36 Items for a Happy, Healthy Home Office


Desk Setup Essentials 3

Mark Your Calendar

Plan your days and weeks in style with this poster-size wall calendar.Wall planner, $55, 313designmarket.comAdd this modern clock to your gallery wall to help you stick to a schedule and avoid working after-hours.Wall clock, $40, confectiondecor.comMajor Zoom gesticulator? Protect yourself (and your tech) from accidents spill-proof cup.Mug with lid, $15, WinnersWhen the days start to get shorter, boost your workplace ambiance with a candlelit glow.Ceramic Candlestick, $35, shophacienda.comSwap your Bics for these vibrantly designed fine ballpoint pens.Miami pen, $7,, be sure to get yourself a good ergonomic chairhere are our three top picks, all available in Canada.)Desk Setup Essentials 1

Work the Room

Pens, paper clips, sticky notes and chargers are all easy to store (and tote around) in this oak organizer.Draft caddy, $100, eq3.comNo more frantic searching for your pen with this minimalist oak pencil box.Pencil box, $40, eq3.comWhen youre looking straight at your monitor, the centre of your vision should line up with the centre of the screen. This laptop stand helps you do just that, while its ventilation function will ensure your computer doesnt sound like its about to take off into space.Ventilated laptop stand, $85, dskcustom.comHit play on your favourite podcast or concentration-boosting tunes, and enjoy them through this bright desktop speaker.Portable speaker, $45, 313designmarket.comGive your deskmate (a.k.a. your plant) a colourful home with this small pot, hand- painted in Vancouver.Planter, $40, pictusgoods.comThis terrazzo catch-all will give your many, many sticky notes a home base. 313 Design Market Pretti.Cool Sticki Note Holder, Marigold Terrazzo, $43, 313designmarket.comAdd texture to your office gallery wall with this woven art, handmade in Toronto.Handwoven wall hanging, $130, shophacienda.comThis adorable little air purifier will help remove airborne particlesincluding allergens, house dust, dust mites, pet dander, mould, viruses and bacteriato keep you breathing easy.Mila purifier, US$349,’s what working from home does to your body.)Desk Setup Essentials 2

Desk Jockeys

This wool coaster set will make sure your morning coffee, afternoon tea or ever-present water doesnt leave a ring behind.Coaster set, $24, pictusgoods.comIf your workspace is dim, your eyes will get more tired throughout the day due to straining, says Dr. Liza Egbogah, osteopath and chiropractor. Her advice? Get a desk lamp.This stylish desk lamp from Goodee is multi-functional and can be used as a wall sconce or a table lamp.Table lamp, $175, goodeeworld.comThis watercolour and pastel artwork boasts soothing colours and is sure to give your workspace with a feeling of calm.Wall art, $50, shophacienda.comThis sunny storage box will consolidate all your work essentials (and suggest that youre way tidier than you may actually be).Hachiman Storage Box, $20, chapters.indigo.caThis portable humidifier can help relieve dry skin, parched breathing pathways and sinus headaches, all of which will up your productivity.Portable humidifier stick, $10, WinnersLend your workspace a touch of natural texture with this oak pencil holder.EQ3 Forth Cup, $43, eq3.comOffice candles: totally a thing. Light this one when you find yourself feeling a little extra stressed.Obakki Candles, $35 for two, obakki.comThe family-run business behind this cast-iron candle holder has been making candles and stands in Japan since 1892.Obakki candle holder, $45, obakki.comKeep your notes, to-dos and other paper reminders safe from being swept away with this natural stone organizer.Paper holder, $40, out these other work-from-home must-haves that’ll help you be productive.)Desk Setup Essentials 4

Cool Corners

Not the most attentive with your plants? This mouth-blown recycled-glass planter uses a rope to draw water from one section to the next, keeping soil moist and your greenery thriving.Self-watering planter, $100, goodeeworld.comThis is not your average filing cabinet: With a mod shape and retro feel, this storage unit will make your workspace feel less like an office cubicle and more like the bosss quarters.Storage cabinet, $313, these three activities that’ll keep you fit while working from home.)Desk Setup Essentials 5

Break It Up

Lend your work chair a dash of colourand enjoy extra lower-back supportwith this handmade geometric pillow.Lumbar pillow, $145, shophacienda.comForty-five minutes is the absolute maximum amount of time you should be sitting before getting back up, Egbogah says. Relieve achy muscles during back-to-back meetings with these cork massage balls (but maybe turn the camera off).Massage balls, $34, chapters.indigo.caThis eco-friendly waterproof notebook is made from recycled stone.A5 Hardcover Notebook, Eucalypt (Lined), $25, goodeeworld.comThis refillable ink pen with an abstract print makes note-taking far more fabulous.Memphis Brush pen, $7, 313designmarket.comMatte on the outside, glazed on the inside, this terracotta mug is entirely safe for your dishwasher.Edge Cup, $39, goodeeworld.comStretch on this eco-friendly yoga mat a few times a day, which will help you work out back kinks and realign your posture before you move on to the next task. Plus, a portion of proceeds goes toward the non-profit Right to Play.Yoga mat, $95, scoria.caAdd a little extra weight to your wrists for everyday tasks and build muscle while you work. (They work on ankles, too.)Wrist weights, $65, chapters.indigo.caA distinct scent can help make your home office feel like its own unique space. We love sandalwood for getting into work mode. Slip your incense stick into this modern holder, which is made out of grey clay and accented with a white glaze.Incense holder, $26, pictusgoods.comNext: How to Create a Work-Life Balance When Youre Working From Home

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