Weber 22" Master Touch Kettle


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Weber 22" Master Touch Kettle

The Weber Master Touch 22" Kettle is the only 22" kettle with a warming rack, this, this is the good life. For $50 more than the Original Kettle Premium, you get upgraded grates from hinged grates to the Gourmet BBQ System hinged grates, a warming rack, built in lid holder ring, and a pair of charcoal separators. Sounds like $50 well spent if you ask me.


  • 22 inch diameter primary cooking surface, equating to 443 square inches
  • An 80 square inch rounded warming rack - ooh la la!
  • Compatible with all Gourmet BBQ System accessories
  • Hinged cooking grates allow for reloading charcoal for longer cooks
  • Tuck-Away lid holder lets your lid act as a shield from wind and frees up your other hand for holding your beer.
  • A pair of charcoal separators, perfect for keeping stray lumps from falling out of your perfectly placed heaps when cooking indirectly
  • also available
  • is available - keep it safe from the elements with a weather-resistant cover!


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