TABI Valet Tray for Men and Women—Includes 10 Compartments—Stores Small and Valuable Items—Unisex Velvet Jewelry Box with Cellphone Holders—for Watches, Keys, Wallet, Rings, Passport—11.2x10.8x3.2in


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TABI Valet Tray for Men and Women—Includes 10 Compartments—Stores Small and Valuable Items—Unisex Velvet Jewelry Box with Cellphone Holders—for Watches, Keys, Wallet, Rings, Passport—11.2x10.8x3.2in

HELPS YOU TO GET ORGANIZED- the dresser valet tray helps you in eliminating clutter from your dressing table and side table alike to help you get organized. It also saves you from the hassle of looking for your watch, keys, EDC wallet, or rings in the morning. You can simply set the valet tray on your dresser table, and you can arrange your essentials in the box. It also keeps your valuable away from dust, light, and moisture for preserving its composition.
PERFECT FOR STORING YOUR VALUABLE ITEMS: The valet tray comes with 10 individual compartments in various dimensions. Each compartment is designed to store your expensive valuables in place perfectly. It also features a compartment to store your smartphone in a safe slot. Each is further supplemented with soft lining, which keeps your precious items safe from any sort of scratch or damage. You can also store your passport or boarding pass into these compartments in case of an upcoming flight.
UPGRADE YOUR DRESSER’S APPEARANCE: A cluttered dresser’s table or side table looks uninviting, and it could misplace your precious items—which is not a good sign. Our jewelry box and watch holder uses the perfect dimensions of its built at 11.2 x 10.8 x 3.2 inches and it features a glass case to protect your valuables against dust and grime. The use of leather and base wood adds a posh appearance to the storage organizer, and it looks luxurious on your dresser’s table.
PORTABLE AND ACCESSIBLE ORGANIZER: The nightstand organizer features multiple compartments, which attribute to the portability and accessibility of the organizer. You can keep one valet tray organizer in your home, bathroom, or even in your office, and it would serve as an excellent tool to keep your accessories and valuables organized separately. The variety in the shapes and sizes of the compartments allow you to store several small sized accessories into the box.
MAKES THE PERFECT GIFT: Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to think of a proper gift to give to your loved ones. Our jewelry accessory box makes a perfect gift for men or women, and anyone can use it to their heart’s content for storing their jewelry or credit cards into it. The little lattice allows them to store their wallet, keys, money, and earphones, whereas, the large lattice can be used for storing smartphones or remote control.

Product Description: Nothing is more frustrating than running late for office or school if you cannot find your must-haves essentials on time. Anyone is likely to lose their keys or entrance cards if they are not kept in a safe place, and it could be beyond infuriating to not find your keys in its place. A majority of the people tends to leave their keys, credit cards, rings, and watches on a dresser’s table or side table, and such valuable items are likely to get swapped with the clutter on the table. It requires a person to invest in a fully-equipped storage tray, where they could store the items without any hassle.  The valet jewelry box is made using leather and wood base, and it features 10 compartments of various sizes and shapes to store your items in a handy way. It also keeps them safe in one place, so if you are running late for office or school—you can simply navigate through the accessories box to pick up your watch of the day. Our exclusively designed valet tray is equipped with an engraved soft lining, which protects your valuable items against any external damage. Sleekly Designed Organizer: The valet tray for men and women comes with a glass lid, which serves as an excellent way to preserve your items against dust, grime, light or moisture. Also, the section reserved for watches and bracelets is covered by a sleek glass lid to protect the items from dust and moisture. The valet box is made using premium-quality hard wood base, velvet, PU suede, hard glass, and it uses refined craftsmanship for its composition. Dimensions of the product: 11.2 x 10.8 x 3.2 inches Backed Up With 100% Money Back Guarantee: If you find any sort of defect or inconsistence in our product, you can reach out to us, and we will immediately refund you.

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