Pork Rind Panko


Pork Rind Panko – Pork Rind Panko is the perfect alternative to traditional, flour coated deep fried breaded foods. Without any need for deep frying, this recipe is crunchy, easy to make, and requires only one ingredient! Learn how to make this from home in only 2 easy steps!

pork rind panko

Pork Rind Panko

If you’ve paid attention to any health advice over the years, you’ve probably repeatedly heard that fried food is bad. The reasons given for fried food being a “junk food” is not only to the high content of trans fat, but also due to it’s ability to contribute to heart disease, diabetes, and much more. Because of this, one of the first steps many people take when switching to a clean eating diet is giving up fried food. While eliminating conventionally made fried foods is a great first step in cleaning up your diet, fried food is most definitely something you do not have to swear of to continue eating healthy. With the addition of air fryers, more widely accessible healthier oils like avocado oil, and more nutrient-dense breading options, fried food and healthy eating can exist side-by-side!

This recipe for Pork Rind Panko, in particular, is a great alternative to traditional breading, often made up of a combination of processed flour and buttermilk. While conventional pork rind brands are normally pretty unhealthy (deep fried, low quality pork skin), high quality, baked options (like those from Epic Provisions) are a much better option! Pork rinds like these actually have the potential to provide the body with healthy fats, increasing energy, and helping support vitamin absorption, and more!

A Low Carb Option

Here at Clean Cuisine, we do not endorse a certain diet or specific way of eating. We especially, do not encourage everyone to follow a low carb diet. There are, however, many people (including myself) who struggle to digest many carbs, or have health conditions that demand they maintain a low carb count. While there are numerous plant-based panko options, most are carb heavy, and quite starchy. For those seeking a low carb option for panko, this is the perfect option!


In this recipe, chicken thighs are our main ingredient! Chicken thighs are…

  1. Rich in protein
  2. Low carb
  3. A good source of fat
pork rind panko

How to Make this Recipe

This recipe is as simple as they come! With only one required ingredient, this pork rind panko can be finished in less than 2 minutes. Talk about a quick recipe! Here are the required, and optional ingredients…

Ingredient List

  • Baked Pork Rinds
  • Optional: Spices of Choice (I used garlic and onion)
  • Optional: Sea Salt
pork rind panko

Steps to Make Pork Rind Panko

Like mentioned above, this recipe seriously couldn’t get easier! All you’ll need are pork rinds, any additional ingredients of your choice, and either a food processor or high speed blender!

  1. Place ingredients in a food processor, or high speed blender.
  2. Blend into a fine powder! Use as desired.
pork rind panko
pork rind panko

How to Store Pork Rind Panko

Pork Rind Panko is great for making ahead of time for easy access the next time you’re ready to bread something!

  1. Place your pork rinds in an airtight container, or ziplock bag.
  2. Store at room temperature up to the “use by” or expiration date on the package.

Silicone Storage Containers

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pork rind panko

Pork Rinds FAQ

Why use pork rinds?

Pork rinds, when properly sourced, can have some health benefits, and are much better for you than conventionally sourced brands! However, we would never categorize pork rinds as a “health food” in particular, and simply use them on occassion when high carb foods aren’t an option.

What are good alternatives to pork rind panko?

Any gluten free option, without added inflammatory oils or ingredients are great options! Some ideas include rice flour blends, nut flours, and gluten free bread crumbs! I especially love cauliflower panko.

What can you use pork rind panko for?

There are endless possibilities for using pork rind panko! We love using pork rind panko to bread chicken thighs, cod, salmon, and so much more!

What are the best cooking methods for using pork rind panko?

I have had the most success using pork rind panko in the air fryer, and oven!

What do you use to make the panko stick to the meat?

You can either dip the meat in egg, or oil (like avocado oil) before coating in panko!

pork rind panko

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Pork Rind Panko

Pork Rind Panko is the perfect alternative to traditional, flour coated deep fried breaded foods. No need for deep frying, and one ingredient!

  • Prep Time: 2 minutes
  • Cook Time: 0 minutes
  • Total Time: 2 minutes
  • Yield: Varies



  1. Place ingredients in a food processor, or high speed blender.
  2. Blend into a fine powder! Use as desired.

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