Women Share 72 Pieces Of Advice That Help Them Out In Life In This Online Thread


Life is a multidimensional game we are forced to play on one difficulty level only: completely effin brutal. Just when you think you gathered enough experience to level up and chill for a bit, the developers throw another curveball at you. So why not make it easier with a few cheats?

While we shared universal ones numerous times (like when we published 30 Life Hacks That Sound Terrible But Really Work), this set is exclusively for the ladies.

Reddit user FloydianCrazyDiamond made a post on the platform, asking, "What is your most used life hack as a woman?" and their plea was heard! From interpersonal relationships to shopping, the comment section under their question was quickly flooded with all sorts of pro tips.


Learn the power of saying the word “no”. Set those boundaries for yourself. Life-changing.

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This sounds weird, but...not being afraid to be rude.

Manipulative family members, gaslighting ex-partners, dudes on dating apps who keep pushing boundaries, random men who think they're entitled to a conversation, etc.

Some dude trying to talk to you while you're reading or listening to music or working out?

Flat, blunt rejections. An annoyed and sarcastic, "Can I help you with something?"

Some dude interrupted me reading a book to start talking to me about something I wasn't interested in (his Funko collection, and I hate the cheap and ugly little things and would rather pay more for a Figma or Nendoroid, but because I have geek hobbies...) and after repeatedly stating I dislike their aesthetic, I finally flatly replied with, "Wow, that was a really boring story."

Take being a called a c*nt or b***h confirmation that it works. If the dude throws a tantrum, don't engage. Just silently watch him. Maybe throw in a nonchalant, "I see that touched a nerve," when he's done if you've feeling sassy.

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Always pee after sex. Avoid unwanted UTIs!

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It isn't worth the distraction, mood-kill, bunions, foot pain, injured toes, or inability to walk.
You don't break shoes in, shoes break in your feet.
(taught to me by my podiatrist dad who has been in practice for 54 years.)

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Buy men's razors. They're more cost effective and they work better.

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Never be afraid that you might not find a better person that's why you settle for less. You always deserve better, and most, peace of mind.

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Bin the dating apps.. get cats.

You’re welcome.


Learning when someone isn't worth your time or energy. Save it for those who matter

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Stop buying shaving products and use cheap conditioner instead! It’s a closer shave somehow, and also moisturizes your skin.

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keep a backup purse or toletries bag in ur car dash filled with basics eg. deoderant, perfume, basic makeup, glasses cleaner (if youre blind like me), mini toothbrush and toothpaste, mini brush, some cash etc

It's saved my butt on numerous occasions such as impromptu meetings, having to stay over at a family members house, dates you may need to rush to etc

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When you can’t squeeze any more product out of a tube container (hand cream, moisturiser, body lotion, etc.), cut it in half using scissors. You’d be surprised how much product can be still in there - sometimes a few days’ or even a week’s worth.

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Cotton bud soaked in vanilla essence attached to your car aircon will make the car smell good for months for a low cost.

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When I’m not feeling so hot / sexy or when I’m stressing about meeting my own standards, I ask myself: what would a guy do?

The answer is usually much much less than all this.

So then I sit back, accept my existence and presence is a gift to everyone and enjoy!

This also works when someone’s arguing with me (so I selectively listen), or someone’s being demanding (I ignore half of it), or when I have plumbing issues (my natural smell is sexy so who needs a shower right?).

There it is. Being a guy. That’s my life hack.

You’re welcome.

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I sew my adjustable bra straps in place at the right size. No more straps always pulling looser and slipping off my shoulders

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Yourself and your family come before work. Always.


If you drop an earring or earring back while leaning over a sink, just put your hand over the drain as quickly as possible, don't try to catch the item. It's easier to cover the hole than it is to try and catch a tiny bouncy earring.

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Diva cups. I save so much money, and haven’t had a yeast infection since.

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Be polite and nice (in a non-harmful to yourself way) with strangers and people in general until they prove that they don't deserve good attitude.

If someone does something that is harming you, then you have all the rights to say "stop doing that". No need to wait until they realise, just say it when u need to.

If you feel like you want to go away from the convo, or u don't like what they are proposing (e.g. you're chatting and they ask u to send pics, or ask u out, or basically ask you do something u don't want to), then u can just say, "no, thank you" or even just "no" WITHOUT explaining. If they proceed to ask why and don't accept the answer "because i want/ don't want it that way", then chances are, they don't respect you. Situations are different, I'm talking about some generalised principles...

It might sound strange, but girls often go to extreme lengths to not hurt somebody else's feeling while forgetting to check if they are not being hurt by themselves. Always choose to love and care for yourself. ❤


When saying no to creeps didn’t work, I started screaming and acting crazy when they wouldn’t leave me alone. Shoos them off right away.


Have a chapstick and tampon in most locations you frequent. For example: room, office, car, etc.

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“No.” Is a complete sentence!


Finally started keeping the tampons I keep in my purse/bag in a plastic ziplock bag so they don’t rip to shreds in the bottom of my bag and get dirty


Towel after a shower: instead of wrapping and tucking one edge in your cleavage area -->wrap the towel around your body and fold the entire top edge down, all the way around you. I saw this way in the tv show Supernatural of all places and it's so much more secure.


For those who use shaving gel that come in aluminum cans: before you put it in the shower stall, use clear nail polish to make a thin coat all along the bottom rim of the can. Let it dry for a few minutes then put it in the shower stall. This will prevent the can from rusting at the bottom/leaving those rust colored rings.

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Dawn Powerwash. I know it is more expensive, but my god does it work and it cuts down on scrubbing. Also, you can use it to clean almost anything around the house. You could make a bootleg version of it by mixing some Dawn Platinum, rubbing alcohol and water in a spray bottle, but it is just easier to buy the refills. But it has to be Dawn - I will buy generic for most things but I'm ride or die for Dawn.

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Clean as you cook.

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Learned from my jeweler that dawn dish soap and a soft toothbrush will make your dingy jewelry sparkle! He was right! Don’t use on opals as they are soft stone


If you wear a lot of skirts, tuck your top into your tights then put your skirt on. It keeps your top in place and looks smoother and more flattering than if you put the top directly under the skirt.

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Vinegar to soften towels, you don’t want to use fabric softener as it builds up and makes the towels less absorbent. It also helps eliminates odors. Vinegar to remove soap scum and hard water marks from granite. Vinegar sitting out in a bowl to remove odors, like onions, bacon, seafood. Basically vinegar for the win! Also always keep spare underwear at work and in your car, women just need them!


When you wash your sheets, fold the top sheet, fitted sheet (or crumble it up like I do), and one of the pillow cases and slide them inside the other pillow case. This way, your sets never get separated.


Throw any citrus peel into the utensil bin of the dishwasher before turning it on. The heat and water will release the citric acid that degunks your dishwasher while cleaning it and make your dishes sparkly clean! It also smells amazing when you open the door.


Put a laundry basket in your trunk to carry your groceries inside. Helps especially if you forget your shopping bags at home!


Budget for pedicures, massages, hair cuts, waxing. if it’s self care, budget for it. taking care of yourself goes so far.

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Start wearing wide-toe shoes.


Period underwear. They are so much more comfortable than a pad or tampon, or even a cup (personal experience). No more leaking on heavy days!


If you’re in a hot/humid climate, wear period absorbing underwear. It also works as a great sweat absorber and helps prevent swamp booty lol.


Brush your (dry) hair before you wash it. There won't be as many loose strands to clean up afterward.


If your hair gets static in it, a quick fix is to rub a little lotion into your hands & then touch your hair, top to bottom. All the flyaways will settle down.


Have all your body measurements written in your smartphone notes. Feet length, standard bust-waist-hip, your height, wrist girth, finger girths, etc. Update them once a year, or when your body changes.

If you come across any clothes that fit you perfectly - write down brand and exact size, maybe also model name if that's something that the brand does have in stock at all times, like Levi's jeans.

This way, when you go online shopping, you can always check brand's size charts, especially regarding shoes, and increase your chances at picking right size. Don't forget to take fit into consideration - standard, oversize, slim, petite, tall...

Ever since i started doing this, my shopping skill improved immensely.

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Anyway one life hack I have is to put your pad on your underwear and leave it on the sink so it’ll be ready once you get out of the shower and it’ll be less likely that you’ll have an “accident.”

I’ve been doing this for years but I found out a lot of women don’t know about this hack. It makes things so much easier when you’re showering on your period.


I'm surprised how a lot of women didn't know about this, but, if you get blood on any clothes, material etc. You can use hydrogen peroxide to bubble it out, I've saved so many underwear and pants with it


Use an actual wet brush when brushing your wet hair. And start brushing from the bottom up.


Sticking a fork in the cream part of an oreo so I can submerge it completely without touching the milk


If you are struggling to open something, like a pickles container for example, just put the lid of the container under hot water for a minute. You'll be able to open it without anyone's help!


If you do not like water running down your arms when you wash your face in the bathroom sink, put a scrunchie on either of your wrists and it’ll absorb all of the water.


If your hairbrush is starting to collect some funky stuff, take it with you into the shower and clean it with hot water and a couple drops of shampoo


Bending my bobby pins just a tad (learned this from a hair stylist years ago). Think about it: your head is round. They form so much better to your head, hold hair better and don’t poke out due to being completely straight.


Using the hand vacuum to clean the crumbs off the stove.


Putting a sponge in the dishwasher to be cleaned, so that I don’t have to waste the sponges and throw them out as often


Invest in clothing with pockets.


I double up hangers. I have 3 tank tops on a hanger for example, or a button up with a tshirt on another. Saves me from buying hangers and saves closet room


If your shoes are rubbing against the backside of your heel , put deodorant on the edges of your shoes.


Baby powder can work as dry shampoo in a pinch.


I keep a toothbrush just for cleaning my hairbrush.


If you're unemployed/working from home/studying, get dressed and showered. It helps with your mindset and productivity a lot, in my experience.


Changing the duvet/quilt cover.

Turn the cover inside out, put your hands inside and find the top (pillow end) corners. Grab a duvet/quilt corner in each hand, then shake the cover down the quilt and it turns the right way.

Seriously turns an annoying job into a 30 second dream. You'll spend longer doing the snaps up than getting the cover on.


Deodorant in your bikini line is great for masking smells. I apply during my period and before going to the gym


Using a tooth brush to exfoliate my lips and also to brush back stray hairs (I have 3 toothbrushes haha, 1 for teeth, 1 for lps and one for hair)


A spare pair of flat shoes in the car in case a heel breaks.


When chopping onions keep a damp paper towel on the cutting board. No woman, no cry.


If you get thigh rub, baby powder on inner thighs is a miracle worker. same with under the stomach or under-arm irritation.


If you have long hair and carpet/rugs, run a squeegee or a rubber broom over the carpet to 'ball up' the hairs before you vacuum to prevent hairs from clogging up the brushes. If you only have a small rug and have access to rubber/silicone surgical gloves, put one on and run your hands along the rug to do the same thing.


For Moms. Diapers make great makeshift pads. Saved my butt more than once


I have different notification sounds for different apps and even different people in the same app - say, different sounds for my girl friends and my mom on whatsapp. This way i always know who's sent me a message without having to check it, if the phone is away and i can't/ don't want to go and check.


When I go shopping to Zara (for example), to skip lines, if I find something that I like, I scan the label to find it online to order it from there, and then just leave the store. It’s still fun shopping experience, but I don’t have to stand in line for 30 minutes.


Rubber band on a jar lid (or really anything needing traction to open)


When putting on lipstick - put your (washed!) index finger in your mouth and close it, then pull the finger out to get all the lipstick that might be on the inside of your mouth so it won't end up on your teeth


Continuous birth control method. I take a pill every day, zero breaks, and no period. I haven't had a period since 2013 and it's been lovely.


Put your bobby pins in a magnetic paper clip holder.


When applying eyeliner, draw the line with kohl pencil first before going over with liquid liner. I can never get the line straight when I just use liquid liner on it's own and find this helps.


If you apologise for how messy your house is, people will assume that it’s usually tidier. Works best when house is quite tidy already.


Eating mounds of fresh and raw produce every single day will give you a glowing and gorgeous complexion

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