Tramanto Olive Wood Utensil Holder 6 Inch Tall


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Tramanto Olive Wood Utensil Holder 6 Inch Tall
Olive wood spice jar holds spices herbs salt sugar cooking ingredients

Unique beautiful wood grain each jar kind

Hand crafted single piece olive wood

Wooden lid protects inside contents provides easy access

Tramanto cucina oliva finest name olive wood accessories kitchen

Tramanto cucina oliva store kitchen utensils style with this wonderfully attractive olive wood utensil holder standing six inches tall stunning piece will provide easy access tools artful presentation why hide wares cluttered drawer make them part flow bring warm energy nature showcasing golden colors vibrant hues products even have lustre shine pops out real life historically has been prized greeks italians other mediterranean cultures region just durability beauty religious purposes well measures wide long product thirteen chefs listing only sale does include shown


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