Travel Matte Pill Organizer Dispenser


Vendor: MaviGadget
Type: Pillboxes
Price: 12.99

Keep your pills safe, organized, and accessible with this handy pill box organizer. The travel pill box is ideal for medications, vitamins, and other small items. Ideal for travel, this pill box organizer features a strong plastic holder with a secure lid that helps prevent spills. Stored in compartments, designed to avoid light. Avoid mutual influence and deterioration of drugs. Keep medicines longer

  • Large capacity
  • Safe material, rest assured to use
  • Beautiful colors
  • Silicone seal, waterproof design
  • Exquisite and compact, easy to carry 


Product size: 9.5*5.7cm

Gross weight: 70g

Package Includes: 1 x pillbox

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