YouCopia StoreMore Adjustable Bakeware Rack Pan Organizer


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YouCopia StoreMore Adjustable Bakeware Rack Pan Organizer

Brand: YouCopia

Color: White


  • Organize pans, platters, and cutting boards (not included) in the lower cabinet or pantry
  • Features 7 adjustable dividers to perfectly fit items so they remain upright and easy to find; Additional StoreMore Bakeware Wire Dividers sold separately (ASIN B01M0M0VON)
  • Strong coated steel wires fit securely into base; will NOT pop out or scratch pans
  • Soft non-slip feet hold everything in place inside the cabinet and round pans stay centered in base
  • No mounting or installation required for this cabinet organizer; Measures 7-1/2" D x 11-1/2" W x 6-1/2" H

Publisher: YouCopia

Details: The StoreMore Bakeware Pan Organizer Cutting Board Organizer allows you to organize pans, platters, cutting boards and more in lower kitchen cabinets. It features seven adjustable dividers to perfectly fit items so they remain upright and separated. It's easy to grab one thing at a time! Coated steel wires won’t scratch pans and soft feet hold everything in place. No mounting or installation required.

UPC: 899869002757

EAN: 0885521484368

Package Dimensions: 11.9 x 7.5 x 2.2 inches

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Mine is used for cookie sheets and cutting boards. Separaters do move when item shifts. Suggest not for use for big China or glass platters. 
By Rose H. on January 21, 2016
I have all my baking pans in it. Seems very sturdy. Just make sure you have firm connections. 
By Donna Lackey on January 21, 2016
It should be. I have several pieces of stoneware on it, and it supports their weight. 
By Kristen on January 21, 2016
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It definitely appears to be. Wish I had thought of that. I may repurpose the one I got to do just that. 
By Mary Greer on August 14, 2016
The dividers, which are fully adjustable, are sturdy, coated metal. Should hold up to casserole lids. 
By greg geno on August 19, 2016
I have a long cake dish and also a 8" cake dish in mine. They are both glass. It is sturdy and works for me. I love it. 
By Sandy on August 14, 2016
It will work for heavier glass casseroles, but I like it best for metal pans, cookie sheets and nylon cutting boards. That is really what it is designed for. 
By lokiwired on August 14, 2016
I use it for Baking Sheets and Cutting Boards, some of which are fairly heavy. These heavy items are not bending or lifting the frame. I supposed you could store glass casserole dishes depending on their width. I hope this helps. 
By Jackie S. on August 15, 2016
Yes it is very sturdy and adjustable which is the best part. I am very satisfied with this purchase. 
By CWL from Somerset on August 14, 2016
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We are happy to inform you that extra dividers are now available for order. 
By Dave B on November 23, 2016
Due to the size and cost of shipping, these are not carried on AMZN...but you can contact YouCopia directly for any additional dividers. Hope that helps. 
By MT BAKER MERCANTILE  on July 18, 2016
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I use mine to store lids and they stand up well. I didn't have room to stack the fry pans also. 
By Linda B on December 11, 2016
There is a "V" area where I believe the handles go that keeps them in alignment 
By J. A. Dukes on December 11, 2016
Hi Brent! Thank you for your interest in YouCopia StoreMore Adjustable Lid Holder. The holder is designed for easy organization of pot and pan lids. Should you wish to use the product to organize your pots and pans, we recommend placing them with the handles laying down the side. Please see sample pictures in the produ… 
By MT BAKER MERCANTILE  on December 11, 2016
We only use it for lids. 
By User89 on December 11, 2016