Cooking with Cauliflower Stems (Gobhi Ganthals)


Cooking with grated cauliflower stems (ganthals)

Before you discard those cauliflower stems (ganthals) and their hard leafy coverings, think again. You can use them to create a fantastic dish, a bhurji that you would love (see the pic on the top). It’s easy to make; plus, it is versatile. Add it to cooked macaroni or Maggie noodles. Or use it to make sandwiches and parathas. Or just eat it with rotis, parathas, or bread. Here is the recipe.


1. Soak the vegetables (ganthals and their hard leafy coverings) in water for 10 minutes.

2. Wash the vegetables properly and ensure they are clean. Put them in a sieve to let the water drip out.

3. Grate the vegetables.

4. Heat a karahi. Add half a teaspoon of heeng and one tablespoonful of whole coriander seeds. Don’t let them burn. Add the vegetables right away.

5. Add some turmeric powder, salt and red chilli powder as per taste.

6. Cover the karahi with a glass cover and stir intermittently. Add some green peas. I used frozen peas.

7. Once the vegetables are tender, switch off the gas. Your gobhi ganthal bhurji, as we call it in Hindi, is ready. Enjoy!

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