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Remember back in April I was at the vintage sale when Kelli called me and told me her water broke.  Well, I never showed you the goodies I got or told you about the sale so here, one month later, (Yep the boys are a month old as of today) I’m here to tell you about the sale.

I bought this magazine rack.

My idea is to keep my cross stitch projects in there like this…

I’m a sucker for old vintage… wooden boxes.  This was an old box that once some type of cigar box.  Someone saved the box, made a latch and some funky chain hinges.

I don’t have a specific place for it.  I think I am attracted to them as I love the make-do spirit that someone had to make this into a container rather than just toss it.

I bought this three-drawer little cabinet.  I’m going to find a place for this in my sewing room.  I really wanted a few more splashes of red up there and this is perfect for that.

I bought this little wooden box.  My intention is to mount a cross-stitch piece on it.

I bought fabric.  The toile and white were actually together as a pair of curtains.  I took them apart.  I paid $11 for them.  The fabric was like new.  The fabric is 54″ wide but will work up nice as a backing for my Red Sampler Quilt Along that Lori Holt is doing.  The red fabrics were $5.50 and $7.50.  When I bought them I thought they were the same print but they are not.  They must have been from the same fabric line.  There were 6 1/2 yards of one and 5 yards of the other.  I figured they will be backing someday.  I love red and can’t turn them down.

Check out the sewing box.  Oh my…LOVE!

I haven’t seen one in this style before with the spool holder at the bottom.

It came complete with one wooden spool.

I picked up a few more things to finish cross-stitch or punch needle projects.  Kelli has a few more things that needed finishing that I’m hoping to do for her.  I’m hoping a couple of these might work.

I bought this box with the Sunbonnet Sue on it.  I just love it!

I debated about buying it or not but it was cute.  Then I lifted the lid and look.  The same design is on the inside.  Wouldn’t it be cute to display some sewing notions of quilted pincushions inside.  I sure think it would.  The box was $7 I think…

I bought this too…oh my.  I love it.  I bought it with the intention of organizing my cross-stitch.  I have a cross-stitch update post coming up soon and I tell you more about it then.

I bought this metal box…I have cross-stitch in mind again.

It was a prescription file box…The lid opens.  The plan would be to use it for seasonal pieces.  I’d attach the current season to the front and put the “off-seasons” in the box.

I bought this frame.  I just loved it.  The details are really nice…again I was thinking of a cross-stitch piece.  Kelli has one she is stitching that might work with this.

I bought the gage for my brother.  I bought the scoop for dog food.

I plan to finish this box and use it in the living room for quilts.

The last thing I bought was a window and a fence.  Both are in the garage getting worked on so no picture but this is the idea.  As much as I’d love to say it’s my idea, it’s not.  The idea came from the Temecula Quilt Company’s Instagram page.  If you don’t follow them on Instagram.  I highly recommend it.

Check out the quilt display they made with an old window.

Here is how it was mounted.
The pieces I bought are smaller but it will be done the same way.  This project is on the list but low on it.  I need to sand, stain and varnish the pieces I bought.  It might wait until winter when there’s more time, but it’s on the list.  Isn’t this idea so cool??

I thought I’d share it with you all in case there’s a vintage sale in your area and you want to hunt for a window.  Around here the sales are only in the summer.

That’s what I bought.  I don’t have a lot of things in use yet.  Life’s been so crazy that I haven’t had a chance to get things done.

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