Trenton Gifts 10" Reusable Plastic Paper Plate Holders | Set of 12 | Black


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Trenton Gifts 10" Reusable Plastic Paper Plate Holders | Set of 12 | Black
Turn flimsy heavy duty reusable -inch paper plate holders let pile food without spilling making mess whether using foam plates these plastic discs support distribute weight evenly more worrying about getting soggy will crack

Dishwasher safe these flexible yet strong polypropylene plate holders making them extremely easy clean after breakfast lunch dinner dessert just throw let machine hard work plastic will stay durable maintain shape even multiple washes

Easy snap-in grooves have designed these plate holders allow plates snap easily place each holder has just middle lock system keeps sliding off rsquo moving around eating food

Sturdy amp reusable bulk set plate holders lets feel good these plastic rewashed making them eco-friendly solution offer black rsquo have enough matching next family meal men women kids will thankful little extra support food

Great party camping accessories even coated paper plates let down make sure rsquo ready entertain bbq outdoor while during holiday events these plate holders thin making them easy pack picnic basket store kitchen cabinets offer black white other assorted colors

Paper plates huge convenience especially feeding lot people because goods disposable don have worry about doing dishes however many foam aren strong enough hold food may bend break even leak eat meal solution plastic plate holders turn basic durable with whether eating pie appetizers fish ribs cake chicken any other type these support balanced designed -inch round curved allowing them deep styrofoam just snap grooves around sides design helps distributing weight evenly secures keeping moving sliding while adults children alike will appreciate help avoid stains spills leaks dinner couch entertaining large crowd backyard bbq holiday party birthday bash another special occasion love camping access full range cookware serving value pack comes which gives matching next family get-together offer black white assorted colors forget fancy premium make ones already sturdy reliable

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