JustKey - Smart Key Holder Carbon Fiber - Best Key Organizer Keychain Set - Slim and Lightweight Compact Key Holder - with Faraday Bag - Stainless Steel Accessories & ONE KeyTool


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JustKey - Smart Key Holder Carbon Fiber - Best Key Organizer Keychain Set - Slim and Lightweight Compact Key Holder - with Faraday Bag - Stainless Steel Accessories & ONE KeyTool

JUSTKEY BECAUSE YOU DESERVE BETTER! We know how important is to have your Keys Organized. Free your pocket and get rid of the uncomfortable bulge of keys with our smart key holder. JustKey is the Perfect key organizer keychain with SMOOTH EDGES and Carbon Fiber body. NO more noise and holes in your pockets, JustKey keyholder holds up to 20 keys. Slimmer and Stronger our Smart Keychain comes with Stainless Steel screws, accessories & Faraday Bag to ensure you have the UNIQUE key holder organizer.
DESIGNED IN PARIS. With Ergonomics and Performance in mind, JustKey is the result of months of research and testing to provide you with the Best Key Holder Organizer KIT. Here is the right choice as your Compact Key Holder with amazing features: - lightweight and slim design to fit your pocket. - fits every kind of keys - comes with a nice Locking Carabiner detachable keychain easy to attach and lock your car key chain to JustKey - to become your Safe and Smart Keychain.
INCLUDED IS ALSO KEYTOOL a must have keychain tool with at least 10 functionalities that can help your daily tasks as: bottle opener, rope cutter, file, box opener, 3 size hex wrenches , 1/4 hex bit holder, flathead screwdriver, staple remover, paint lid opener, bicycle spoke wrench and so on. KeyTool is the right pocket tool - you can count on any occasion.
JUSTKEY -THE UNIQUE GIFT - perfect for any occasion. Offering or Receiving this compact key holder keychain will give you that feeling of the right thing at the right time. Bundled with Faraday Key Fob Protector, Stainless Steel KeyTool and carabiner our Amazing multitool key is set to help you discover its useful functionalities on your daily adventure. JustKey is Just Right.
QUICK ASSEMBLY: Using a coin or the KeyTool included you can easily have in seconds your Key Chain Holder ready to roll. Follow the Step by Step Assembly Guide provided and easily assembly the Slim or Expanded version that fit your needs. We Guarantee you will love JustKey as much as we do and if for any reason you are not fully satisfied, you will receive your MONEY BACK.

- Looking to free your pocket clutter Look no more for a better way to organize your keys. JustKey is designed to fit the most common keys into a slick and stylish design with a stronger structure and better accessories. We invested time and effort in testing it to make sure we perfected JustKey to be Just Right. - With JustKey we OFFER you the KeyTool The Unique Stainless Steel multi tool designed for at least 10 functionalities that can help you in any situation like:

  • bottle opener
  • rope cutter
  • file
  • box opener
  • 3 size hex wrenches
  • 1/4 hex bit holder
  • flathead screwdriver
  • staple remover
  • paint lid opener
  • bicycle spoke wrench 
  - JustKey Faraday Bag provides a complete signal blocker for your car key fob & Credit Cards by blocking RFID signals.    - Offering JustKey to someone you care about! JustKey is Just Perfect. Once you get JustKey and experience the advantage of having it always with you, you will realize how easy can be to make someone else happy!  - What’s in the box
  • Carbon fiber key organizer keychain (UNIQUE SHAPE) with stainless steel anti-loosening screws
  • One extra screw - No more problems if you lost one
  • Two pairs of Extensions - short and large
  • 25 spacers
  • Faraday Bag
  • Stainless Steel KeyTool (multitool key)
  • Stainless Steel Locking Carabiner
  • Assembly guide - easy steps described with pictures.
  - Assembly is NO rocket science and there is NO reason to STRESS - we did that -The picture-based guide that comes with our compact key organizer set is an easy to follow guide for anyone to be able to personalize it.

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