10 Things I Love Sunday


Hi, friends. It’s our moving weekend, so as you read this we are hopefully waking up from our first night in our new home. Fingers crossed.

This move has been a marathon and we are really looking forward to a chill summer with family. I am working on a post with all my best moving tips, so look for that in the next few weeks.

Here are 10 things I am loving for summer!

1. I can’t believe “Succession” is ending today. It’s been my favorite television show for years. I’m grieving, honestly. I love this bag as a little fan merch.

2. Madewell is having a great Memorial Day sale—30% off. I am thinking of snagging this swimsuit. I’m very into wearing brown ever since I got my colors analyzed.

3. I have pre-ordered so many books lately, including: A Home for Every Season by Steffy Degreff and Feel Something, Make Something by Caitlin Metz.

Pre-ordering is the best way to support authors, and it’s also fun to sort of forget you ordered it and get a nice gift from yourself one random day!

4. I love Emma’s clay bead bracelet ideas. What are some craft projects you’d like to see on the blog this season??

5. I am VERY seriously thinking of ordering this small appliance. If you’ve tried it, please convince me one way or another.

6. I cannot wait to get these retro bath beads for my kids. They were such a fun memory from my childhood. Did you ever use these as a child? Pure 1990s joy!

7. I ordered the CUTEST sleepover beds for cousin sleepovers. How fun and memorable are these?

8. One of my favorite art prints from Etsy.

9. If your kids just got out of school like mine did, here’s a cute summer craft for them. We created over 100 cute kids projects on Childhood Magic.

10. The BEST moving boxes. I love that they don’t require any packing tape and they are strong enough to carry stacks of heavy books.

P.S. Here are a some recent posts in case you missed them!

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