable plastic with a tight-fitting lid. It will fit under any coffee machine head. It is splash-proof. I take it to my coffee shop to be filled. It comes in three sizes. The 8 oz. original size is comparable to a small to-go latte size. The medium is 12 oz. and comparable to a large mug. The large is 16 oz. and comparable to an extra-large mug. They come in an assortment of colors. The small 8 oz., pictured here is $18.00 and fits easily into my car cup holder. The medium 12 oz is $15.00 and the large is $17.00.

These nursery mobiles are adorable and made by a female-founded, female-led company called Pehr. The founders work with artisans and partners who create their products while simultaneously providing educational opportunities for women in developing countries. The mobile style on the left is called the Hoop mobile. It is $85.00 and comes in two animal designs. There are also two mini-Hoop design mobiles for $49.00 each. The middle mobile is the Two-Tiered design and is $99.00. It comes in six patterns. The Mobile on the right is called the Classic and is $85.00. It comes in twelve patterns.

I have recently been introduced to a unique and captivating New York Times column called Anatomy of a Scene. In it, film directors choose a single scene from their current film and walk viewers through it. They explain what was important about shooting that scene the exact way they did and any mistakes that were made. Each one is an interesting and fun peek into the art of film making.

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