14 Egg Recipes for Babies and Toddlers


It’s no doubt that eggs has been a part of any family’s lives. It’s a universal need, I guess. Imagine how the baking or pastry industry would thrive without the presence or touch of eggs. Even in our daily lives, our breakfast isn’t complete without it! Not to mention the fact that it’s a great source of high quality protein. Even in any sort of cooking, eggs are an important and versatile ingredient as their specific chemical composition is literally the glue of many baking reactions. In this blog, I’ll fill you in on fourteen simple egg recipes for kids with eggs as the star!

French Toast and Fruit Kebabs Recipes4

Veggie Loaded French Toast Skewers

This recipe for veggie-loaded french toast skewers with fruit makes eight skewers and includes milk, spinach, red pepper and some gorgeous fruit making it a delicious lunch for anyone and a real treat for going back to school. As well as this, it’s easy to make, and will only take a few minutes.

Recipe By: Baby Led Feeding

Bacon, Cheese & Chives Egg Muffins.

While you may think this recipe is ideal for breakfast, egg muffins can also be good to devour at lunch time. Sometimes, we enjoy it as snacks too. But either of the two, egg muffins are highly versatile and good to eat any time of the day! Considering the different variations or combinations of ingredients of egg muffins, this one is a combination of bacon, cheese and chives. A combination which I’m sure the kids will love! Gather all the ingredients and make your own now! 

Recipe By: My Fussy Eater

Ham & Egg Noodle Soup.

Having leftovers isn’t avoidable, especially with presence of kids at home. One of the reasons why we have leftovers from dinner last night is because of the kids not feeling like they want to eat. Blame it to their tantrums or mood swings. So here’s a great recipe to make in case you have leftover ham. Very quick to pull through, this ham and egg noodle soup makes a healthy dinner for kids. Pull this one off by learning how to cook your own! 

Recipe By: My Fussy Eater

Baby Led Feeding Veggie Loaded Quiche Recipe Images7

Veggie Loaded Spinach, Pepper & Herb Quiche for Baby Led Weaning.

Stock up your freezer with this make ahead veggie loaded quiche for baby led weaning. If you’re like me, any recipe that is healthy, baby can feed himself without making a huge mess, and I can batch cook and freeze for a quick baby led weaning lunch I considered AMAZING in my book 🙂 

Recipe By: Baby Led Feeding

Cute & Easy Boiled Egg Animals.

Who wouldn’t love this one? Your fussy eater toddler will surely giggle over this recipe. Well, for those of you who doesn’t get this, these are just boiled eggs creatively crafted into animals. Pretty fun to do! Recreate this quick and easy recipe for breakfast and the toddlers will enjoy breakfast for the first time! 

Recipe By: Eats Amazing

Eggy Bread Fingers.

This one is for simple eggy bread fingers.  Served with some fresh fruit and a dollop of natural yoghurt, they make a delicious healthy meals for kids during breakfast or brunch.  Sure enough, your six year old small child will proudly cook these up for the family and serve all by himself! Gather your kids and let them try this one at your kitchen! 

Recipe By: Eats Amazing

Boiled Egg Mouse.

Another animal-inspired boiled egg, this boiled egg mouse is a winner. If the kids loved the bunny and bee animal-inspired boiled egg, then this mouse will also win their hearts! Among other animals, cats are also one animal that kids would love to pet, aside from dogs of course. So, this recipe is not only fun to do, but can also make a healthy food for kids, especially in the morning. 

Recipe By: Eats Amazing

Oven Baked Mini Spanish Omelettes.

These bite-sized omelettes are baked in a muffin tin and make great finger food for picnics and lunch boxes. Combined with some potatoes, this recipe makes a great food for your toddlers. Try this at home! 

Recipe By: Eats Amazing

Cheese & Tomato Omelette Muffins.

Pretty similar with the oven baked mini Spanish omelettes, this recipe is also a must-try for the kids! With tomato and cheese being a combo, it’s surely going to be a hearty meal for the little ones. Make your own

Recipe By: Eats Amazing

Rainbow Omelette Cakes Recipe.

This baked omelette recipe is a great easy recipe for kids to cook too, as there are no hot frying pans involved – you simply pour your mixture into silicone muffin cups, pop in the oven and bake.  You can also sneak in lots of lovely vegetables – who wouldn’t want to eat a rainbow?! Learn how to recreate this. 

Recipe By: Eats Amazing

Cauliflower Cheese Egg Muffins.

These cauliflower cheese egg muffins are perfect for giving kids a veggie loaded breakfast, snack or light meal. If your kiddos’ fall into the ‘picky’ by nature club then, by all means, keep these muffins plain, the cauliflower pretty much disappears. But if you want the muffins to be a bit more loud and proud when it comes to their vegetable content then add spinach leaves or tomatoes to the top for a bit of colour. Try this one at home with your kiddos! 

Recipe By: My Kids Lick the Bowl

Eggy Bread Kebabs.

Most kids love food on sticks, it just makes eating a little more fun. Don’t you just want to see your kids loving their self-prepared food? This eggy bread kebabs are easy to make and sure enough, kids will love to get involved in preparing this one. Let them try this at home! 

Recipe By: Healthy Little Foodies 

Easy Peasy Baby Frittatas.

Another one of the easy dinner recipes for the family, is this one! This egg recipe is perfect for lunch. Who says lunch doesn’t have to be nutritious? Eggs aren’t just ideal for mornings, but during lunch as well. From scrambled, boiled, fried, eggy bread muffins, cakes, pies and of course frittatas – eggs are one of the favourite favourite go-to super foods – especially for some kids. Recreate this simple egg recipe with your kids. 

Recipe By: Baby Led Feeding 

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