29 Tasty Vegan Mushroom Recipes


In this collection of vegan mushroom recipes you will find pot pies, burritos, gyros, and tacos, just to name a few.

As you can see, mushrooms can be used in a huge variety of ways.

And even better, Healthline reports that mushrooms are, “fat-free, low-sodium, low-calorie, and cholesterol-free. They’re also packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals.”

That makes a great ingredients for a whole host of healthy diets.

And yes, mushrooms are vegan friendly. So read on to see some of our favorite vegan mushroom recipes. Let us know your favorite in the comments.

Vegan gravy in white bowl sitting next to plate of vegan biscuits

1. Vegan Biscuits and Gravy

Satisfy your hearty breakfast craving with this nutritious vegan biscuits and gravy recipe. Whole wheat flour biscuits are smothered in a deliciously rich oyster mushroom gravy. This breakfast is packed with flavor and comfort!

Mushroom stew in black bowl

2. Savor the Delightful Goodness of Mushroom Stew

Enjoy this umami-rich mushroom stew that’s packed with vitamins and minerals. A warm tomato broth simmers with fragrant spices until the stew bubbles and vegetables become tender—an excellent dish to enjoy on a cool evening. 

delicious vegan burrito on black cutting board

3. Insanely Delicious Vegan Burrito 

This burrito bowl is a filling and easily customizable recipe that combines fresh ingredients with protein-rich meat alternatives like beans, mushrooms, and cashew cheese. This vibrant bowl can be enjoyed with white or whole wheat tortilla. 

4. Vegan Mushroom And Fennel Ceviche

Tantalize your taste buds with this zesty mushroom and fennel ceviche. Tangy citrus, chilies, and ginger awaken button mushrooms into a lively yet simple dish that will amaze you. No cooking is required; this assemble and chill recipe is perfect for summer lunches and potluck dinners. 

5. Garlic Mushroom Cauliflower 

A single skillet dinner that will make your mouth water. This caramelized cauliflower and mushroom dish is packed with pungent garlic and comfort. A generous portion of fresh parsley balances the heaviness with a herbal note that genuinely takes the dish from good to great. 

6. Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed mushrooms are a crowd favorite, and this vegetable-packed medley is no exception. Ideal for holidays, appetizers, or special occasions, these mushrooms are an excellent finger food. Grated carrots adds a sweet and fun texture, while the classic panko bread crumbs, garlic, and vegan parmesan do not disappoint!

7. Mushroom Sage Orzotto

Try this unique barley-based risotto for a chewy, nutty dish with sage, onion, and sauteed mushrooms. Orzotto is a labor of love that, with every slow turn of your spoon, becomes creamier. Enjoy with a garnish of vegan parmesan. 

8. Gnocchi Mushroom Florentine

Hot doughy potato gnocchi bobs in a bath of creamy mushroom florentine in this delicious recipe. The dish is dotted with wilted spinach, an ideal balance of starch, decadence, and vegetables! This florentine is a beautiful dish that will surely become your favorite. Enjoy with a dusting of chili flakes for an elevated flavor. 

9. Portobello Mushroom Gyro 

Marinated portobello mushrooms take center stage in this pita bread-wrapped gyro. Paired with fresh tomato, lettuce, and creamy vegan white sauce, this sandwich is a winning recipe for adults and kids alike. Transport your taste buds to the Mediterranean and indulge in a lip-smackingly good lunch. 

10. Lentil Mushroom Meatballs

Packed with protein, these lentil and mushroom meatballs elevate any meal they accompany. A gluten-free and vegan recipe that is easy to make with simple ingredients. Lentils add a nutty flavor, while shiitake and oyster mushrooms add a familiar unami depth that mimics meat nicely. 

11. King Oyster Scallops

Have fun with this copycat scallop recipe — sliced oyster mushrooms bubble in a marinating hot broth infused with seaweed. The flavorful bath gives the mushrooms a slightly oceanic taste. Once pan-seared, these mock scallops go perfectly alongside shaved asparagus. A gorgeous meal that’s perfect for date night. 

12. Vegan Mushroom Stuffing

This versatile mushroom stuffing is a great side dish or accompaniment to any main meal. Bread, mushrooms, and sauteed vegetables combine to create a moist yet crunchy filling that will surely impress! Enjoy alone, inside a stuffed pumpkin, with vegan gravy, or more; the variations are endless.

13. Mushroom Carnitas Tacos

Spice up your taco Tuesday with this playful mushroom recipe. Carnita seasoning creates a delicious mushroom that adorns a soft street taco tortilla deliciously. Enjoy with avocado, shredded cabbage, and chipotle mayo for a taco experience you will love. 

14. Leek Mushroom Pie 

Preheat your oven and pop in a puff pastry-coated vegan savory pie for Sunday dinner. A gravy-like filling of creamy leek and sauteed mushrooms is swaddled in a flaky pastry and baked until golden brown. This fully vegan recipe will impress even your carnivorous friends! 

15. Crispy Sesame Shiitake

Take your taste buds on an adventure with this Asian-inspired dish. Chewy shiitake mushroom is coated in a spicy soy glaze and sprinkled with white sesame seeds. Creating a deep, umami, sweet, and spicy flavor. This satisfying dish goes great with steamed rice.

16. Baked Potatoes With Mushroom Spinach Gravy

Generously coat baked potatoes with creamy mushroom and spinach gravy for a heartwarming dish the whole family will love. Simple potatoes are perfect for a rich, comforting, filling sauce. Balsamic and almond butter adds an unexpected depth to the dish, making it even more nurturing. 

17. Mushroom Vegan Lasagna 

A one-pan lasagna that bubbles and bakes until golden brown perfection! This dish is worth keeping in your weekly rotation. This ultra-delicious gluten-free recipe features layers of satisfying mushroom bolognese and melted vegan cheese – so tasty!

18. Lemon And Thyme Mushroom Dirty Fries

“Dirty” fries are all the rage, and this mushroom variation keeps it trendy. Lemon and thyme perfume the sauteed mushrooms, while a generous sprinkling of vegan cheese keeps it naughty yet good! Enjoy this special dish as a flavorful comfort meal. 

19. Oyster Mushroom Shawarma 

Craving meat but looking for a creative vegan alternative? This mushroom shawarma is a culinary masterpiece. Aromatic spices, including cumin, cinnamon, smoked paprika, and oregano, create a flavor bomb in each mouth-watering bite. 

20. Vegan Mushroom Quiche

Adorn your Sunday brunch table with this beautiful vegan quiche. Tofu, mushroom and butter lettuce combine to create a moist egg-like filling that sits in a flaky pie crust. This brunch ready dish is equally delicious warmed or at room temperature. 

21. Mushroom Lentil Loaf

Slice a hearty portion of this stick to your rib mushroom lentil loaf. A protein-packed main dish  that plays at your heartstrings with a nostalgic spiced ketchup glaze. This dinner recipe will invite you on a tasty walk down memory lane. 

22. Hoisin Mushroom Gua Boas

Explore a dish outside your everyday rotation with these homemade steamed rice buns. Gluten-free spongy steamed bread is filled with savory hoisin mushrooms and pickled carrots. This flavor bomb combination excites your taste buds and invites you to a culinary adventure. 

23. French Dip Sandwich

A French roll, sliced and packed with marinated mushrooms, is a delicious meal. However, this recipe takes it further with a flavorful mock-beef broth that soaks into the bread and flavors each bite. Enjoy eating this sandwich one dip and bite at a time. 

24. Mushroom Onion Potato Pot Pie

Warm your kitchen with the comforting aroma of this pot pie. A creamy filling made of stewed mushrooms, garlic, and potato that’s perfumed with lemon and garlic is tightly secured into a flaky layer of puff pastry. An all-in-one meal that will make you lick your plate clean!

25. Mushroom Stuffed Acorn Squash

Mushrooms boast a beautiful earthiness while accompanying sweet acorn squash. The two flavors bounce off each other in a perfect marriage in this fall-inspired dish. With only seven ingredients, this well-balanced dish is ideal as a main course or side dish. 

26. Pulled Shiitake Mushroom BBQ Sandwich

This pulled shitake mushroom sandwich will impress meat eaters and vegans alike. Slow-cooked mushrooms are bathed in a sweet, tangy BBQ sauce that takes center stage. The pulled shitake is topped with a few fresh ingredients on a pillowy soft hamburger bun – so good!

27. Mushroom Chestnut Bisque

Enjoy this sophisticated bisque for your next lunch or dinner. Sweet toasted chestnuts create a creamy and flavorful base, while mushrooms add a satisfying depth to the soup. Pureed until thick and smooth, this soup is elegant and ideal for a refined palate. 

28. Vegan Chicken Fried Mushroom

Breaded filets of mushrooms make for a delicious baked dish. Crispy on the edges and moist inside, this mock-chicken recipe goes great, coated in rich gravy — a guilt-free, baked version of a home classic.  

29. Chunky Portabella Burger

Turn your bbq to high and enjoy a mouth-watering veggie burger. This portabella burger has fun textures and flavors, creating a brilliant patty that goes great with your favorite burger toppings. An easily customizable recipe that is meal-prep friendly. 

29 Tasty Vegan Mushroom Recipes

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