The Top 24 Baby Bottles


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When you’re popping bottles for your babe, you want bottles that don’t leak, are easy to clean, and minimize gas and other discomfort. Most of all, you want a bottle your baby will drink from. From glass baby bottles to BPA-free plastic, stainless steel and silicone, innovations abound in modern bottles. Read on for the very best baby bottles for breastmilk and formula from brands you love, including Tommee Tippee, NUK, Comotomo, Dr. Brown’s, Philips and Nanobebe.

Innovative Baby Bottles Green Sprouts Baby Bottle

Green Sprouts Eco-Friendly Wide-Neck Bottle


Liquids only touch glass in this eco-friendly bottle free from harmful chemicals, PVC, BPAs and other additives. The wide neck on the Green Sprouts’ Sprout Ware® Baby Bottle made from Plants and Glass makes for easy filling and cleaning, and the angled neck and vented nipple mean kids can sit more upright, which can help them avoid colic, gas and digestive upset. The nipple provides variable flow that baby regulates, and it flexes to mimic breastfeeding.

innovative baby bottles Duo Newborn Hybrid Baby Bottle Gift Set

Chicco Duo Newborn Hybrid Baby Bottle Gift Set


If you prefer glass baby bottles but want the durability of plastic, you need the Duo bottle from Chicco. This ingenious bottle pairs glass (which doesn't retain stains, smells or an aftertaste) with a plastic outer layer free of BPA, BPS, PVC and phthalates. The nipple has an anti-colic valve, a skin-like texture and is shaped for an intuitive latch.

innovative baby bottles nanobebe flexy bottle

nanobébé Flexy Silicone Baby Bottles


These Flexy Silicone Baby Bottles from nanobébé have a mom-like softness and breast shape, plus a stable base so it won't tip over and spill your liquid gold or formula. The nipple features three vents and is non-collapsible, to help maintain baby's latch and minimize post-feeding discomfort. As your child gets older and drinks more, you'll appreciate that this bottle holds up to 9 ounces. It comes with slow-flow nipples (which are great for kids at any age), but nipples with different flow rates can be purchased separately.

innovative baby bottles Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Soft Silicone Baby Bottle

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Soft Silicone Baby Bottle


The Closer to Nature Soft Silicone Baby Bottle from Tommee Tippee has a soft feel and an award-winning nipple that make it feel more like breastfeeding. The bottle is made from an odor-resistant material without BPA, PVC or phthalates and features an anti-colic valve and a no-leak lid so you can bring it with you without worrying about spills. It comes in 5-ounce and 9-ounce sizes.

Hegen Baby Bottle

$18+ BUY NOW

The off-center, elongated nipple on this bottle from Hegen mimics a woman's breast, which can help picky breastfeeders warm to using a bottle. The positioning of the nipple, along with anti-colic vents, help reduce backflow and gas. Mamas who pump will appreciate that you can pump directly into these bottles using an adaptor and get an airtight seal with the bottle's innovative storage lid.

innovative baby bottles nuk smooth flow bottle

NUK's Smooth Flow Anti-Colic Bottle


NUK's Smooth Flow Anti-Colic Bottle features a unique nipple design that adapts to your baby's suction strength to adjust the milk flow, which can help reduce colic. The nipple shape mimics the shape of a woman's nipple while nursing, so breastfeeding babies are bound to love it. The bottle also features a temperature indicator to let you know at a glance if the milk or formula is too hot to drink. The wide-neck bottle makes for easy cleaning, by hand or in the dishwasher. Comes in 5-ounce and 10-ounce sizes and a variety of cute designs.

innovative baby bottles olababy gentle bottle

Olababy Gentle Bottle


The Olababy GentleBottle has an off-set nipple to promote latching and discourage bottle rejection. The texture of this soft, medical-grade silicone bottle makes it easy to grip, and the bottle contains a dual venting system to reduce colic and enhance air flow. It comes in sweet, muted colors: mint, coral, rose, sky or frost. Also great, you can add accessories that maximize your use of the bottle and help your child make the move to big-kid cups: Slip on the Teether Handle and your child can work on holding their own bottle, along with getting a safe, non-toxic spot to gnaw on while teething. Replace the nipple with the spill-proof Soft Spout and you've helped baby with the transition to a drinking cup. Then pop on the Transitional Sippy Lid and you've turned baby's bottle into a sippy cup.

innovative baby bottles amace baby no leak bottle

aMACEing ZERO LEAK® Baby Bottle


If you're looking for a leak-proof bottle, check out the aMACEing ZERO LEAK® Baby Bottle with Anti-Colic Vent and Variable Flow from Mace Baby. With a clever design that releases liquid only when baby's mouth squeezes the nipple, baby can even drink while laying down without liquid leaking out. The unique nipple also means that baby's feeding rhythm controls the flow of liquid. The bottle comes with an anti-colic vent meant to reduce incidences of colic, reflux, burping or gas. The bottle comes in 7-ounce and 10-ounce sizes.

innovative baby bottles dr browns natural flow

Dr. Brown's Natural Flow


If you're concerned about spit-up, burping and gas, give Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Options+ Anti-Colic Baby Bottle a try. The Options+ bottles feature an internal vent system that supports digestion; the vent system also provides a consistent flow of liquid, which supports breastfeeding. When baby outgrows the vent system, just remove it and keep using the bottle. These bottles come in wide-neck and narrow-neck styles. The wide-neck bottles feature a breast-like nipple, which encourages a proper latch and which some babies, especially those who are breastfed, prefer to drink out of.

innovative baby bottles pop yum bottles

PopYum Bottle

$36 for a 3-pack BUY NOW

The ingenious PopYum bottle stores formula and water separately for convenient bottle feeding at home or on the go. Just push two buttons and shake. The bottle, made of medical-grade silicone and premium polypropylene, features a wide opening for easy cleaning. There's an included funnel to make loading formula easier, and the leak-free bottle also works great for breast milk.

Philips Avent Anti-Colic Bottle

$29 for a 4-pack BUY NOW

The Philips Avent Anti-Colic Bottle with AirFree Vent keeps the nipple full during feedings so baby swallows less air. This can help reduce gas, reflux and colic. It also means baby can drink in an upright position if that's more comfortable for both of you. The nipples come in four different flow rates so you can choose what's right for your baby's age and flow preferences.

innovative baby bottles comotomo baby bottles

Comotomo Baby Bottle


The sleek and modern Comotomo baby bottle distinguishes itself by its shape and material. The entire bottle, not just the nipple, is made from soft, squeezable, skin-like silicone to provide an experience similar to breastfeeding. The nipple is designed to mimic a natural latch. Built-in vents help prevent colic, a simple interlocking design stops leaks, and a wide opening makes it easy to clean.

innovative baby bottles kiinde starter kit

Kiinde Twist feeding system


If you've gone back to work and do a lot of pumping, the Kiinde Twist feeding system will change your life. Add an adaptor to your breast pump and pump directly into the storage pouch. Store the leak-proof pouches neatly in the fridge or freezer using the handy storage-bag holder. When baby is hungry, heat the milk directly in the pouch, then fit the pouch into the feeding bottle and you’re ready to go. With specially designed nipples (slow-flow and medium-flow), your little one should transition seamlessly between breast and bottle. No transferring of breast milk to heat or serve it, and no scrubbing bottles (just nipples) needed.

innovative baby bottles nanobebe



The nanobébé bottle is designed to protect breast milk nutrients through its innovative design. The unique shape also means the bottles stack easily and compactly, and the milk warms faster than a standard bottle to calm a crying child more quickly. It includes a colic-reducing venting system and a soft silicone nipple.

innovative baby bottles mixie formula mixing bottle

Mixie Formula Mixing Bottle


When bringing formula on the go, packing water and powder separately (and trying not to spill them when it comes time to mix) can be cumbersome. This clever little product, the Mixie Formula-Mixing Bottle, aims to make all that easier. A special airtight compartment keeps formula powder dry while the rest of the bottle is filled with water. When it comes time to blend, you just push a button and shake, and the formula is mixed with no clumps. Genius!

innovative baby bottles smilo bottle

Smilo Bottle

$25 for a 3-pack BUY NOW

The sleek Smilo bottle will make both you and your baby smile. The company’s founders are pediatric specialists and engineers, so care was taken to optimize feeding sessions. The nipple is curved to mimic a mother’s milk ducts and breast, requiring less suction for your baby to extract milk. The leak-resistant bottle features a venting system and a circular tab that allows you to hold the bottle with just a pinky finger, leaving the rest of your arms for baby.

innovative baby bottles munchkin latch

Munchkin Latch


Don't want to cause any confusion for babies flipping back and forth between breastfeeding and bottle feeding? Try the Munchkin Latch, which is equipped with an accordion-style nipple that moves and stretches like the breast. You'll also appreciate the built-in anti-colic valve that aims to reduce air flowing through the milk. Available in 4-ounce and 8-ounce sizes, this bottle has lots of benefits at a low price.

innovative baby bottles born free breeze bottle

Born Free Breeze Bottle


At first glance, you might think that the Born Free Breeze bottle's biggest draw is its modern glass design, anti-colic vent and breastfeeding-like nipple, but what you'll really love is the two-piece construction. The nipple and top is a single piece. So when it comes to washing up, there aren't a lot of pieces to take apart and put back together. Also good to note: The ThermaSafe glass can go from freezing to boiling temps without breaking.

innovative baby bottles lifefactory glass baby bottle

Lifefactory Bottle


If you like the idea of glass but are concerned about putting a breakable material in your baby's hands, try the Lifefactory baby bottles, which gives a cool, modern makeover to the basic glass bottle. Each bottle comes with a brightly colored silicone sleeve that makes it easier to grip and tougher to shatter.

Philips Avent Natural Bottle


Make feeding time more comfortable for your baby with the Philips Avent Natural Bottle. The nipple features a wide breast-like shape and inner petals that increase flexibility and softness, mimicking the breastfeeding experience and making it easier for babies to latch on. A twin valve offers anti-colic benefits to reduce any tummy discomfort caused by feeding.

Nuk Bottles

$9.50 BUY NOW

Want to add a little fun to feeding time? Try these Nuk Bottles with Perfect Fit Nipples, which come in cute designs. The bottle is designed with a silicone nipple to mimic nursing as well as an anti-colic air system that makes it easy to position the bottle in the optimal position for feeding while reducing colic, spit-up and gas.

innovative baby bottles pura kiki newborn baby bottle

Pura Kiki Newborn Bottles


Want to avoid plastic but stick to a lightweight material? Then you'll love the Pura Kiki stainless steel bottle. Insulated, colorful and equipped with a natural nipple, this is a must-have. You'll also love that this bottle grows with your child. Buy a sipper spout or silicone straw to transform it into a sippy or straw cup.

Mii Sophie La Girafe Feeding Bottle


Babies love to gnaw on their Sophie the Giraffe teething toy, and now that company has partnered with Mii Baby to produce the Mii Sophie la Girafe Forever Baby Bottles. The nipples feature raised bumps to replicate a nursing woman’s nipple and a rounded base to comfort sore, swollen gums. Bottles come in either glass or a durable plastic alternative.

Lux Big Boob Baby Bottle


The Lux Big Boob Baby Bottle has a curvy shape and lots of handy features. The soft, food-grade silicone shape mimics a breast, while the nipple was designed to encourage latching and control milk flow. As baby grows, its unique shape makes it easy to grasp, and the wide opening makes the bottle easy to clean.

—Julie Seguss & Eva Ingvarson Cerise

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