This Online Group Is All About Appreciating Woodworking Skills, And Here Are Their 103 Best New Posts


While the internet’s full of various creative groups and intriguing pages that capture your attention, some of these digital niches are so special and wondrous, you don’t ever want to leave. And the r/woodworking subreddit, with a whopping 3 million members and nearly 13 years of online presence, is one of those groups that keeps you loggging in.

The group is dedicated to everything and anything to do with woodworking and carpentry, whether the projects are done as a hobby or professionally. 

Grab your saws, axes, chisels, and sandpaper, dear Pandas—we’re about to groove our way deep into the wondrous world of working wood. Saw a project that you absolutely loved? Give the photo an upvote and go visit the subreddit to show your appreciation. PS—for some more DIY inspiration, check out Bored Panda’s earlier article about the r/woodworking right here.

#1 Imagine The Look On My Face When My Boss Said “You’ll Be Lead Carpenter On This Stair Job” When I Had Never Made A Single Tread Before. Lots Of Work By Lots Of People, I Can’t Take All The Credit, But Damn If I Didn’t Pour My Blood And Sweat Into This Staircase

Image credits: woodworking

#2 My Latest Piece Made From Clear Cedar Scraps From A Deck We Built Not Long Ago. A Little V-Day Gift For My Wife

Image credits:

#3 I Built This Ceiling Lamp Out Of Oak

Image credits: things-ex-machina

If you’re like me, you might be itching to get into woodworking after staring at these cool projects (I especially loved the owl art piece, but what about you?). I gave it a go when I was little, but back then, I didn’t have the patience and willingness to fail to see my projects to the end.

While I personally know the most simple principles of working with wood (go with the grain, take your time, wear gloves, be careful with the electric saw, don’t expect to finish everything in a single day), they don’t even scratch the varnished surface. Like all skills, carpentry takes time and diligence to master. And the best way to learn is to get stuck in, instead of reading tips on the net.

#4 Carved An Owl, A Bit Different

Image credits: BerkshireMtnSculptor

#5 Still Weaving As The Seasons Change.. So Close To Wrapping This On Up!

Image credits: magicalstickbending

#6 One Of My First Few Epoxy And Wood Working Projects. What Do You Think?

Image credits: TheTree_Meister

If you want to give woodworking a go, start off with a very simple, tiny project and see how you feel about it. After all, it’s best to give a new activity a go and check if you actually enjoy it before buying all of those expensive power tools. Instead, get some cheap and simple tools and some sandpaper to start things off.

Better yet, check your garage to see if there are any leftover tools from previous generations (just remember to oil them before using them so you don’t hurt yourself)) or even pop over to your DIY expert neighbor’s home to borrow theirs for a spell. You never know, they might even give you some great advice or even agree to help you out with the fundamentals.

#7 My Friend And I Wanted A Boat So We Built One :) Nothing Fancy But We Enjoyed Having To Forge Out Rib Supports, Bend Planks, Collect Sap To Make Pitch, And Do A Few Other Interesting Things

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#8 I Bought Myself A Tablesaw And To Test It, I Built This Little Birdhouse. Many Lessons Learned With This Fun Little Project

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#9 Milo's Treat Box. It's A Box. For Treats. For Milo

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The ‘Woodworking’ subreddit will be celebrating its 13th birthday on August 27, so if you enjoyed these photos or you’re a woodworking enthusiast yourself, consider joining the subreddit or at least popping in and saying a quick ‘hello there.’

Earlier, my colleague Liucija had a chat with one of r/woodworking’s main moderators, Joseph aka Joelav. He told Bored Panda that the online group was created as a “place for woodworking redditors to get together and exchange ideas, techniques, advice, and projects.”

#10 Posted This Awhile Back Before It Was Done. Got A Few Requests To See It Completed With Books Of It, So Here It Is!

Image credits: krispyankle

#11 What Is This And Where Do I Find The Plans?

Image credits: CoinsForCharon

#12 I Carved This Portrait Pipe Out Of Briar Wood

Image credits: RadonLab

Back in February, the community had 2.7 million members and has gained an additional 300k in the months since then. It really has “grown from humble roots” and is now visited roughly a quarter of a million times each and every day. That’s the sort of popularity that you can’t get without quality content, so it goes to show that the subreddit is built on solid foundations.

#13 Under Stairs Pandemic Project - Update - Mostly Conplete

Image credits:

#14 Another Jewellery Box I Made. Made From Maple Wood, And The Interior Is Yellow Velvet

Image credits: MCWoodcarving

#15 Old Piano To Bookcase Using Lid As Back

Image credits: -cakestar

The core rule that the entire r/woodworking community is built around is originality of content: people can only share the things and projects that they made themselves, they can’t just post random cool things they found while searching the net or saw IRL. “This keeps our content original and organic,” Joseph told Bored Panda earlier.

#16 Built Some Stairs Down To The Ocean, And A Drinking Spot Half Way Down

Image credits: shaunNags

#17 I Drove Across The USA Visiting A Sawmill In Every State And Made A Map Of Local Woods! (Info On The Woods In Comments)

Image credits:

#18 When You Tell Your Retired Cabinet Building Father In-Law That The Guys From Home Depot Said No To What I Wanted Designed For My Kitchen. He Said “Meet Me In My Shop”

Image credits:

#19 Bunk Beds I Built For Grandchildren

Image credits:

#20 A Chair I Made Last Year That I Need To Find A Home For!

Image credits: VVTron

#21 Vlad The Builder: Project #(We Lost Count)

Image credits: WendellBerrymore

#22 Recently Finished Up This Sculpture, Will Be Raffling It Off Soon To Raise Money For St. Louis Children’s Heart Center!

Image credits: LBOWER43

#23 Reef Coffee Table

Image credits: Shned_neeblay

#24 My End Grain Chessboard And Table Saw/Miter Saw Pieces. Thanks For Looking!

Image credits: Saviorofthe_Universe

#25 I Know Epoxy Tables Can Sometimes Get A Bad Rap, But I'm Really Proud Of How This Black Walnut & Black Epoxy Coffee Table I Made Turned Out

Image credits: Skip106

#26 Just A Girl With Her First Woodworking Project Ever! Now We Have Some Spoiled Chickens

Image credits: runrungirl

#27 Brass, Oak, And Shou-Sugi Sideboard

Image credits: Glittery_Kittens

#28 Marvel Mayhem. Made From Different Woods. All Natural-No Stains Or Dyes. Collaboration With Tom Whalen. 3’x2’

Image credits: woodland_porpoise

#29 A Recent Pool Table We Built

Image credits:

#30 I Made A Kitchen For My Tiny Flat In Frankfurt. It’s Made From Alder And Poplar. The Frameworks Are Made Traditionally With Mortise And Tenon. The Small Unit Next To Fridge Has A Cool Wooden Drawer, The Sliding/Moving Parts Are Made From Oak

Image credits: bahpcb

#31 Chicken Coop I Made From All Recycled Materials

Image credits: BrandedVet

#32 I Replaced The Washer And Dryer In My Kitchen With A Wet Bar. Now It’s Time To Drink

Image credits: CrowCreations

#33 I Made A Walnut & Resin Nightstand To Match The Bed I Made Last Year

Image credits: figure--it--out

#34 Mid-Century Inspired Walnut Desk I Built

Image credits: magikwombat

#35 Surprised My Mom With New Pantry Cabinets While She Was Out Of Town

Image credits: Banana_Dolphin

#36 I Built This Chaise Lounge For My Wife

Image credits: timberbiscuitww

#37 Viking Style Chest I Made For My Wife. The Carvings Are Inspired By The Carvings Found On The Oseberg Ship

Image credits: Rogue-ish_Badger

#38 Threw My Best Friends A Baby Shower Today And Surprised Them With These. Tears All Around

Image credits: wrk15

#39 Hoot Hoot. Made This Out Of Birch Wood. 7 Layers

Image credits:

#40 Stressful Joint!

Image credits:

#41 Built A Cedar Planter To Add Some Nice Curb Appeal To My Home

Image credits:

#42 I Put My (Purple) Heart Into This Box. Engagement Ring For My (Soon-To-Be) Fiancée I’ve Been With For Three Years. Wish Me Luck

Image credits:

#43 Great Family Friend Said “I’ll Show You How To Build Cabinets, Come To My House” Great Experience, Frick Ton Of Work

Image credits:

#44 A Hutch I Built

Image credits:

#45 Finished My First Cutting Board! 14.5" By 20" By 1.6". Inspired By The Works Of Mc Escher

Image credits:

#46 Ended Up Making 5 Of Them

Image credits:

#47 What Do You Think?

Image credits:

#48 First Violin Is Finished!

Image credits: Ruvidman

#49 Made A Kitchen Knife Sheath In Walnut With A Magnetic "Lock"

Image credits: anisotrope

#50 1 Month And A Little Over 80 Hours And The Two Philip Morley Lounge Chairs Are Finished

Image credits: AccurateIt

#51 4’ Wall In My Shop Is Organized

Image credits: jbird6404

#52 Life Story Scroll Saw Art

Image credits: ArtisanPirate

#53 Mud Room Done

Image credits: headyorganics

#54 Beside The Garden Wall...

Image credits: DarkHollowDulcimers

#55 5 Eleven Foot Posts I Turned On My Circa 1850 Lathe. Had To Cut One In Half The Long Way Too

Image credits:

#56 Mickey’s Christmas Carol! This Is Made From All Natural Wood. No Stains Or Dyes

Image credits:

#57 Cedar Porch I Built A Couple Years Back For Our New House

Image credits:

#58 Built This For My Wife. I’m Jobless Due To Covid, She Posted A Pic And I Started Getting Orders, Guess I’m A Woodworker Now

Image credits:

#59 Geometric Art Piece I Created And Installed For A Friend.

Image credits:

#60 Dog Station With Style

Image credits:

#61 A Bath Table I Made For My Girlfriend. The Cube Is A Door Stop. Dont Mind The Poor Finish On That, It Was Intended To Be On The Floor

Image credits:

#62 Chip Carved Black Walnut Bowl With A Strip Of Colorful Skateboard Deck

Image credits:

#63 I Built Me A Wall And TV-Bench With Integrated TV And Speakers. Great Fun. The Wood Is Ash

Image credits:

#64 With 11 Days To Spare Before The Due Date Of My First Child, I Finished The Crib. It’s Been Such A Journey And Learning Experience But I’m So Proud Of How It Came Out And Can’t Wait To See The Little One Sleep In It! Full Build Album In The Comments

Image credits: slipangle28

#65 Couldn’t Find A Proper Lunchbox So I Made One...

Image credits: roughnecksrus

#66 Not Nearly As Complicated As Most Of The Stuff On Here, But I Made A Mud Kitchen For My Kids Outside

Image credits: THEtek4

#67 Whale Carving Process

Image credits: woody_wood_carver

#68 Secret Room Tardis. Our Son Always Wanted A Secret Room So I Built Him This Dr Who Tardis. It’s Bigger On The Inside!

Image credits: Surveyor607

#69 Finally Finished This Baby Gate You All Helped Me With A Couple Months Ago. A Lot Of Weekend Hours. I’m Very Proud Of My First Hardwood Project!

Image credits: Gold69White19

#70 My Son And I Have Recently Started To Make Robots Together

Image credits: snuttekudden

#71 A Little Under Cabinet Spice Drawer I Built. So Satisfying And It Really Makes Finding The Right Spice A Breeze

Image credits: greenasaurus

#72 My Second Piece Of Furniture. Only Took 4 Months And $1k In Walnut

Image credits: DeltaDP

#73 Hope You All Like This Kumiko Lamp I've Been Working On - Hand Tools Only With My Tiny Workbench


#74 I Make Custom Lighting From Bent Ash/Oak - Here Is A Piece I Completed A Couple Weeks Back

Image credits: ovuud

#75 My Grandfather Recently Passed. He Left Me His Entire Shop. Here's To Building In His Honor

Image credits:

#76 Submarine Shaped Retirement Shadow Box Made From Hard Maple. Includes LED Lights

Image credits:

#77 Pure Tung Oiled Eastern Pine Floors In My New House

Image credits:

#78 A Pile Of Logs I Stacked A Few Years Ago

Image credits:

#79 Not As Impressive As A Lot Of The Stuff I See Here, But I Just Wrapped Up My First Set Of Doors And I’m Proud Of How They Turned Out

Image credits:

#80 From Log To Livingroom. 325 Year Old White Oak That Blew Down In A Storm

Image credits:

#81 New Dust Collection Has A Washable Hepa Filter Too Hahah

Image credits:

#82 My First Project. Took Me A Shameful 3.5 Weeks, Made Every Mistake Imaginable, And It Only Looks Good From A Distance. But... I Finished It. With The Help Of You Guys. Here's To Many More Floating Things Stuck To Walls

Image credits: SirWigglesVonWoogly

#83 Mineral Sculpture

Image credits: Leemcardhold

#84 Mud Room Lockers

Image credits: Dependent_One_399

#85 I Build Myself A Loft Bed. It's My First Real Build. It Came Off Better Than Expected, Kinda Proud Of It

Image credits: EastFoxes

#86 Cedar Strip Canoe Complete! An Ambitious Quarantine Project

Image credits: digitalacid

#87 My First Skull Carving..i Wanted It To Be More Cartoonish Then Authentic More Like Army Of Darkness Skeleton..what Do You Think?

Image credits: KANTOR-WORKSHOP

#88 First Chair (Really First Furniture In General)

Image credits: Oldgreenshed31

#89 Yoga Stuff Shelf For My Wife

Image credits: Cum_Gazillionaire

#90 My First Vendor Show 3 Years Into The Hobby. A Big Milestone For Me

Image credits: korvality

#91 Just Finished An All Cedar Fence All On Our Own. Hands Don't Agree But Totally Worth It

Image credits: JimmyFu2U

#92 Our DIY Modern Fence

Image credits: daipoda

#93 My Soon-To-Be 4 Year Old Asked For A ‘Captain America Box’ For His Birthday; Here’s What He’s Getting. Walnut With Maple, Sapele, Teak And Indian Rosewood

Image credits: mw33212

#94 My New Mailbox

Image credits: mmdavis2190

#95 I Made A Snowy Peak Mountain Holder/Stand For My V60 (Coffee) Filters. Meranti Wood And Danish Oil. Only Cost About $15 For Wood, (And $1500 For Tools). Wife Loves It

Image credits: MaikeW

#96 Made A Guitar Out Of 45 Old Skateboard Decks. Turned Out Pretty Cool I Think

Image credits: windowlookinggood

#97 I Restored The Circa 1910 Door In My Room To Its Original Glory! It Was Covered In 4 Layers Of Latex Paint And Very Crusty Varnish! This Is My First Woodworking Project (I'm 14) And I'm Going To Try To Restore Our Other Original Doors!

Image credits: B_N07

#98 Ash Desk, My Work

Image credits: OlegVer

#99 About To Become A First Time Dad, So This Will Be The Last Humidor I Build For Some Time!

Image credits: andrew_l_makes

#100 This Awkward Little Gap Has Been A Mess For Ages. Perfect Spot For Some Made To Measure Woodworking

Image credits: FinRoo

#101 Outdoor Bench With A Built-In Planter I Built For My Girlfriend’s Birthday

Image credits: egeger

#102 New Sideboard I Just Finished Up

Image credits: AltheaTones

#103 A Few More Square Bowls I Did Earlier This Week

Image credits: perc___30

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