20 Work-From-Home Lunches That Are Anything But Boring


Whenever I’m working from home, I try to make extra sure that I take a break during the day and eat something for lunch. Unlike when you’re in the office, it can be so easy to get swept up in the busyness of a workday at home and just skip a real lunch entirely. A lunch break should be, in my opinion, something to look forward during the day—a nice little break with a meal you look forward to eating to let you really step away from work, not a sad salad you eat in front of your computer as fast as you can. Work-from-home lunches can be even better than office lunches because you don’t have to worry about getting them to the office, food getting soggy while sitting around, or getting judged by your coworkers for bringing homemade celery soup like I did.

The art of the work from home lunch is about two things: using your resources (like your fridge and freezer) and planning ahead just a little bit. If your kitchen is stocked with the staples you’ll need, it’ll be much simpler for you to whip up a show-stopping lunch in no time. The highlight of your work from home day might be something little like your ability to sleep in a bit, your lack of commute, or even your lunch break—but with lunches like these, you won’t even care.


1. Sweet Potato and Black Bean Freezer Burritos

Source: Chantell and Brett Quernemoen for My Name is Yeh


2. Tossed Salad Niçoise With Lemony Tarragon Dressing

Source: The View from Great Island


3. Instant Pot Vegan Red Lentil Soup

Source: Fox and Briar


4. Mexican Quinoa Bowl

Source: Oh So Delicioso!


5. Tomato Soup with Poached Eggs

Source: Brooklyn Supper


6. Pimento Chicken Salad

Source: The Defined Dish


7. Salmon Sushi Bowl

Source: Kitchen Sanctuary


8. Thai Chicken Soup with Spring Vegetables

Source: Christal Sczebel | Nutrition in the Kitch


9. Kale Quinoa Salad with Pomegranate

Source: Simply Quinoa


10. Creamy Mushroom Cauliflower Gnocchi

Source: The Defined Dish


11. Chicken Pesto Sandwich

Source: Oh So Delicioso!


12. Fried Rice with Asparagus and Peas

Source: The View From Great Island


13. Chopped Crispy Citrus Chicken Salad

Source: Running To The Kitchen


14. Gruyere and Roasted Tomato Tartines with Garlic Butter

Source: Brooklyn Supper


 15. Chicken and Avocado Pesto Salad

Source: A Saucy Kitchen


16. Oven Baked Eggs

Source: Fox and Briar


17. Greek Chicken Pita Wrap

Source: The College Housewife


18. Cream-less Corn Soup with Lime Crema and Basil

Source: With Salt & Wit


19. Ham and Cheese Croissant with Honey Mustard Glaze

Source: Kitchen Sanctuary


20. Spicy Chicken Ramen Soup

Source: The College Housewife


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