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TGIF! I have taught a whole lot of yoga this past week and have been working hard to prepare for my fall teacher training at VIDYA that kicks off in just a few weeks. It was a great week but I am looking forward to some downtime and hanging out with Finn this weekend!

now foods

Before I can officially kick off the weekend, I’m participating in a virtual brand immersion today with NOW. This was originally supposed to be an in-person event at their Chicago headquarters but due to COVID it was moved to a virtual event. So far, it’s been super informative and engaging. I’ll have more to share (and some giveaways!) soon.

Finn had a lot of fun helping me unpack all of the products!

golden retrievers

I’ve got three pups in my house again. Bear is here to stay for about 10 days while his family is on vacation.

walking three dogs

I attempted walking all three of them and it went much better than I anticipated! I am sure we were a sight to see.

And now…I’ve got a few recent eats for you!


yogurt bowl with peaches and figs

I usually love breakfast but haven’t been much in the mood for it lately. I have mostly been eating simple things like bagels, toast, scrambled eggs, fruit but one morning I did make this yogurt bowl. It was plain yogurt, honey, granola, fresh figs, peaches, dried cranberries and almond butter.


tomato and avocado toast

Lots of delicious lunches over here! Toast with mayo, avocado and yellow tomatoes with peaches and figs on the side.

turkey pita sandwich

Whole wheat pita with mayo, avocado, turkey, provolone, cherry tomatoes and a spinach/arugula blend tossed with olive oil, lemon juice and sea salt.

homegrown tomato toast

Toast with mayo, tomatoes and sea salt and peaches. These are the best peaches I’ve had this summer!

salad with cedar's feta dip

Spinach/arugula blend tossed with olive oil, balsamic and sea salt and topped with avocado, turkey, tomatoes, hearts of palm, pistachios and Cedar’s new feta dip. You will see in the meals to follow that I have been putting this stuff on everything!

avocado toast with cottage cheese and cherry tomatoes

Avocado toast with cottage cheese and cherry tomatoes.


salmon, okra and potato sheet pan dinner

Sheet pan dinner with okra, cherry tomatoes, baby potatoes, salmon, olive oil, sea salt and Dizzy Pig seasonings.

metabolic meals chicken dinner

Mashed cheesy cauliflower with corn topped with chicken tenders, avocado, tomatoes, shredded cheese and a little bit of ranch. The cauliflower and chicken was from a Metabolic Meals meal that I pulled out of the freezer. I added the other stuff. It made for a wonderful and easy dinner.

couscous, chicken sausage and veggie bowl

Parmesan couscous with sautéed zucchini, squash, onions, portobello mushrooms and feta/spinach chicken sausage. Cedar’s hummus and feta dip on top with some hot sauce.

couscous and chicken sausage salad bowl

Mixed greens topped with the leftover zucchini/squash/sausage mix with feta dip, tomatoes and caesar dressing.

Whole Foods 365 barbecue chicken pizza

Frozen barbecue chicken pizza. This is Whole Foods 365 brand and I added a little extra cheese. I ate this at 10p one night when Finn wasn’t feeling well and I was trying to comfort him.

burger bowl metabolic meals

Finally, this was another Metabolic Meals meal that I pulled out of the freezer. It was a burger topped with fontina cheese with broccoli and pistachios. I served it over some rice I cooked for Finn and added avocado, feta dip and hot sauce.

I was gifted a box of Metabolic Meals about a month ago and I put most of them in the freezer because I couldn’t eat all of them before the best by date. I am so impressed by the portion size of the proteins, how well the meals freeze, how well they reheat and how good they taste for being fully cooked and ready-to-eat. They’ve been a lifesaver for nights that I’ve felt tired or the fridge is empty.


mashed avocado and cottage cheese snack

This was an awesome snack! Half an avocado mashed with cottage cheese and served with cherry tomatoes and Wheat Thins.

salted fudge brownie sundae

Finn and I made my salted fudge brownies last Sunday and we’ve been enjoying them all week. One night I went all out and had a brownie sundae with warm brownies, vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup.


What have you been eating for breakfast lately? 

Favorite ways to eat/cook/bake with peaches? 

What do you have planned for the weekend? 

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