Iron Moose & Pine Key Rack - Jewelry Holder - Pet Leash Hanger - Heavy Duty Metal Keychain Car Key Holder, Key Hooks, Key Hanger, Key Organizers


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Iron Moose & Pine Key Rack - Jewelry Holder - Pet Leash Hanger - Heavy Duty Metal Keychain Car Key Holder, Key Hooks, Key Hanger, Key Organizers

MADE in the USA! Supporting United States craftsman.
Hand crafted wrought iron, with a baked on flat black powder coating; lead free & rust resistant
Long lasting wrought iron for indoor or outdoor use.
Black oxide 1" #8 Phillips Pan Head Screws are included if required.
Decorate your entire living environment with the elegance of wrought iron. The metal used in our wrought iron products contain alloys of .01% to .29% carbon and iron. The silhouettes are cut from sheets of this low carbon wrought iron on a laser cutter and are then hand welded if needed, or hand bent, and then powder coated. A new modern and artistic way is how our products are made; appearing very different from the well-known medieval "hammer and anvil" look popular culture is accustomed to.

Wrought Iron Grapevine Key Rack :: Keep your keys right where you will find them, on a Key Holder. We have 40 different styles for you to choose from. Our key holders, with silhouettes ranging from 7.75"W x 4"H to 7.75W x 8"H, are made of solid wrought iron and all are coated with our flat black powder coating. We also provide matching switchplates and outlet covers to unify your decor. This product is completely USA made! Hand crafted with an iron finish in powder black. Mounting screws included. Product is sold individually. Add a charming, scenic northern country touch with this moose and pine silhouette key rack, and you'll also add the guarantee you'll never be late because you couldn't find your keys on the way out the door! If you have more than a few pairs of keys, organizing them to keep them from getting lost can be difficult without a key rack. Losing your keys can be a big pain in the neck, and keys tend to get lost in all kinds of places; everywhere from inside a drawer or under the couch, under the car seat and sometimes in even more obscure or strange places. Keys can be absent-mindedly lain down, and quickly forgotten about until it's time to start the car or lock the house. This wrought iron moose and pine rack for your keys is a fantastic and decorative way to organize your keys. You'll know where your keys are at all times when they are all hanging on this moose and pine wrought iron key rack. The pine and moose wrought iron key rack is a four prong key rack, so there is plenty of room for your car keys, the house keys, the garage keys, shop keys, keys to the boathouse or shed, and any other keys you need to keep handy. A great aesthetic pairing with this charming powder black wrought iron key rack is the wrought iron moose key ring, as suggested below. Put one on each of your key sets, and create a wrought iron moose and pine theme that will look great in any room. The wrought iron key racks come in 40 different

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