Holiday Gift Guide 2019


Need some amazing gift ideas for Christmas? I have ideas for the foodies, gym rats, photographers and besties in your life!

Holiday Gift Guide 2018 -Need some amazing gift ideas for Christmas? I have the BEST ideas for the foodies, gym rats, photographers and besties in your life! | #Foodfaithfitness | #giftguide #christmas #fitness #health

PIN Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Helloooo friends!

Can you believe Turkey Day is so late this year?!

If youre anything like me, you still havent done your Christmas shopping, so I am here to help! Just like the past few years, Ive rounded up a few of my favorite items in different categories that I think would make some amazing gifts for the loved ones in your life!

Or, you know, YOURSELF I wont tell your secret.

So, heres some of my current favorite things!

Just click the link to be taken to the item (most are Amazon links since I assume most people use Amazon these days!)

Holiday Gift Guide 2018 -Need some amazing gift ideas for Christmas? I have the BEST ideas for the foodies, gym rats, photographers and besties in your life! | #Foodfaithfitness | #giftguide #christmas #fitness #health

Instant pot I didnt want to like my Instant Pot because it seemed like SUCH a fad. BUT, I cant lie, I LOVE IT. It just does so much and I use it for a ton of stuff. If youve got a smaller kitchen and are tight on space, this gadget is FOR YOU.

Air Fryer Okay, I love my Instant Pot but I REALLY REALLY love my air fryer. It is a permanent staple to my counter top and I honestly use it almost every day. It makes the BEST roasted vegetables and crispiest fried chicken. You can also just bake small things in it! I LOVE how juicy it makes my baked salmon!

Blendtec Although the Blendtec is a pricey blender, I really do think its worth it. It makes SUPER creamy, not chunky smoothies and I lovelovelove the soup setting. I dont really use it for soup, but for hot chocolate! It makes it warm and SO frothy!

Kitchenaid Do I REALLY need to tell you why I love my kitchenaid stand mixer? Its beautiful and does just about anything you need in the baking world!

Ice cream Attachment Like I said, the Kitchenaid does EVERYTHING. This attachment is for the kitchenaid and makes the creamiest ice cream! The only downside is it has to chill 24 hours before using, so you need to plan ahead. I always just leave it in my freezer so its ALWAYS ready!

Meat Grinder Attachment Another Kitchenaid attachment. Mr. FFF and I have been REALLY into making our own sausages lately! This grinds the meat, as well as stuffs it into the casing (if you chose to use casings!) It is also SO easy to use and easy to clean to. WIN.

Griddle You guys KNOW that I love me some pancakes. I used to always make them in a frying pan and didnt realize how much harder that is than a flat, no-sided griddle! I love how big this one is because you can do lots of things at once! Pancakes, bacon, eggs etc!

Ceramic Knife Set I am OBSESSED with these knives. They are SO sharp and cut things SO smoothly and easily. I use these 10000 times a day, for real. A good set of knives is REALLY important for cooking, and these are my fav!

3 Cup processor Were only a family of 2, so I dont always need a big food processor! This little guys comes in fun colors (I have the hot pink one!) and does a ton! It is ALWAYS on my counter top. Its my favorite for making a small batch of cauliflower rice or chopping onions! NO CRYING!

10 cup food processor Some times you need a big food processor and this is what I use. I love that part of the lid comes off, so you can stream things in while the food processor is running, or scrape the sides down!

Kitchen scale Youve probably noticed I always tell you to weigh your flour. It really IS key to getting the best outcome for your baked goods! Every measuring cup can vary, and how you pack flour in can vary, so weighing will ensure consistency! I use this scale ALL THE TIME.

Cookie Scoop Spring loaded and SO easy to use! This cookie scoop makes perfectly circular cookies and is dish washer safe!

Muffin Scoop Ever wondered how to get the PERFECT domed muffin top? Use a muffin scoop instead of spooning the batter into your pan!

Inspiralizer Eating veggies is WAY more fun when theyre spiralized! I use this one to make all my spiralized veggies. I love that it has different thickness settings as well as it anchors to the counter top so it doesnt move around as you crank it!

Holiday Gift Guide 2018 -Need some amazing gift ideas for Christmas? I have the BEST ideas for the foodies, gym rats, photographers and besties in your life! | #Foodfaithfitness | #giftguide #christmas #fitness #health

Affitnity Gym Shorts I have been wearing these shorts for like 5 years. Yep, the same pairs. These last SO LONG even if you wash them a lot. And theyre super cute, SO comfy and not TOO short but also not too long.

Affitnity Sports Bra I really love all Affitnity clothes, but the shorts and this sports bra are my favs. I have this bra in a few different colors because its so cute, comfy and also SUPPORTIVE.

Trutein Protein Powder This is on the gift guide every year because I have used it for 6 years. I LOVE IT. It comes in some really fun flavors (like birthday cake and lemon meringue pie!) and also the standard chocolate and vanilla. Its made from grass-fed dairy, no artificial sweeteners and is low carb too! It mixes SO well in water or almond milk too!

Orgain Plant Protein This is Mr. FFFs favorite protein, since he cant do dairy. It also comes in great flavors, mixes well and doesnt have a real planty taste like a lot of plant proteins do!

Kettle bells Short on time but wanna get a workout in? Kettlebells are my GO TO! You can do them from home and you get a fantastic weight AND cardio workout all in one, in a short period of time. There are tons of great kettlebell workouts online to try!

Bluetooth Headphones I dont know what took me so long, but I just got some of these this year. For the past 7 years I have listened to the music that the gym plays which is NO GOOD. Now I can choose what I listen to (Skillet usually!) and these stay charged for a long time! Love them!

Femme Fitale Fitness gloves These also make the list every year, because I continue to wear them. Ive only had to replace them once in 8 years and I use them 4-5 times a week, lifting pretty heavy! They are super cute (I have the cheetah print ones!) and super comfy too! Who says you cant look cute while sweating!

Versa Gripps Another every year one! I have had the same pair of Versa Grips for 8 years because they keep on lasting! They are like lifting straps, but about 100000 times easier to use, since you dont have to wrap them weirdly around the bar. They also give your hands a break so that you grip strength doesnt give out before your muscles. I can lift SO much heavier with these than if I just used my grip strength its insane!

Holiday Gift Guide 2018 -Need some amazing gift ideas for Christmas? I have the BEST ideas for the foodies, gym rats, photographers and besties in your life! | #Foodfaithfitness | #giftguide #christmas #fitness #health

Canon 6D Camera This is the camera that I currently use and have been for about 4 years. I absolutely LOVE it. It takes great photos and is really easy to use. Its also reasonably priced for being such a great camera! Its full-frame, which has been a GAME CHANGER for my photography as you can see SO MUCH more of the scene!

100mm Macro Lens This is the lens that lets you get THISCLOSE to the food, and really creates that mouthwatering-need-it-now food photo! If you know someone who has practicedpracticedpracticed, and is ready to take their photos to next level, they NEED this lens! I use this in conjunction with the 24-70 (listed below.)

Canon T5i Camera This is ALMOST the camera body I started out with, just a little bit newer as my model is now discontinued. For a DSLR, this is a cheaper model and a great place to start to learn just HOW to use a DSLR. If you know someone who wants to get started in food photography, this is a great learning tool before spending a ton of money and it still takes awesome photos!

50mm Lens This is the very first lens I bought EVER! MANYMANYMANY food photographers use this lens because its inexpensive, and gives you GORGEOUS results. A GREAT lens for beginners or pros!

24-70 Zoom Lens When I am not using my 100mm to get THISCLOSE to food, this is the lens I shoot with 100% of the time. I love that its zoom, so you can zoom further in or out without having to change lenses! The zoom feature has been a GAME CHANGER for video too! I also love how sharp and crystal clear the photos are with this lens!

Plate to Pixel This is THE food styling book that helped me a ton! The more resources to learn, and gain inspiration from, the better and this book is one of those that every want-to-be-food-photographer MUST have!

128GB Memory Card Your giftee (is that a word?) wants to take photos right? But where will they STORE said photos? UMMM on a memory card! This memory card has a lot of space because, if theyre anything like me in the beginning, they will take ALL the photos.

Manfrotto Tripod I never used to be a tripod person until I got THIS oneand now I LOVE IT! Using a tripod allows me to take better quality photos because I can keep ISO low. I love this one because you can swivel it to go horizontal for overhead shots! SO EPIC.

Holiday Gift Guide 2018 -Need some amazing gift ideas for Christmas? I have the BEST ideas for the foodies, gym rats, photographers and besties in your life! | #Foodfaithfitness | #giftguide #christmas #fitness #health

Essential Oil Diffuser 2018 was the year that I got into essential oils. I still dont use them, like, on my skin or anything. But, Ive really noticed that they help calm me down, especially at bed time. I always diffuse something when I sleep and this is the diffuser that I use! Its functional AND pretty!

Fall Essential Oils This is one of my favorite packs of essential oils to diffuse because it comes with a ton of really COZY, fall smells! Think cinnamon, spice, clove, etc. Ive been diffusing these on repeat as the temps drop!

Bakery Essential Oils This is another favorite oil pack because the smells are BAKERY SMELLS. Were talking cupcake, coffee cake, sugar cookie, gingerbread etc. I dont use these at bedtime, cause then I get hungry But, they smell really good during the day!

Portable Massager THIS IS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER BOUGHT AND YOU (OR SOMEONE YOU NEED A GIFT FOR) NEEDS IT. I am not lying. I impulse bought this a few months ago when my feet were sore, and there hasnt been a day since that I havent used it. You can use it anywhere on your body (feet, back, neck, shoulders etc) and it even has a heat setting AND a car plug! You plug it into a wall so no messing with charging batteries!

Aerolatte Frother Another thing that I use EVERY DAY. Wanna make barista style, frothy lattes? THIS. Its SO cheap and makes the frothiest beverages in like 10 seconds, FOR REAL. I use it EVERY SINGLE day to make my morning matcha! If you know a latte drinker, this is the BEST stocking stuffer!

MAC Vanilla Pigment This is the light, shimmery powder that I wear EVERY DAY. I brush it just along my cheekbones and down the middle of my nose. It gives you a really gorgeous, natural glow without looking like a disco ball.

Isinis Hairbrush Youre all wondering how a HAIRBRUSH can make the list, and why its so special right? Have you ever tried to put your hair up in a cute ponytail but then thebristlesof the brush give the area around your scalp these weird bumps, and its not all smooth? THIS DOES NOT. It has super soft bristles that give you a super-sleek up-do. This is perfect for your busy on-the-go bestie who wants to look super cute, and not spend tons of time!

MAC Nylon Eyeshadow If youve ever seen my face, youve seen this eyeshadow as its my signature look (AKA: literally the only color that I EVER wear.) Its a lightly shimmery, creamy white color that looks natural but really OPENS up your eyes, making them look big and GORGEOUS. Ive been wearing it for 10 years (no lie) because I just love it and so will your bestie!

Urban Decay Eye Primer I use this when I am going out on the town and want my eye makeup to STAY PUT. For real, if you put this under your eyeshadow you could totally GO TO BED and it would still be perfect when you wake up. It never ceases to amaze me how amazing this stuff holds your face on

Shiseido Eyelash Curler Fun fact about me: I am OBSESSED with my eyelashes. I have tried ALL the curlers out there and this one gives the most full, natural curl without breaking your lashes. Your bestie NEEDS rockstar lashes and this will give them to her!

I hope you found some fun gift ideas!! Merry Christmas friends!

This post may contain affiliate links, but I only recommend products that I actually use and <3. Thanks for supporting FFF!

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